What are rarity tools?

Rarity tools is a website used to check the rarity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital assets. Rarity tools are used to help determine the scarcity and desirability of NFTs, which determines their value and market demand.

Within one collection, each item has a different "rarity" based on whether items have rare traits or common traits. This can create a hierarchy of rarity within the collection, with the rarest and most valuable NFTs commanding the highest prices.

On rarity tools (and other websites that do the same, here on NFT-stats we also provide a rarity explorer for most collections!) you can track exactly which items have which rarity. This increases transparency and trust in the market for NFTs, as buyers and sellers have access to accurate, verifiable information about the assets they are trading.

In summary, rarity tools are an important part of the ecosystem for NFTs. They help to determine the value and scarcity of NFTs, provide insights into different levels of rarity within a collection, and some even track the ownership and movement of NFTs and their current price on the blockchain. As the market for NFTs continues to grow and evolve, rarity tools will likely play a key role in enabling creators and collectors to trade and manage their digital assets.