Wreck League Mechs NFT

Created about 1 month ago
1,575 token supply
OpenSea verified collection
5% Fee
Fresh Project

Wreck League Mechs NFTs were sold 267 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Wreck League Mechs was $15.46k. The average Wreck League Mechs NFT price was $57.9.
The current Wreck League Mechs floor price is Ξ0.02.
There are 1,159 Wreck League Mechs owners, owning a total supply of 1,575 tokens. This collection was created about 1 month ago (August 29th, 2023). This is a new collection, it is among the newest 1% of collections.

Wreck League Mechs are playable mech NFTs, each created from a combination of 10 parts. These mechs retain the flexibility to be disassembled into their original 10 parts, granting users the freedom to tailor their mechs and then train them for combat readiness. Embark on an extraordinary expedition into Wreck League, Web3’s first real-time competitive PvP fighting game. Visit wreckleague.xyz for more details.

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Ten percent of the Wreck League Mechs sales were for $32 or less, half of the sales were for less than $50 and the highest ten percent were sold for $82 or higher.

Wreck League Mechs Price Chart

Top Selling Wreck League Mechs NFTs of the last 30 days

NFTDate Price
Wreck Mech #360
19 days ago $540
Wreck Mech #498
18 days ago $425
Wreck Mech #261
18 days ago $278
Wreck Mech #359
19 days ago $261
Wreck Mech #220
16 days ago $252
Wreck Mech #41
4 days ago $250
Wreck Mech #418
16 days ago $245
Wreck Mech #212
19 days ago $227
Wreck Mech #512
4 days ago $217
Wreck Mech #172
18 days ago $196
Wreck Mech #545
17 days ago $188
Wreck Mech #304
3 days ago $166
Wreck Mech #545
17 days ago $165
Wreck Mech #45
19 days ago $164
Wreck Mech #23
19 days ago $163
Wreck Mech #559
4 days ago $151
Wreck Mech #161
4 days ago $138
Wreck Mech #14
18 days ago $132
Wreck Mech #96
18 days ago $130
Wreck Mech #169
18 days ago $119
Wreck Mech #239
18 days ago $118
Wreck Mech #77
4 days ago $117

Wreck League Mechs Traits


wreck head koda s1-l1-3: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-9: 0.8%
wreck head koda s1-l1-11: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-19: 0.3%
wreck head koda s1-l1-20: 0.3%
wreck head koda s1-l1-23: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-24: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-25: 0.3%
wreck head koda s1-l1-34: 0.3%
wreck head koda s1-l1-35: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-38: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-42: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-44: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-46: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-48: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-53: 0.6%
wreck head koda s1-l1-60: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-62: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-63: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-65: 0.3%
wreck head koda s1-l1-66: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-67: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-68: 0.1%
wreck head koda s1-l1-71: 0.2%
wreck head koda s1-l1-83: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-6: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-4: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-8: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-3: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-4: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-6: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-2: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-4: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-5: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-7: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-2: 1.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-3: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-4: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-5: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-6: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-7: 0.5%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-8: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-3: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-9: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-5: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-8: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-5: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-2: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-6: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-16: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-25: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-28: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-33: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-44: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-61: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-63: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-68: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-76: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-87: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-21: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-22: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-24: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-32: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-40: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-52: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-75: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-77: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-87: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-94: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-14: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-15: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-16: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-17: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-18: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-23: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-24: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-26: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-27: 0.6%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-28: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-30: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-32: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-33: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-34: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-35: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-38: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-40: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-41: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-43: 0.7%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-45: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-46: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-47: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-51: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-55: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-56: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-58: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-61: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-62: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-70: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-71: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-76: 0.8%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e1-77: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-10: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-17: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-19: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-22: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-24: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-25: 0.7%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-26: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-27: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-29: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-31: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-32: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-33: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-34: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-37: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-38: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-39: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-41: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-43: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-45: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-47: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-48: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-51: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-55: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-56: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-57: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-58: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-59: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-61: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-62: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-67: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-e2-69: 0.6%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-13: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-16: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-17: 1.7%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-18: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-19: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-21: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-24: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-25: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-26: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-30: 0.5%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-31: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-32: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l1-37: 0.6%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-10: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-11: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-12: 1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-13: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-15: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-17: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-18: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-19: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-21: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-23: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-24: 0.5%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-26: 0.6%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-29: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-30: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-31: 1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-l2-36: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-15: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-19: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-21: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-22: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-23: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-25: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-27: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-33: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-37: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-42: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-46: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-47: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-59: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-62: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-63: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-68: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-73: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-74: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-75: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-77: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-81: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r1-82: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-11: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-13: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-14: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-15: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-19: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-20: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-21: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-22: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-24: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-27: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-30: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-31: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-32: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-35: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-38: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-43: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-44: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-50: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-57: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-69: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-73: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-75: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-76: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-78: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-80: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-82: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-83: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-86: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-87: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-89: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-90: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-91: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-92: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-93: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-96: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-97: 0.6%
