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Top NFT Collections Ranking (24 hours)

NFT Trades Volume Floor
1 =
CryptoPunks 16 $1.35M
2 1
Dodoor NFT 516 $811.37k Ξ1.1
3 1
Bored Ape Yacht Club 5 $649.89k Ξ83.5
4 2
Otherdeed for Otherside 55 $490.67k Ξ1.7
5 1
ENS: Ethereum Name Service 1,108 $332.94k Ξ0
6 1
Critters Cult 483 $315.05k Ξ0.7
7 4
Looki 100 $278.29k Ξ2.06
8 40
Hedz by Matt Furie 94 $259.15k Ξ1.69
9 2
ABC(abracadabra) 184 $250.79k Ξ1.38
10 1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 10 $210.35k Ξ15.95
11 13
Lost Miners Claim Passes 2,624 $179.05k Ξ0.03
12 4
13 1
RENGA 86 $167.49k Ξ1.25
14 1
y00ts mint t00b 36 $137.12k Ξ3.37
15 2
RENGA Black Box 38 $123.14k Ξ2.49

Upcoming NFT Projects

Opus-Labs Maestro Genesis Collection
Nov 01, 2022
OPUS-LABS is an opportunity for WL accessibility to the onboarding of the most recognizable global celebrities & web2 companies into web3. Already secured musician Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto) will launch Rock Money, featuring unreleased photos of classic rock juggernauts. Holders of the Maestros Genesis, be guaranteed WL to Rock Money & every future client project. Each NFT is designed by conceptual artist Paul Tobin of movies such as LOTR, The Hobbit, Avatar, Blade Runner.
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beanie gang
Sep 06, 2022
beanie gang is a collection of bean NFTs which are minted on the polygon-matic token. unique 170 tokens are minted to save up sacredness. let us gather the community together to take opportunities towards new projects and enjoy special privileges on the platform. because in the future scalability of this project has a great vision
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Lil Mutant Ape Club - LMAC
Sep 07, 2022
The origin of the Lil Mutant Ape Club is told as an urban legend among the Ape community, and the story of how it came to be contained two main factors: A curious ape and a radioactive banana. One day, a troublesome baby ape by wanders off quietly and pillages through the jungle. After traveling for miles, he ends up in a remote area and stumbles upon something rather strange. In front of him was an abandoned lab, full of discarded equipment. The story of LMAC begins here.
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Alien Rejects
Sep 17, 2022
Greetings, earthlings. Alien Rejects will offer a wide selection of ready-to-mint NFT collections, complete with artwork and metadata. Our lead artist is currently working with Rockstar Games. His past clients include Disney, BBC and many more big names. 50% of all profits will be shared equally between our NFT holders. Fully doxxed and verified team, advised by the founders of Dope Duck Club and DopeDrops.
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