Launch Date: Jun 09, 2022
Mint Price: 0.022
Total Supply: 5000
A collection of 5000+ NFTs. JUST MEOWZ is a NFT project that consists of 3d collectables that can be used in AR and VR where the team focuses on future landscapes like the metaverse. We aim to build a community that is driven in helping each other and grow together in different work fields. The community will be able to learn from each other's expertise. The people who bring value in the community will be rewarded. Early adopters of JUST MEOWz will gain long term utility from holding nft.

More Upcoming Projects

Sep 09, 2022
Krilian is a concept that goes beyond the metaverse’s conventional. Our decentralization creates a symbiosis between the digital and physical world, presented as a lifestyle for everyone who wants to stay connected with our community. For the first step, we’ll have 8,888 NFTs collection, and during sales, we’re going to return in stages to holders the total amount of 350,000.00 USD. In addition, our team will donate 50,000.00 USD to causes that the community vote for and choose.
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Cat & Dog
Jun 06, 2222
Cat&Dog for a walk is a M2E game where you can upgrade your pets and make money by walking with them in real life. Perform the norm of steps and get the maximum income. The OG Cat&Dog 2D NFT collection will be released in June. There will be few such NFT. After the release of the game, due to their rarity, they will be collectible. OG NFT holders will get increased earning in the M2E game
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MetaRun - P2E Metaverse | Metapass NFT Mint
Jul 16, 2022
The Meta Run is a blockchain-based 3D cross-platform play-to-earn game on Solana for web, mobile phones and Microsoft Windows, developed by game studio Illusion Games. Join plenty of other online competitors in a series of ridiculous challenges and bizarre mazes in the hopes of making the cut and progressing to win!
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Diggity Dogs NFT
Aug 15, 2022
Diggity Dogs is collection of 9k randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Holding a Diggity Dog NFT will grant you a vote in our DAO and access to benefits such as IRL meet ups, contests, giveaways, $Diggy token and many other surprises. We want to support charities for wildlife, we are an official proud supporter of the Humane Society of the United States.
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Anonymous Goons Society
Jun 23, 2022
1269 Anon Goons are coming to take over the Solana ecosystem. DOXXED TEAM, BACKED BY REPUTABLE PROJECTS. GAMES, AND COMPETITIONS IN DISCORD FOR SOL, NFTS, AND MORE. - P2E IDLE STAKING GAME - EARN $BRAINS to put forward your votes in future roadmap plans, WL spots, and rank your way to the top of the society. - RAFFLE PROTOCOL with daily, weekly, and huge monthly raffles. - AUCTION OF 10 ONE OF ONES - NFT TOOLS - SURPRISE AIRDROPS WILL YOU MAKE IT INTO THE SECRET SOCIETY?
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Polygon Poodles
Jun 09, 2022
Polygon Poodles is a collection of 5000 pixelated poodles to love and cherish. Owning a Polygon Poodle gives you exclusive access in the WOFM discord & access to future whitelists & free mints!
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Mystery Bar
Jun 11, 2022
Mystery Bar is a collection of 555 unique digital panthers living on the solana blockchain. 555 unique nfts have been created for a close, tight circle of collectors who want to belong to a long-term community of investors and art lovers. The project is aimed at further expansion, which you can read about in our roadmap. To join our bar simply grab yourself a panther during the public mint. Join our Discord to find out how to get Whitelist.
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OOZ NFT Project
Jul 22, 2022
As the “Original” NFT project created by IPX, OOZ will become the root of IPX’s future projects 1. Starting point for future NFT Projects - Create a community that will act as launchpad for IPX’s Future NFT projects 2. IP3.0 Oriented - Provide ownership of IP + commercial rights 3. Original NFT by Frenz Utilize IP developed by IPX’s next gen IP creation tool, Frenz Create synergy effect between IPX and NFT holders through enabling commercial licensing for both parties
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The Frenchie Life Collection
Jun 04, 2022
PRICE: 1.5 Matic (50% of all sales to dog charities) Minting Website: https://www.thedoglifecollections.com/If you purchased or own a Golden Background Pug Life Collection NFT we will Airdrop you a Free Frenchie Life NFT.Our number one objectives behind project are to raise money for Dog Rescue Charities and to bring value to Owners.
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Mighty Hercules
Jun 13, 2022
The Mighty Hercules is an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 unique and 50 legendary masterpieces on Ethereum blockchain ERC-721. Collection uniquely generated from over 250 traits. One of the most vital aspects of the NFT project is the artwork itself. The designs are created by a world renowned sculptor and an award winning Studio House. The artwork tests the boundaries of the digital and physical world and our role in both.
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