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Fake Banksy Punks
Drop: Aug 21, 2023
The Fake Banksy Punks is a collection of 10,000 3D Pop art NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection is a photo-collaged contemporary/pop-art NFT project which inspired by Banksy, Andy Warhol, CryptoPunks, and other influential Artists. Fake Banksy Punks is a Graffiti/Pop-art combo collection representing our protest of mainstream and social media manipulation/disinformation and the negative impacts on humanity. Join our revolution against this madness.
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Drop: Jul 28, 2023
Apostle is a collection of 500 limited edition generative NFTs created by MetaCene,a next-gen blockchoin MMORPG homeland for mass players.Holders of the Apostle NFTs are granted early occess to the testing and official versions of MetoCene, eligible to obtain advanced in-game NFTs for free, and qualified for exclusive event participations.
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Clashmon Collectible Battle RPG Mystery Box (FREE MINT)
Drop: Aug 27, 2023
The ClashMon Collectible Battle RPG offers its first minting opportunity on Base Mainnet during Onchain Summer prior to fully rolling the game out in September. Starting on August 27, the ClashMon Onchain Summer Event allows players to mint a Game NFT Mystery Box and reveal your own ClashMon Monster, ClashMon gear, and ClashMon Tokens. This first mint heralds the game’s launch in September 2023, allowing players to get a head start on building their monster decks.
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The Shades Effect
Drop: Jul 29, 2023
7000 shades to complete the look and the guest to spice it up. - Allowlist Registration - 👇😎 The collection is 7230 SHADES in Ethereum blockchain were specifically crafted for rounded profile type. * 100 Trait divided into 10 Tags consisting of - Features, Shades, The Guest * 7230 Max total supply * Simple beautiful avatar * Original project not derived from others
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