wreck head prime-8 s1-r2-99: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-10: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-11: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-14: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-15: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-18: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-29: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-33: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-37: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-40: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-42: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-43: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-60: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-63: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-73: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-75: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-76: 0.5%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-79: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-86: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-96: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-97: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-12: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-26: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-31: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-36: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-40: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-41: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-42: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-49: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-59: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-60: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-64: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-66: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-71: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-74: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-75: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-79: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-84: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-95: 0.4%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-98: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-99: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-9: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-5: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-7: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-9: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-3: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-6: 0.5%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-7: 0.4%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-8: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-1: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-4: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-6: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-9: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-6: 0.4%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-1: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-3: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-104: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-124: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-129: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c1-139: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-101: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-106: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-111: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-116: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-120: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-121: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-126: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-136: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-145: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-153: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-157: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-167: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-c2-174: 0.2%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-106: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u1-121: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-108: 0.3%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-109: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-111: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-114: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-122: 0.1%
wreck head prime-8 s1-u2-127: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-14: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-16: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-21: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-27: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-41: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-53: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-66: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-68: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-70: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-73: 0.5%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-76: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-83: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-90: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-95: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-36: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-46: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-54: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-57: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-59: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-64: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-78: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-86: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-14: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-18: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-21: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-22: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-24: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-25: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-26: 0.4%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-29: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-41: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-42: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-43: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-46: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-49: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-52: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-55: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-56: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-66: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-69: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-70: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e1-71: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-11: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-12: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-15: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-16: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-20: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-21: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-23: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-27: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-31: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-37: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-38: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-40: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-48: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-50: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-54: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-55: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-e2-67: 0.8%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-10: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-11: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-12: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-13: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-14: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-15: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-17: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-19: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-20: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-21: 0.8%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-22: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-23: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-25: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-30: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-31: 0.5%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-32: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-33: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-38: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-42: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l1-46: 0.4%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-17: 0.5%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-18: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-19: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-20: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-22: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-24: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-25: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-26: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-27: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-29: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-30: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-31: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-33: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-34: 0.4%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-35: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-l2-38: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-10: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-17: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-20: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-21: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-26: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-37: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-38: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-51: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-54: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-57: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-64: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-65: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-66: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-69: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-70: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-76: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-79: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-85: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-94: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-16: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-17: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-23: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-25: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-27: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-32: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-34: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-38: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-39: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-40: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-41: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-43: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-46: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-50: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-54: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-56: 1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-80: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-93: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-94: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r2-99: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-10: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-15: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-21: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-23: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-35: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-40: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-46: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-47: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-50: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-57: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-69: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-82: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-91: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-11: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-20: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-24: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-49: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-50: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-54: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-64: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-65: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-76: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-82: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-90: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-91: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-111: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-121: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-126: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-136: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-139: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-142: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-146: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-148: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-161: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-167: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-173: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c1-190: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-117: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-118: 0.4%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-146: 0.4%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-150: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-153: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-154: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-174: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-c2-180: 0.3%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-100: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-r1-101: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-100: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-101: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-103: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-104: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-107: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-109: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-113: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-116: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-117: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-121: 0.5%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-125: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u1-130: 0.2%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-102: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-104: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-106: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-112: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-124: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-125: 0.1%
wreck head psycrane s1-u2-139: 0.1%


