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CiCK Apes
Drop: Dec 25, 2023
The Cick Apes is an NFT collection comprising 6000 apes on the Polygon blockchain. This collection is available for free minting starting now. It serves as a perfect example of how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of art and collectibles.
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Drop: Dec 03, 2023
CryptoFashion is not just another NFT project; it's a pioneering force that fuses cutting-edge blockchain technology with the creativity of the metaverse. With a limited supply of 5555 unique NFTs, each carrying its own distinctive characteristics, CryptoFashion offers an exclusive and unparalleled experience for digital fashion enthusiasts. CryptoFashion NFT holders will receive monthly rewards, including a share of the project's royalty and exclusive perks for holding $STYLE tokens.
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Multivers Hide And Seek
Drop: Nov 27, 2023
At Hide & Seek, we're on a mission to harness the transformative power of art and community. I'm Sonny, the creator behind this collection. I want to share the true story that led me to start it From a young age, helping others was my passion, like my life's fuel. But as life got more complicated, finding a way to help others and take care of myself became a real challenge. That's when I came up with the idea to create this team.
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Drop: Oct 06, 2023
Welcome to the Genesis Collection! This collection is an innovative NFT project that blends ancient stories from the Book of Genesis with advanced artificial intelligence technology in order to create exceptional and lasting NFT artworks. It’s more than just a collection of digital assets; it’s a journey through the Metaverse world with meaning and spiritual significance.
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