We’re going to see a massive NFT crash like the 2019 ICO crash.

I predict it’ll happen 6 months after @Coinbase_NFT launches.

A 🧵…
The quick-flip 10k PFP projects, me-too derivs and wolfgame copies will flame out because all the Coinbase credit card buyers will lose 100% of their ETH.
Institutional and private wealth + DAOs (many with $100m treasuries) will double-down on the following categories …
One-of-one pieces by artists like @XCOPYART @amber_vittoria @beeple @Ghxsts @DesLucrece and more
Entertainment/gaming universe projects like @pixelvault_ @illuviumio @Treasure_DAO and more
Gated NFT communities like @Flyfishclub @proof_xyz (I’m obv biased) @MyBFF @BoysClubCrypto @CPGclub and more.
Historic firsts like Punks, Chromie Squiggles, @mathcastles Fidenzas, Autoglyphs and more
Metaverse projects that have gained critical traction like @TheSandboxGame @decentraland @Worldwide_WEB3 and more
OG 10k projects with deeply talented teams and long term visions like @Deadfellaz @doodles @coolcatsnft @WoodiesNFT CloneX @BoredApeYC and more
Sophisticated investors will use DeFi to increase leverage (@LiquityProtocol) while staying long on $ETH and flood the market with even more capital, all chasing the same high-quality original projects. This will only drive prices higher.
Finally, we’ll see NFT fractionalization go mainstream so retail collectors and investors can enter back into the market and buy into these high-priced quality projects.


but only if we’re not chasing quick-flip get-rich schemes.