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Top NFT Collections Ranking (24 hours)

NFT Trades Volume Floor
1 =
QQL Mint Pass 49 $1.3M Ξ19.4
2 1
CryptoPunks 10 $1.15M
3 1
RENGA 274 $884.91k Ξ1.68
4 5
RENGA Black Box 70 $328.39k Ξ3.72
5 1
Otherdeed for Otherside 60 $288.09k Ξ1.66
6 6
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 13 $270.13k Ξ15.7
7 4
Bored & Dangerous 709 $269.9k Ξ0.29
8 19
YOLO Fantasy 227 $268.17k Ξ0.49
9 4
Bowie on the Blockchain 224 $246.71k Ξ0.6
10 4
Corntown wtf 2,776 $202.17k Ξ0.05
11 4
CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI 13 $197.74k Ξ6.77
12 4
Critters Cult 309 $188.4k Ξ0.68
13 9
ENS: Ethereum Name Service 867 $188.1k Ξ0
14 New
Simp Ape Yacht Club 6,878 $158.83k Ξ0.02
15 6
Cloudmachine 906 $142.51k Ξ0.08

Upcoming NFT Projects

Lil Mutant Ape Club - LMAC
Sep 07, 2022
The origin of the Lil Mutant Ape Club is told as an urban legend among the Ape community, and the story of how it came to be contained two main factors: A curious ape and a radioactive banana. One day, a troublesome baby ape by wanders off quietly and pillages through the jungle. After traveling for miles, he ends up in a remote area and stumbles upon something rather strange. In front of him was an abandoned lab, full of discarded equipment. The story of LMAC begins here.
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Oct 02, 2022
HEXGO is an exclusive and private collection of 5,000 NFT cards built on the Ethereum blockchain using the industry-leading ERC-721 token. HEXGO was created to disrupt the NFT industry and be the #1 blue-chip utility NFT to offer heavy-duty utility and powerful rewards that have never been seen before. HEXGO is building the BIGGEST and STRONGEST NFT project ecosystem. So far, we have partnered with over 100+ NFT projects.
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Aug 31, 2022
PIXXTASY is the brainchild of Zoltán Egri, a man who overcame a two-year drug addiction and has since become a serious anti-drug advocate. His dedication to the anti-drug cause, combined with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, formed this project to help fund drug recovery programmes and NGOs through the sale of NFTs.
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Cute AF
Sep 08, 2022
10,000 Cute AF NFT Creatures. Ex Disney Artist & Growth Hacker Founder. NFT Holders Get Paid Dividends. Long Term Brand With Comedy Animation Series. Get Full Ownership With CC0 Rights. High Level Marketing, Sales, Mindset & Investing Members Area. It's Not Just an NFT Collection, It's a Whole Crazy, Funny World!
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