wreck legs koda s1-l1-2: 0.2%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-3: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-6: 0.2%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-8: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-18: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-19: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-21: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-22: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-26: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-28: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-30: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-31: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-32: 0.2%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-41: 0.3%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-42: 0.3%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-52: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-57: 0.3%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-59: 0.5%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-64: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-66: 0.6%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-72: 0.1%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-75: 0.3%
wreck legs koda s1-l1-76: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-2: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-8: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-1: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-2: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-5: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-1: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-3: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-4: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-5: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-6: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-7: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-9: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-1: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-3: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-4: 0.5%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-5: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-6: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-3: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-9: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-2: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-5: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-6: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-7: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-9: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-4: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-6: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-5: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-7: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-8: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-17: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-33: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-39: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-44: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-77: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-86: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-93: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-99: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-22: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-32: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-34: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-35: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-39: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-48: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-55: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-75: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-78: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-86: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-97: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-11: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-18: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-20: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-22: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-23: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-27: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-29: 0.8%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-31: 0.6%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-33: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-36: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-38: 0.5%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-47: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-48: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-51: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-52: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-54: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-55: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-58: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-60: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-63: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-64: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-67: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e1-71: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-12: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-14: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-19: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-20: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-22: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-25: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-29: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-32: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-33: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-35: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-41: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-46: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-47: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-58: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-60: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-e2-63: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-10: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-13: 0.5%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-15: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-16: 0.5%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-17: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-18: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-19: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-22: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-23: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-24: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-25: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-27: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-28: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-31: 1.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-32: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-34: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l1-38: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-11: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-13: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-14: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-15: 0.6%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-16: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-21: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-22: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-23: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-26: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-27: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-28: 0.6%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-31: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-33: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-34: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-35: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-36: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-l2-38: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-12: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-18: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-19: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-22: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-35: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-36: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-37: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-40: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-43: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-49: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-50: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-56: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-58: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-59: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-68: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-70: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-73: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-79: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-80: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-85: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-11: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-13: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-16: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-19: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-21: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-23: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-24: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-26: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-32: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-55: 0.4%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-58: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-60: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-62: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-64: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-67: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-80: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-87: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-88: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-90: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-93: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-94: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r2-99: 0.6%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-12: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-16: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-17: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-42: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-47: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-56: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-57: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-65: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-67: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-70: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-89: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-94: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-98: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-12: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-14: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-20: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-22: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-23: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-28: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-34: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-39: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-41: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-43: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-48: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-51: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-53: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-58: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-64: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-68: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-78: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-89: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-97: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-2: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-2: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-7: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-1: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-5: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-6: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-7: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-8: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-3: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-4: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-5: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-2: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-3: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-4: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-5: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-6: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-8: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-9: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-1: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-2: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-3: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-4: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-8: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-9: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-1: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-6: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-9: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-3: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-5: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-8: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-4: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-4: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-5: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-106: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-107: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-109: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-110: 0.3%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-119: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-123: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-141: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-142: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-150: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-157: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-174: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c1-176: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-101: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-109: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-115: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-127: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-137: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-151: 0.2%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-176: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-c2-178: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-102: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-r1-107: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u1-117: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-112: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-114: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-124: 0.1%
wreck legs prime-8 s1-u2-128: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-25: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-48: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-58: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-60: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-99: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-14: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-15: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-46: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-49: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-60: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-64: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-77: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-79: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-81: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-90: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-10: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-13: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-14: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-15: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-17: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-18: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-19: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-21: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-22: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-23: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-29: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-30: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-31: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-34: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-36: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-39: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-42: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-43: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-46: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-47: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-49: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-51: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-53: 0.7%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-54: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-59: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-62: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-67: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-68: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-69: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-70: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e1-71: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-10: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-14: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-19: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-23: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-24: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-25: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-26: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-28: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-30: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-36: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-42: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-43: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-46: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-54: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-55: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-56: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-57: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-59: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-60: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-66: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-e2-69: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-10: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-11: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-12: 0.5%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-14: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-15: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-18: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-19: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-20: 0.5%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-21: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-25: 1.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-29: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-30: 0.5%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-32: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-33: 1.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l1-36: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-11: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-12: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-14: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-15: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-16: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-17: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-18: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-19: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-20: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-22: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-23: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-24: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-25: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-26: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-27: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-29: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-32: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-33: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-35: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-36: 0.5%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-37: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-39: 0.5%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-40: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-l2-45: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-10: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-14: 1.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-15: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-17: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-26: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-28: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-30: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-31: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-32: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-33: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-36: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-38: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-39: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-41: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-44: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-51: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-57: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-59: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-63: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-68: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-73: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-74: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-75: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-76: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-78: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-79: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-83: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-84: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-90: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-91: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-92: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-95: 0.8%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-99: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-21: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-34: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-36: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-37: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-39: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-40: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-47: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-55: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-56: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-61: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-68: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-70: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-71: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-73: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-79: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-80: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-82: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-87: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-95: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-15: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-20: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-21: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-26: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-29: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-35: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-40: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-42: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-46: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-49: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-50: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-54: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-58: 0.5%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-66: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-73: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-80: 0.4%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-82: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-83: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-87: 0.6%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-96: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-97: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-99: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-12: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-13: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-16: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-30: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-37: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-57: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-63: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-82: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-85: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-90: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-98: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-108: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-116: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-142: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-151: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-160: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-169: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-177: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-185: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c1-189: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-106: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-107: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-119: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-c2-149: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-100: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r1-101: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-r2-101: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-107: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-108: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-111: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-118: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-122: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-133: 0.2%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u1-134: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-104: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-106: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-109: 0.3%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-113: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-125: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-126: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-127: 0.1%
wreck legs psycrane s1-u2-135: 0.1%


