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Top NFT Collections Ranking (24 hours)

NFT Trades Volume Floor
1 1
Wrapped Cryptopunks 61 $7.06M Ξ66.33
2 1
Otherdeed for Otherside 1,196 $4.44M Ξ1.68
3 4
Bored Ape Yacht Club 34 $4.17M Ξ62
4 4
Azuki 124 $3.28M Ξ12.9
5 1
Mutant Ape Yacht Club 120 $2.93M Ξ13.44
6 3
HV-MTL 368 $1.5M Ξ2
7 3
Nakamigos 2,151 $1.35M Ξ0.3
8 11
y00ts 298 $1.18M Ξ2.49
9 2
BEANZ Official 476 $1.17M Ξ1.38
10 4
V1 Punks (Wrapped) 118 $1.1M Ξ15
11 2
The Captainz 71 $839.93k Ξ5.33
12 1
Moonbirds 96 $616.56k Ξ3.45
13 61
Sappy Seals 394 $607.48k Ξ0.79
14 67
mfers 318 $554.79k Ξ0.94
15 5
Bored Ape Kennel Club 47 $550.73k Ξ6.44

Upcoming NFT Projects

🐾 🐶 Pups Club 🐶 🐾
Drop: Dec 17, 2022
Pups Club is building the first private Web3 community for Pet owners and Pet Lovers. Funded by - a Web3 Company. Get on the Whitelist: Lifetime Membership will be for Sale on December 17th at 9pm EST Perks: Staking platform with surprise raffles Priority WL and airdrops on future collections, Blue Chip NFTs giveaways, Exclusive access to live events Exclusive merch (Limited edition) Access to future Pup Club ’s collaborations
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Drop: Nov 11, 2022
The first NFT collection, by collecting which you can become the owner of huge treasures :) The most valuable THC nft of the seven seas have arrived, which is much more than an nft collection, here if you hunt well, huge treasures await you, and what’s more, the hunted THC nft will also represent a huge value in the future. The first NFT collection where your own luck depends on you. The THC NFT collection, which collection, with the right combination you can own tons of ETH.
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Fuck Apes
Drop: Dec 10, 2022
The Fuck Apes is an Anti-Fascism collection of 4444 (1/1) graffiti Sprayed on Meta-Walls. Our Apes exist on the Solana blockchain, armed with 85 Fucking Traits. Fuck Apes is A community-driven project made under the label of CiCKartworks. The main goal of this collection is to increase awareness about the cruelty and darkness of Fascism (precisely the BAYC case with its hidden fascism symbols) to the newer generation who might not be fully aware of the history behind this non-human Idea.
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Drop: Dec 01, 2022
Volyr's collection is created by the people for the people. It encapsulates important moments of humankind's storyline through 10.000 tweets kept as NFTs. The mint price is 0.025 Ethereum (ETH) and each one of the NFTs will be created based on user selected tweets. Each tweet can be minted once and therefore it is unique and can not be minted by other users. The final result will be a collection of key moments and expressions of the journal of our modern civilization, namely Twitter.
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