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Chalky Chimps
Drop: Jan 08, 2024
The Chalky Chimps is an NFT collection of 337 chimps hosted on the Polygon blockchain, combining nostalgia with digital art. This collection is a journey down memory lane, reviving the joy and simplicity of creating art with chalk. It takes us back to our school days and the simplicity of chalkboard art.
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Drop: Oct 01, 2023
Wargate NFT collection showcases a concept art of characters that will feature in the Wargate game. A total amount of 15,000 NFTs will be issued as tickets. Each NFT provides the holder with gift boxes. The number of boxes indicated in the NFT itself. There may be Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary game items or weapons that can be used, exchanged or sold. The NFT holders will get the opportunity to participate in the token's pre-sale. 1 NFT = 1 ticket to token pre-sale.
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Drop: Dec 19, 2023
1000 crazy miners are lost underground in search of buried treasures. Join the Minterans in their quest for glory, fortune... and a way out. The Minterans are a vibrant and wacky NFT collection of 1000 unique handcrafted miners with fun utility and rarities. Mint on December 19th, full collection reveal on December 21st.
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Drop: Oct 24, 2023
NFT YOU CAN TRUST thanks to the embedded technology. More than great pictures or great collectibles, this NFT is a license for NFT to ID services (identification, API, certification, Factory, Exporer, ...) and a pass for Club members : identification based on OAuth/OpenID and NFTS protocol (example: forum, ... ).
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