wreck crest koda s1-l4-4: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l5-2: 0.2%
wreck crest koda s1-l7-3: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l7-7: 0.4%
wreck crest koda s1-l11-2: 0.3%
wreck crest koda s1-l13-2: 0.4%
wreck crest koda s1-l13-4: 0.2%
wreck crest koda s1-l13-5: 0.3%
wreck crest koda s1-l14-3: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l22-2: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l28-2: 0.6%
wreck crest koda s1-l29-2: 0.3%
wreck crest koda s1-l35-1: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l35-2: 0.4%
wreck crest koda s1-l39-1: 0.4%
wreck crest koda s1-l40-2: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l40-5: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l41-3: 0.1%
wreck crest koda s1-l42-1: 0.7%
wreck crest koda s1-l45-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c2-5: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c3-3: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c4-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c5-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c5-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c7-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c9-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c9-4: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e1-3: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e1-6: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e1-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e1-8: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e2-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e2-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e4-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e5-1: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e5-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e6-4: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e9-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l1-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l1-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l1-3: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l2-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l3-1: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l3-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l4-1: 0.8%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l4-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l5-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l5-2: 0.6%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l5-3: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l7-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l7-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l7-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r1-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r2-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r5-4: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r5-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r6-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r6-3: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r7-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r9-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r9-4: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u1-6: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u1-7: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u1-8: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u2-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u2-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u3-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u3-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u4-6: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u4-8: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u5-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u5-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u6-1: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u6-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u7-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c1-17: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c10-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c13-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c14-3: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c14-6: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c16-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c18-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c18-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c18-4: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c18-5: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c19-8: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c21-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c22-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c22-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c23-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c25-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c32-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c32-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c32-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c32-8: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c33-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c34-7: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c35-4: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c36-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c37-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c38-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c39-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c4-22: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c42-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c45-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c5-20: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c7-10: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c7-20: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e1-10: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e10-5: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e11-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e13-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e16-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e16-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e16-5: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e17-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e17-2: 0.5%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e17-3: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e17-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e18-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e19-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e19-4: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e19-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e20-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e20-3: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e21-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e23-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e25-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e26-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e28-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e28-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e32-5: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e33-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e34-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e34-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e34-5: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e34-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e35-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e37-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e40-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l10-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l10-2: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l10-3: 0.6%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l11-1: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l12-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l13-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l14-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l15-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l16-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l16-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l16-3: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l16-5: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l17-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l18-1: 0.8%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l19-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l22-1: 0.5%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l23-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l26-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l28-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l28-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l28-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l29-2: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l31-1: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l31-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l31-6: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l32-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l34-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l34-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l37-1: 0.8%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-l41-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r10-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r10-6: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r13-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r13-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r13-8: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r16-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r16-8: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r17-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r17-5: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r19-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r19-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r20-3: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r22-6: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r24-1: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r28-5: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r29-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r31-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r31-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r31-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r31-9: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r32-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r33-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r34-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r34-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r36-1: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r36-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r37-2: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r4-13: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r4-14: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r4-15: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r4-18: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r40-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u1-18: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u13-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u13-7: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u16-3: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u16-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u16-8: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u18-5: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u19-3: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u21-2: 0.4%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u22-4: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u25-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u27-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u29-3: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u30-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u31-9: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u32-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u33-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u34-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u34-8: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u35-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u35-5: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u39-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u39-2: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u4-10: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u4-11: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u4-13: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u40-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u40-2: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u44-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c1-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c1-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c2-2: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c5-2: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e1-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e1-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e2-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e2-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e5-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e5-2: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e6-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l1-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l8-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r1-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r1-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r2-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r2-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r2-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r3-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r3-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r6-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r7-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r8-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r9-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u1-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u3-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u3-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u4-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u4-3: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u6-1: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c10-11: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c16-10: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c16-11: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c19-14: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c28-12: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c28-16: 0.3%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-c28-17: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-e28-10: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r28-12: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-r34-11: 0.1%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u10-10: 0.2%
wreck crest prime-8 s1-u31-13: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c1-11: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c10-8: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c11-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c13-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c14-3: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c15-1: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c15-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c15-5: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c16-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c17-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c18-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c19-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c19-8: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c20-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c20-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c22-4: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c23-5: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c25-8: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c26-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c26-7: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c27-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c27-4: 0.8%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c27-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c28-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c28-4: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c30-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c31-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c31-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c33-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c33-3: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c36-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c37-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c38-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c38-2: 0.5%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c44-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c44-4: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c45-2: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c45-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e11-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e11-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e12-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e14-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e16-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e17-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e18-2: 0.6%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e19-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e20-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e22-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e22-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e23-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e23-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e25-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e25-4: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e25-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e25-9: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e26-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e26-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e26-3: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e26-4: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e28-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e29-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e31-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e31-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e32-1: 0.6%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e34-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e35-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e35-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e35-4: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e37-3: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e38-3: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e39-1: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e40-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e40-4: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e40-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e42-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e42-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e43-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e43-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e43-5: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e43-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e44-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e44-5: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e44-6: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l10-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l10-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l11-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l12-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l13-1: 1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l13-3: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l14-1: 0.6%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l14-2: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l14-3: 0.6%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l15-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l16-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l16-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l17-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l19-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l19-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l20-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l21-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l22-1: 0.5%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l25-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l25-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l25-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l25-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l25-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l25-8: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l26-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l28-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l31-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l32-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l34-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l34-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l34-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l35-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l39-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l40-2: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l41-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l43-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l43-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l43-4: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l44-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l44-2: 0.7%
wreck crest psycrane s1-l45-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r10-3: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r13-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r13-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r14-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r18-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r19-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r21-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r22-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r22-5: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r22-7: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r23-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r23-4: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r24-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r26-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r27-1: 0.6%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r29-2: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r31-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r34-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r34-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r34-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r34-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r35-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r36-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r37-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r38-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r40-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r40-7: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r41-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r41-3: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r42-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r43-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r44-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r44-3: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r44-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r44-6: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r45-1: 0.6%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u1-10: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u11-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u12-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u13-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u14-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u15-4: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u19-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u19-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u21-1: 1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u22-4: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u22-5: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u23-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u23-6: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u25-5: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u25-9: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u26-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u26-3: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u26-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u27-2: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u27-4: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u27-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u28-1: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u28-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u31-8: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u34-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u35-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u35-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u36-3: 0.5%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u40-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u40-3: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u40-4: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u40-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u41-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u41-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u41-6: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u42-2: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u43-1: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u43-5: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u43-8: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u43-9: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u44-2: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u44-4: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u44-7: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u45-1: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c16-10: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c17-10: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c19-10: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c19-11: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c25-11: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c25-18: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c25-20: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c25-22: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c26-11: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c26-12: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c31-12: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c34-18: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-c40-13: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e40-10: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e43-10: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-e43-13: 0.4%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r25-13: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r25-14: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-r25-17: 0.2%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u25-14: 0.1%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u25-17: 0.3%
wreck crest psycrane s1-u43-10: 0.1%


wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-2: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-3: 0.2%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-6: 1.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-15: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-17: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-19: 0.3%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-25: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-31: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-33: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-47: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-49: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-50: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-52: 0.2%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-55: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-62: 0.3%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-68: 0.1%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-71: 0.3%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-72: 0.5%
wreck s-bot koda s1-l1-75: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-5: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-6: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-8: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-9: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-1: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-5: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-6: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-7: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-8: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-9: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-2: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-3: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-4: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-6: 0.6%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-7: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-8: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-1: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-2: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-3: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-5: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-7: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-8: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-9: 0.7%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-5: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-8: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-9: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-14: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-24: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-37: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-39: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-41: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-57: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-58: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-68: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-75: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-88: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-89: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-21: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-38: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-56: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-57: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-61: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-75: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-78: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-79: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-80: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-86: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-94: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-11: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-12: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-15: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-16: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-17: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-18: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-19: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-22: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-25: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-27: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-28: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-29: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-32: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-34: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-36: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-43: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-52: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-58: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e1-64: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-10: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-12: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-16: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-18: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-19: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-23: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-25: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-31: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-33: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-36: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-47: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-49: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-51: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-53: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-54: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-56: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-58: 1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-59: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-60: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-68: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-71: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-e2-73: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-12: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-13: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-14: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-18: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-19: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-21: 0.7%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-22: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-24: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-28: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-30: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-31: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-32: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-33: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-34: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-36: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l1-37: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-10: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-11: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-14: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-15: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-17: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-18: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-19: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-21: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-22: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-26: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-27: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-32: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-l2-36: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-12: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-17: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-32: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-33: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-45: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-48: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-51: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-52: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-57: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-61: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-65: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-67: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-70: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-73: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-74: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-77: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-85: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-86: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-89: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-90: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-95: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r1-98: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-13: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-14: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-21: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-25: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-33: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-40: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-45: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-47: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-50: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-52: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-60: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-61: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-65: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-70: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-72: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-73: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-74: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-78: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-81: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-84: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-87: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-89: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-r2-90: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-10: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-17: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-38: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-48: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-62: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-65: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-73: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-78: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-79: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-81: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-83: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-84: 0.4%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-85: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-87: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-91: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-98: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-12: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-23: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-24: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-33: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-36: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-44: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-47: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-48: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-50: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-64: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-76: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-77: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-78: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-79: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-97: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-4: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-2: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-3: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-6: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-7: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-5: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-6: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-7: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-9: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-1: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-2: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-7: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-8: 0.8%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-2: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-3: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-4: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-5: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-6: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-7: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-8: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-9: 0.6%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-1: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-7: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-8: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-1: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-2: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-4: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-8: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-6: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-9: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-1: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-4: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-6: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-115: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-117: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-156: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c1-176: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-109: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-134: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-144: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-146: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-151: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-160: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-162: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-176: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-c2-185: 0.3%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-122: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u1-133: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-102: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-103: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-107: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-113: 0.1%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-117: 0.2%
wreck s-bot prime-8 s1-u2-125: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-12: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-23: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-24: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-28: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-32: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-37: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-43: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-44: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-46: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-47: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-61: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-62: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-83: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-90: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-98: 0.5%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-11: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-14: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-25: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-32: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-42: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-52: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-53: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-54: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-57: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-70: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-73: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-76: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-78: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-96: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-11: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-12: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-13: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-14: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-18: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-19: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-20: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-25: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-26: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-28: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-30: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-31: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-38: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-41: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-43: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-45: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-46: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-49: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-50: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-52: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-56: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-58: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-59: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-61: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-62: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-65: 0.8%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-66: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-68: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e1-73: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-10: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-11: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-14: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-15: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-16: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-18: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-21: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-22: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-24: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-25: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-28: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-32: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-33: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-34: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-37: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-39: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-43: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-46: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-47: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-51: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-52: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-54: 0.6%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-57: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-58: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-60: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-67: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-e2-71: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-10: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-11: 0.8%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-13: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-14: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-16: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-18: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-19: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-20: 1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-21: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-22: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-23: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-27: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-30: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-31: 0.6%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-34: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-35: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l1-40: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-11: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-12: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-15: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-17: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-18: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-19: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-20: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-22: 1.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-23: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-24: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-25: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-26: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-27: 1.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-28: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-29: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-30: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-l2-32: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-12: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-14: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-15: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-19: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-24: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-25: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-26: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-27: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-28: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-29: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-45: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-47: 0.5%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-53: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-54: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-59: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-60: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-61: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-66: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-68: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-69: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-75: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-76: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-78: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-80: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-89: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-92: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r1-95: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-10: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-11: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-14: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-16: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-19: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-21: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-27: 0.8%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-30: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-33: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-49: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-56: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-57: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-58: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-60: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-65: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-70: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-71: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-76: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-78: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-79: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-85: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-88: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-93: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-99: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-10: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-15: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-16: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-21: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-29: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-30: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-36: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-41: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-47: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-57: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-61: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-66: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-75: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-78: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-84: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-90: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-93: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-95: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-97: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-19: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-20: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-25: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-26: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-27: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-30: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-36: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-42: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-52: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-61: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-66: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-72: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-78: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-95: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-109: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-117: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-124: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-133: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-139: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-164: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-166: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-169: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-180: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-184: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-186: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c1-191: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-112: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-134: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-148: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-152: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-160: 0.2%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-162: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-168: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-169: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-c2-187: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-r2-100: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-112: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-117: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-121: 0.4%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u1-142: 0.3%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-116: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-117: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-119: 0.1%
wreck s-bot psycrane s1-u2-132: 0.2%


