🦓 Zebra Giveaways Series - by Groovy Republic 🦓

Launch Date: Jul 13, 2023
Mint Price: 3.7 SOL
Total Supply: 1111
After a successful Giveaways Project 'Zebra Republic', we are back with 1111 Zebras that are bringing 1111 giveaways for you hidden in their Metadata. You can win MacBook pro to PS5 to many more Giveaways (100% Giveaways on all NFTs) plus earn a Life long Passive income every month. Everyone is a Partner in Business here:`

More Upcoming Projects

Chalky Chimps
Drop: Jan 08, 2024
The Chalky Chimps is an NFT collection of 337 chimps hosted on the Polygon blockchain, combining nostalgia with digital art. This collection is a journey down memory lane, reviving the joy and simplicity of creating art with chalk. It takes us back to our school days and the simplicity of chalkboard art.
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Drop: Jan 05, 2024
🚀 Introducing Defiolio: Your Gateway to DeFi and Beyond! 🚀 Defiolio Community! 🌐 NFT Minting on January 5 Simultaneously, we'll initiate the minting of our NFT collection(only 500 NFTs Available), offering 10% of swap ownership for holders. This unique opportunity provides early investors with access to beta, bonus rewards, whitelist benefits, and more.
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Drop: Aug 17, 2024
Precious metals | extremely rare | real world assets (RWA) | on/offboarding | redeemable MetaMetals are physically covered by highly scarce precious metals and equipped with functions for seamless on-/offboarding. When atoms meet algorithms you get MetaMetals - Crystallized precious metals with a digital counterpart. Designs derived from exceptional 3D modelling make them a must have for every wallet.
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Secret Society Electus
Drop: Dec 17, 2023
The Secret Society Electus is a Private Club of enlightened people, visionaries and seekers. To become a member of the Club you need to purchase one of the 100 NFT masks, each representing a handmade Venetian mask crafted by a highly skilled artisan, making it entirely unique and available as a single copy. The NFT mask collection is captured in 360° and looping, filmed in high-quality 4k resolution, using specialized equipment, and involves live models during the filming process.
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CiCK Apes
Drop: Dec 25, 2023
The Cick Apes is an NFT collection comprising 6000 apes on the Polygon blockchain. This collection is available for free minting starting now. It serves as a perfect example of how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of art and collectibles.
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Notorious Ape Club
Drop: Dec 12, 2023
The Notorious Ape Club is a Collection of 5000 Unique NFTs. Each NFT gives you First Class VIP Access to the Notorious World. Each Ape is a masterpiece carefully crafted for exclusivity and rewards in the ecosystem. The Notorious City Ecosystem will be deployed inside the Network for events, groups, meetings, conferences, gatherings and various games.
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Drop: Dec 11, 2023
CryptoFashion offering unique designer-grade NFTs, each adorned with distinct wearables for an unparalleled metaverse fashion experience. At the intersection of blockchain and human-AI collaboration, we promise holders enticing benefits, including airdrop NFTs for the next project and a share of the project's royalties. CryptoFashion introduces the $STYLE token. With utilities ranging from exclusive access to virtual fashion shows and immersive gaming experiences to unlocking special rewards.
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Flowverse Shirts
Drop: Dec 18, 2023
The next official Flowverse merch is here! Only limited amount of Flowverse Shirt NFTs will be available. We dropped the iconic Flowverse Socks in Christmas 2021. Now, we want to add another piece to the Flowverse merch collection for Christmas 2023. Join the allowlist: https://nft.flowverse.co/drops/FlowverseShirts
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Crypto Guru Genesis
Drop: Dec 15, 2023
The Crypto Guru Genesis NFT is a cutting-edge digital collectible that combines art and technology. These limited edition NFTs are created by the visionary Crypto Guru and offer unique 3D designs. With limited availability, they provide exclusive access to a vibrant community and behind-the-scenes content. Don't miss the launch on October 30, 2023, and be part of the future of digital ownership.
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Fantasy Dollar Nft
Drop: Feb 02, 2024
What IS Fantasy Dollar Nft? :: Welcome to the era of digital innovation where technology is reshaping the way we interact, entertain, and even compete with one another. One of the most intriguing expressions of this digital revolution 💥 Owning a NFT will give you accsess to exclusive Free entrance tournaments with daily and weekly prizes. One of Turnaments example: Daily NFT Showdown Tournament Top Winners can win up to 100 USDT Daily)
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