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Zoby the alien NFTs were sold 3 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Zoby the alien was $0.57. The average Zoby the alien NFT price was $0.2.
The current Zoby the alien floor price is Ξ0.
There are 998 Zoby the alien owners, owning a total supply of 9,859 tokens. This collection was created 7 months ago (May 27th, 2023). This is a new collection, it is among the newest 7% of collections.

Meet the generative collection "Zoby the alien". The collection includes 10,000 unique images. Zoby is a сute and funny alien. He once visited Earth with a team of explorers (oh yes, the ones that do weird soundings). Zoby fell in love with Earth people's pop culture. Since then, Zoby has been dressing like an Earthling, even though no one wears clothes on his home planet. I like this character. Zoby has the potential to be a comic book or animated sitcom character (like "The Simpsons" or "South Park" - I hope Trey Parker and Matt Stone see that ;-) ), I'd love to. It is planned to create NFT collections including characters from the Zoby's universe.

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Zoby the alien Traits


none: 16.2%
golden earring: 12%
silver earring: 12.6%
rainbow earring: 5%
ethereum logo ear clip: 15.6%
gold and silver earrings: 12.3%
gold and rainbow earrings: 11.7%
silver and rainbow earrings: 12%
gold and silver and rainbow earrings: 4%


none: 4.8%
drool: 4.6%
smile: 8.3%
pimples: 5.7%
mustache: 5.8%
piercing: 3%
cigarette: 4.1%
black mask: 5.4%
white mask: 5.3%
leopard mask: 4.9%
smile and tongue: 4.2%
pimples and drool: 5.6%
smile and pimples: 6.7%
cigarette and pimples: 4.5%
mustache and piercing: 3.2%
smile after bad dentist: 5.5%
cigarette and pimples and drool: 3%
smile after bad dentist and mustache: 5.4%
smile and tongue and mustache and piercing: 5.5%
smile after bad dentist and piercing and pimples: 5.9%


blue: 9.2%
beige: 9%
lilac: 6.5%
violet: 5.1%
aquamarine: 10.1%
dark green: 9.1%
light brown: 9.1%
light green: 11.3%
beige reptiloid skin: 6.9%
lilac reptiloid skin: 7%
aquamarine reptiloid skin: 9.2%
light green reptiloid skin: 8.9%


red gumshoes: 7.8%
blue gumshoes: 6.7%
grey sneakers: 7%
black gumshoes: 8.4%
black sneakers: 8.3%
green gumshoes: 8.4%
white gumshoes: 10.8%
white sneakers: 6.3%
violet gumshoes: 7.2%
violet sneakers: 4.3%
yellow gumshoes: 8.3%
black shiny shoes: 2.1%
brown shiny shoes: 2%
aquamarine gumshoes: 6.9%
light brown sneakers: 6.8%


none: 91.3%
angelic: 5.1%
demonic: 4.9%


beach shorts: 2.4%
blue pajamas: 2.8%
pink pajamas: 2%
red sports suit: 2.7%
white underwear: 1.7%
yellow raincoat: 1.7%
blue sports suit: 2.8%
black office suit: 1.7%
brown office suit: 1.5%
white sports suit: 3.2%
blue latex jumpsuit: 1.9%
black latex jumpsuit: 2.7%
black hoodie and jeans: 3.4%
red-green polo and jeans: 2.8%
green undershirt and jeans: 2.2%
grey polo and maroon shorts: 1.9%
white polo and white shorts: 2%
black hoodie and black jeans: 2.8%
green hoodie and white pants: 3%
orange hoodie and grey pants: 2.8%
white pants and blue t-shirt: 3.2%
blue jeans rainbow t-shirt #1: 3%
grey pants and violet t-shirt: 2.9%
orange hoodie and green pants: 2.7%
white pants and violet t-shirt: 2.9%
aquamarine polo and black jeans: 3.1%
orange pants and yellow t-shirt: 2.9%
red-green polo and maroon jeans: 3.2%
aquamarine polo and maroon jeans: 3.1%
blue-orange polo and black jeans: 2.8%
short overalls and white t-shirt: 3.1%
black undershirt and maroon jeans: 2.8%
blue jeans and rainbow t-shirt #2: 2.8%
green hoodie and camouflage pants: 2.8%
white jeans and rainbow t-shirt #1: 3.1%
white jeans and rainbow t-shirt #2: 2.9%
orange and maroon polo and blue shorts: 3.1%
camouflage undershirt and camouflage pants: 3%