wreck torso koda s1-l1-9: 0.1%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-10: 0.3%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-14: 0.6%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-16: 0.5%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-20: 0.2%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-21: 0.3%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-27: 0.2%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-29: 0.1%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-30: 1.3%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-35: 0.3%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-38: 0.5%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-42: 0.2%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-46: 0.6%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-49: 0.2%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-50: 1.3%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-57: 0.1%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-62: 0.1%
wreck torso koda s1-l1-64: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-4: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-9: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-3: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-4: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-6: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-8: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-9: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-1: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-2: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-3: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-4: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-6: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-7: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-1: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-2: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-3: 0.6%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-4: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-5: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-6: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-9: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-2: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-6: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-1: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-6: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-5: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-8: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-9: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-14: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-16: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-21: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-30: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-48: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-69: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-73: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-74: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-75: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-80: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-86: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-91: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-99: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-21: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-22: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-27: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-62: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-73: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-81: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-10: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-11: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-15: 0.6%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-16: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-17: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-18: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-22: 0.5%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-23: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-26: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-30: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-34: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-36: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-39: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-48: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-49: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-55: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-58: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-59: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-63: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-65: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-67: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-69: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e1-73: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-14: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-19: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-21: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-22: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-24: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-27: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-32: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-42: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-43: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-47: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-50: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-56: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-57: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-59: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-67: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-68: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-e2-70: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-11: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-12: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-13: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-16: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-17: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-18: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-19: 0.8%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-20: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-21: 0.6%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-22: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-23: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-25: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-27: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-28: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-29: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-30: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-31: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l1-33: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-10: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-11: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-13: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-15: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-18: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-19: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-20: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-21: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-22: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-23: 0.5%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-25: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-26: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-28: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-29: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-30: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-31: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-32: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-33: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-34: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-35: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-36: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-l2-42: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-16: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-31: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-33: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-34: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-40: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-42: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-48: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-49: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-51: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-52: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-61: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-67: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-69: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-72: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-74: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-76: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-78: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-90: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-91: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-14: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-15: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-19: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-21: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-22: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-27: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-31: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-32: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-35: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-36: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-50: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-51: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-54: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-55: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-60: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-65: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-70: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-73: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-74: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-76: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-77: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-79: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-81: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-86: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r2-93: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-15: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-17: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-20: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-29: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-36: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-42: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-44: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-47: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-55: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-57: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-60: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-64: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-71: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-77: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-78: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-85: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-96: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-97: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-15: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-21: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-40: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-41: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-49: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-50: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-54: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-58: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-64: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-72: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-80: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-87: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-9: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-1: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-6: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-8: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-6: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-9: 0.9%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-1: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-5: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-6: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-1: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-2: 0.6%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-5: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-6: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-7: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-1: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-2: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-3: 0.6%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-4: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-5: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-6: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-7: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-8: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-9: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-1: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-2: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-6: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-8: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-9: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-6: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-5: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-8: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-5: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-9: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-103: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-107: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-149: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-151: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-158: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-159: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-175: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-186: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-191: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c1-196: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-104: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-109: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-116: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-120: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-126: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-128: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-134: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-149: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-151: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-c2-157: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-r1-101: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-100: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-101: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-102: 0.4%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-107: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-112: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u1-116: 0.3%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-100: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-102: 0.1%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-117: 0.2%
wreck torso prime-8 s1-u2-119: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-11: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-23: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-26: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-34: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-41: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-42: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-43: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-60: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-63: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-76: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-80: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-85: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-87: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-12: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-20: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-21: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-28: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-29: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-31: 0.6%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-41: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-43: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-61: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-91: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-10: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-11: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-16: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-26: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-29: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-31: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-34: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-37: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-39: 0.7%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-42: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-44: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-45: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-47: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-48: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-49: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-51: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-55: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-56: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-62: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e1-69: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-11: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-12: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-13: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-17: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-18: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-21: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-22: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-24: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-28: 0.5%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-29: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-30: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-31: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-33: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-39: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-41: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-43: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-45: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-46: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-48: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-52: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-53: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-56: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-57: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-e2-63: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-10: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-11: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-14: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-16: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-17: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-19: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-20: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-22: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-23: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-25: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-26: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-27: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-29: 0.5%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-31: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-33: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-34: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-36: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-37: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l1-40: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-10: 0.8%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-11: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-12: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-13: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-14: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-15: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-16: 0.5%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-18: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-19: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-22: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-23: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-24: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-26: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-27: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-28: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-29: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-l2-33: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-14: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-16: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-17: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-18: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-19: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-21: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-22: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-23: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-24: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-30: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-31: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-32: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-34: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-35: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-37: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-47: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-48: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-53: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-54: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-57: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-65: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-69: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-71: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-72: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-80: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-90: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-94: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-95: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r1-96: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-15: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-18: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-19: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-21: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-34: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-40: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-54: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-56: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-58: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-61: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-63: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-64: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-66: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-74: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-75: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-80: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-83: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-85: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-87: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-92: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-95: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-r2-96: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-17: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-19: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-28: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-31: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-38: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-39: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-42: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-43: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-44: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-47: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-59: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-60: 0.5%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-61: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-65: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-70: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-73: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-83: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-90: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-96: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-12: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-13: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-15: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-16: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-18: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-23: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-26: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-32: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-33: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-44: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-49: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-53: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-55: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-60: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-88: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-90: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-91: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-96: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-98: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-112: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-114: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-117: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-118: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-119: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-120: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-136: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-159: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-160: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-168: 0.2%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c1-172: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-100: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-118: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-128: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-141: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-151: 0.6%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-155: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-179: 0.3%
wreck torso psycrane s1-c2-184: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-105: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-118: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-119: 0.5%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u1-121: 0.1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-107: 1%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-110: 0.4%
wreck torso psycrane s1-u2-114: 0.2%


