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Today's Top NFT Collections

Top NFT Collections Ranking (24 hours)

NFT Trades Volume Floor
1 =
Lil' Heroes by Edgar Plans 1,012 $8.49M Ξ2.15
2 =
HAPE Prime 366 $7.32M Ξ9.4
3 2
Bored Ape Yacht Club 23 $4.82M Ξ86
4 1
CryptoPunks 26 $4.7M
5 12
MekaApes Game by OogaVerse 3,921 $3.9M Ξ0.07
6 2
Azuki 311 $3.9M Ξ3.45
7 1
Creepz Genesis 187 $3.26M Ξ7.33
8 2
C-01 Official Collection 944 $2.88M Ξ0.83
9 1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 67 $2.6M Ξ16
10 3
Cool Monkes Genesis 1,305 $2.51M Ξ0.55
11 3
World of Women 36 $2.43M Ξ7.37
12 =
GossApe Girl Official 4,348 $2.35M Ξ0.2
13 4
14 3
0xApes Trilogy 2,183 $1.91M Ξ0.28
15 =
Metroverse 723 $1.79M Ξ0.89

Upcoming NFT Projects

Moody Llamas Club
Dec 12, 2021
Artists. Gamblers. Hunters. Call them how you want, they just live to promote art. MLC came here to bring style to the Polygon blockchain. WHAT IS MOODY LLAMAS CLUB? A collection of 10.000 generative Llamas based on the Polygon blockchain. Each Llama will be unique, generated by mixing more than 200 hand drawn layers divided in 9 types of attributes. Which one will suit you best? Supply: 10000
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Lie Portals
Jan 20, 2022
Lie Portals, LPs for short are a unique collection of 100 NFTs created by L-A.DS, These LPs are nothing you've ever experienced before on in the NFT world. The Art is based on a theory -named E8 theory- of everything and is being peer reviewed by many scientists. The theory itself can be visualized through a geometrical model that L-A.DS uses to create, plot with code and finally design many derivatives that are then turned to LPs, Each one is unique and varies in complexity.
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Wealthy Ape Club
Jan 22, 2022
WAC is a collection of 6,666 Wealthy Ape NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Wealthy Ape doubles as your Wealthy Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits.
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Full Belly Club NFT
Mar 19, 2022
Our first collection is a savory 20,000 Ramen NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain at a unit price of 0.08 Ethereum. More than just a profile picture, a Ramen NFT will unlock bonus drops - FBC ramen holders will receive a claimable NFT in the next season’s NFT collection)! 10% of minting sales and 25% of royalties from the Ramen NFT collection will be sent to the Full Belly Club community wallet with the purpose of building value for FBC members.
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