left hand

banana: 7.8%
coca cola: 7.9%
ice cream: 8.4%
red ballon: 8.6%
red iphone: 10.3%
supreme gun: 8.5%
black iphone: 10.8%
pet jellyfish: 5.7%
yellow ballon: 4.1%
i come in peace: 3.2%
starbucks coffee: 8.8%
pet glowing beetle: 6.1%
cup of worlds best boss: 8.4%
pitchfork american gothic: 2.8%


red: 5.2%
blue: 10%
lime: 11.2%
pink: 8.8%
beige: 10.3%
green: 11%
orange: 10.5%
violet: 6%
yellow: 10.9%
crimson: 7%
aquamarine: 10.6%

right hand

pizza: 11.7%
toy bear: 5.3%
dark ipad: 7.5%
sunscreen: 7.4%
light ipad: 8.6%
pink donut: 8.1%
blue suitcase: 7.6%
skateboard #1: 6.8%
skateboard #2: 8.4%
black briefcase: 2%
brown briefcase: 2.1%
chocolate donut: 9%
orange suitcase: 8.2%
playboy magazine: 8.7%

eyes and head

none: 1.3%
horns: 2.5%
dark cap: 1.6%
light cap: 1.2%
laser eyes: 1.1%
long horns: 2.4%
glowing eyes: 1.7%
red eye patch: 2%
beige band-aid: 2.1%
red headphones: 2.3%
red sunglasses: 2%
black eye patch: 2%
grey bucket hat: 1.7%
red knitted hat: 2.2%
sawn down horns: 2%
black sunglasses: 2.1%
grey knitted hat: 2%
khaki bucket hat: 1.9%
white headphones: 1.9%
white sunglasses: 1.8%
purple knitted hat: 1.9%
light grey band-aid: 2.1%
green mohawk hairstyle: 2%
the galaxy in the eyes: 1.5%
white mohawk hairstyle: 2.3%
dark red mohawk hairstyle: 2%
long horns and glowing eyes: 2.3%
red sunglasses and glowing eyes: 1.9%
green mohawk hairstyle and horns: 2.3%
sawn down horns and glowing eyes: 1.7%
white mohawk hairstyle and horns: 2%
grey knitted hat and glowing eyes: 2%
red headphones and beige band-aid: 2.4%
red knitted hat and red eye patch: 2.1%
red knitted hat and beige band-aid: 2.3%
dark red mohawk hairstyle and horns: 2%
khaki bucket hat and beige band-aid: 2.2%
the galaxy in the eyes and dark cap: 2.1%
white sunglasses and beige band-aid: 2.2%
white mohawk hairstyle and long horns: 1%
purple knitted hat and black eye patch: 2.1%
green mohawk hairstyle and glowing eyes: 2.4%
grey bucket hat and the galaxy in the eyes: 2%
white mohawk hairstyle and black eye patch: 1.9%
white mohawk hairstyle and sawn down horns: 2%
dark red mohawk hairstyle and red eye patch: 1.7%
white headphones and the galaxy in the eyes: 2.1%
dark red mohawk hairstyle and beige band-aid: 1.9%
dark red mohawk hairstyle and sawn down horns: 1.9%
white mohawk hairstyle and light grey band-aid: 1.9%
dark red mohawk hairstyle and long horns and beige band-aid: 2%
black sunglasses and the galaxy in the eyes and light grey band-aid: 1.7%

Zoby the alien NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Zoby the alien?
Zoby the alien is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Zoby the alien tokens exist?
In total there are 9,859 Zoby the alien NFTs. Currently 998 owners have at least one Zoby the alien NTF in their wallet.
▶ How many Zoby the alien were sold recently?
There were 4 Zoby the alien NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular Zoby the alien alternatives?
Many user who own Zoby the alien NFTs also own Sneezy Boys Club , Bob , PsycodelicSMILES and Chinese Legend Club.

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