wreck emblem koda s1-l1-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l1-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem koda s1-l4-2: 0.6%
wreck emblem koda s1-l5-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem koda s1-l7-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l9-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem koda s1-l10-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l16-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l19-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l28-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l30-1: 0.4%
wreck emblem koda s1-l32-1: 0.4%
wreck emblem koda s1-l34-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l35-1: 0.5%
wreck emblem koda s1-l35-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l37-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l37-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem koda s1-l38-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l40-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem koda s1-l45-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c2-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c2-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c3-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c4-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c5-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c5-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c6-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c8-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e1-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e1-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e3-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e4-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e4-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e5-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e7-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e8-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e8-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l1-1: 0.6%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l1-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l2-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l2-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l3-1: 1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l4-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l4-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l4-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l4-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l5-1: 0.7%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l5-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l6-1: 0.6%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l7-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l7-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l8-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l9-1: 0.8%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r2-2: 1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r2-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r3-3: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r4-6: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r5-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r5-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r6-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r6-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r7-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r8-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r8-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r9-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u2-5: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u3-1: 0.6%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u4-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u4-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u5-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u5-9: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u6-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u6-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u8-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u8-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u9-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c1-12: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c10-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c14-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c16-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c16-8: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c17-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c17-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c18-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c19-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c19-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c20-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c24-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c26-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c29-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c29-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c31-6: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c33-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c33-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c34-9: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c35-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c35-6: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c36-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c37-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c38-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c4-22: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c4-33: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c43-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c44-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c5-10: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e10-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e10-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e10-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e11-1: 0.7%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e11-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e13-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e14-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e14-3: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e16-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e16-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e16-8: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e17-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e18-1: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e18-3: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e19-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e19-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e21-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e22-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e23-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e25-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e25-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e28-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e28-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e28-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e29-2: 0.6%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e30-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e31-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e31-8: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e32-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e32-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e32-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e32-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e33-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e34-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e35-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e35-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e40-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e41-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e42-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-e43-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l10-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l13-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l15-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l16-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l16-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l16-3: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l16-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l17-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l17-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l22-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l22-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l26-1: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l26-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l28-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l28-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l28-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l29-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l29-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l29-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l31-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l31-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l31-4: 0.6%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l32-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l32-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l34-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l34-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l34-5: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l34-6: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l35-1: 0.8%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l35-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-l40-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r10-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r10-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r11-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r13-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r13-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r14-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r15-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r15-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r16-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r17-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r17-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r17-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r18-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r19-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r21-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r23-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r23-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r25-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r28-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r28-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r28-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r28-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r29-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r29-5: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r31-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r31-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r31-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r32-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r32-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r32-5: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r32-6: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r32-9: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r33-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r34-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r34-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r35-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r36-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r37-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r4-11: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r4-12: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u11-3: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u15-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u16-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u17-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u17-7: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u19-4: 0.3%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u19-9: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u20-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u20-3: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u22-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u23-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u25-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u25-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u28-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u28-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u29-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u30-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u31-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u31-8: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u32-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u33-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u34-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u34-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u34-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u35-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u35-3: 0.4%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u35-5: 0.6%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u35-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u37-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u37-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u37-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u38-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u38-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u4-19: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u4-22: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u40-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u41-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u42-1: 0.6%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u7-11: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c1-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c1-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c2-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c2-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c2-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c3-1: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c3-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c6-3: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e1-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e1-5: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e2-1: 1.5%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e3-1: 0.6%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e4-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e9-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l1-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l2-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l2-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l3-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l6-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l8-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l8-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r1-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r1-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r2-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r3-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u2-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u2-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u4-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u5-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u7-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c16-10: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c16-14: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c16-19: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c16-25: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c17-15: 0.2%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c29-10: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-c31-19: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-r16-13: 0.1%
wreck emblem prime-8 s1-u31-14: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c1-10: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c1-14: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c1-15: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c12-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c13-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c15-1: 0.5%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c15-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c17-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c19-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c20-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c21-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c21-4: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c22-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c22-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c25-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c26-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c27-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c27-3: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c27-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c31-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c32-4: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c32-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c37-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c39-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c43-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c43-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c44-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c44-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c44-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c45-3: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e10-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e10-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e10-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e10-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e10-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e13-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e13-7: 0.5%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e14-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e14-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e15-3: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e18-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e19-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e19-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e20-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e22-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e22-6: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e22-7: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e22-9: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e23-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e23-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e25-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e25-4: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e25-6: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e30-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e31-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e31-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e31-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e34-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e34-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e34-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e34-6: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e35-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e36-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e37-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e39-1: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e40-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e41-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e41-3: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e43-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e43-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e43-7: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e43-8: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e43-9: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e44-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e44-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l13-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l13-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l13-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l14-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l16-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l16-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l16-3: 1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l19-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l19-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l20-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l22-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l22-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l23-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l24-1: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l25-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l25-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l26-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l26-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l26-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l31-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l31-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l34-3: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l34-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l35-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l39-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l40-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l41-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l41-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l41-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l43-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l43-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l43-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l43-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l44-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-l44-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r1-10: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r10-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r10-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r11-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r13-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r13-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r13-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r14-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r16-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r16-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r17-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r17-6: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r20-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r20-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r23-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r24-2: 0.4%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r25-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r25-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r26-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r26-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r26-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r26-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r31-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r32-2: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r34-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r36-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r37-3: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r38-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r40-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r40-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r40-5: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r41-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r41-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r41-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r42-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r43-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r43-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r43-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r43-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r44-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r44-9: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u1-11: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u10-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u10-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u11-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u13-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u13-9: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u14-4: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u14-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u14-7: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u16-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u16-7: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u17-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u17-4: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u18-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u19-8: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u22-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u23-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u23-4: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u23-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u25-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u26-1: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u27-1: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u27-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u31-2: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u31-3: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u31-6: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u31-7: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u34-4: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u34-8: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u35-2: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u36-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u37-4: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u41-1: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u43-5: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u45-3: 0.3%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c22-10: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c25-12: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c25-19: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c25-22: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c26-12: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c43-22: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-c44-12: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e25-10: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e43-11: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-e43-13: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r25-13: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r34-11: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r34-12: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r43-10: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-r43-14: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u13-12: 0.2%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u13-15: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u25-15: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u25-16: 0.1%
wreck emblem psycrane s1-u25-20: 0.1%


