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Drop: Sep 25, 2023
Aetherow is a 7,000 NFT Collection in the Cyberpunk Universe, everything has been handmade my our 3D artist. Aetherow is a Story about a group of cyberpunk fighting the system for a better future. Team is Doxxed, Comics book and 3D short movie to come.
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The Square Faces
Drop: Oct 15, 2023
The Square Faces: The Ultimate NFT AI Definitive Battle Royale! Set on Ethereum, we offer 10,000 diverse animated faces. Engage in dynamic AI Cartoon Fights in the Arena. Each Square Face come equipped with a weapon, can Level up from 1-10 & take risks in the Arena. Losers exit forever! Winners create legacies! Massive drop alert: Oct 15th, 2023, secure one of the 9744 NFTs left, absolutely FREE! Get ready to battle and shine, Squares!🌐🔥🎉 Join our Fantastic discord & wait with us
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Mud Mavericks’ OG Collection
Drop: Sep 29, 2023
Welcome to the pioneering world of Mud Mavericks, where off-road adventure meets NFT innovation in the expansive realm of Web3! Originating from the insightful leadership of ethical hacker, Tamara “Vexe” Van Exel, we proudly present the OG Collection — a limited ensemble of 200 unique one-of-one NFTs. Exclusive Benefits: 🌐 Royalty Rewards: Secure a stake in our journey and share 50% of the royalties from our upcoming 3,000 Mud Maverick Lemur Edition PFP drop.
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Drop: Dec 19, 2023
1000 crazy miners are lost underground in search of buried treasures. Join the Minterans in their quest for glory, fortune... and a way out. The Minterans are a vibrant and wacky NFT collection of 1000 unique handcrafted miners with fun utility and rarities. Mint on December 19th, full collection reveal on December 21st.
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