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Top NFT Collections Ranking (24 hours)

NFT Trades Volume Floor
1 =
ENS: Ethereum Name Service 6,510 $3.15M ฮž0
2 New
Loy City 1 $1.1M ฮž0
3 2
God Hates NFTees 925 $1.05M ฮž0.4
4 2
Bored Ape Yacht Club 8 $880.65k ฮž90.5
5 2
DopeApeClub 4,697 $844.8k ฮž0.14
6 2
New Money Matrix Family Discord NFTs 7 $614.77k ฮž0.07
7 5
REVV Racing 29 $439.25k ฮž0
8 7
Moonbirds 15 $413.08k ฮž21.8
9 2
Otherdeed for Otherside 83 $398.95k ฮž2.85
10 1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 17 $382.72k ฮž17.7
11 7
Meka Rhinos 4,507 $371.99k ฮž0.07
12 34
MemoSalinas777 5 $276.65k ฮž0.04
13 New
Blockchain Bully Builds 1 $243.71k ฮž0.32
14 6
XOXO By Maya & Yehuda Devir 3,692 $225.86k ฮž0.05
15 New
Autoglyphs 1 $224.7k ฮž248.16

Upcoming NFT Projects

Aug 23, 2022
MetaPassport (MP) is a Web3.0 game social pass that aims to become the on-chain credential curator of a player's Web3.0 gaming journey.
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Zneaker Headz
Aug 04, 2022
Zneaker Headz is a new-age brand of superheroes inspired by hypebeast culture combined with comic book-inspired art and storylines. Real-world utility such as sneaker giveaways and physical merchandise connects with Web3 experiences, including play-to-earn gaming. Our NFT project will launch comics, art, and other media IP on the blockchain with exclusive benefits across multiple seasons.
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Diwa Colombia
Aug 09, 2022
Diwa Colombia is a warm and simple space in NFT world dedicated to NFT enthusiasts, art collectors , interior designers , where members can learn , educate or having a good time about NFT, ART or any other topics. Owning a DColombia NFT will give holder acces to the original painting itself , right to determine future direction of the project, also 1 "Account Keycard", wich will grant acces to our gaming platform.
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Whale Lounge Pass
Jul 21, 2022
Smart NFT trading tools. Trending, Minting now, Upcoming, Charts, feed, alpha by ai
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