wreck antenna koda s1-l4-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna koda s1-l8-2: 0.6%
wreck antenna koda s1-l10-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l14-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l14-3: 0.9%
wreck antenna koda s1-l18-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l19-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l25-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna koda s1-l28-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l34-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l37-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna koda s1-l37-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l40-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna koda s1-l41-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l41-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna koda s1-l43-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna koda s1-l44-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c1-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c1-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c2-9: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c3-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c4-7: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c4-9: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c5-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c8-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e1-7: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e2-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e3-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e4-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e4-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e4-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e5-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e5-5: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e5-8: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e6-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e7-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e8-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e8-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e9-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l1-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l1-5: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l2-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l4-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l4-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l4-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l5-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l6-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l6-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l7-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l8-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r1-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r2-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r3-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r4-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r4-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r4-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r4-7: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r6-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r7-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r7-8: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r9-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r9-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u1-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u1-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u2-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u2-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u2-7: 0.6%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u3-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u5-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u6-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u7-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u7-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u8-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u9-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u9-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c1-14: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c10-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c10-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c11-5: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c13-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c13-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c15-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c17-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c19-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c21-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c22-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c25-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c25-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c25-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c27-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c28-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c30-4: 0.5%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c30-5: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c31-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c32-6: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c32-9: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c4-15: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c41-7: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c43-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c43-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c5-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c7-10: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c7-11: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e10-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e12-1: 1.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e14-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e14-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e15-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e16-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e16-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e16-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e17-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e17-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e17-4: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e17-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e18-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e19-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e19-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e19-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e22-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e22-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e25-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e26-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e28-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e30-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e32-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e34-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e34-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e34-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e34-6: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e35-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e35-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e36-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e37-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e39-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e4-12: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e40-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-e45-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l10-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l11-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l12-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l14-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l16-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l16-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l17-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l18-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l18-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l19-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l20-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l21-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l22-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l25-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l28-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l28-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l28-5: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l29-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l31-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l31-2: 0.8%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l31-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l32-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l33-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l34-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l34-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l35-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l37-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l38-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l40-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l41-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-l44-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r10-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r11-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r12-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r13-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r14-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r16-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r16-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r17-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r17-7: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r18-1: 0.5%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r18-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r19-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r20-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r20-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r22-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r24-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r25-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r25-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r25-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r25-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r26-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r28-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r28-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r29-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r29-8: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r31-3: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r33-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r34-6: 0.4%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r34-8: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r35-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r35-9: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r36-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r37-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r4-15: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u1-13: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u10-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u10-6: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u10-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u11-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u12-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u13-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u13-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u14-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u16-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u16-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u16-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u16-9: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u17-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u18-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u19-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u20-6: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u22-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u23-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u24-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u26-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u26-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u28-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u29-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u29-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u30-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u30-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u31-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u32-5: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u33-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u33-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u34-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u34-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u35-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u35-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u36-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u4-12: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u4-18: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u40-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u43-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u7-12: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c4-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e1-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e5-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e7-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l1-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l2-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l4-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l5-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l9-1: 0.5%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r1-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r1-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r1-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r2-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r2-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r4-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r6-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r7-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u1-6: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u1-7: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u1-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u2-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u2-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u2-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u7-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u9-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c16-18: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c28-22: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c29-11: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c29-14: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c31-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-c35-12: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r16-10: 0.2%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-r16-11: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u10-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u16-11: 0.3%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u28-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u28-12: 0.1%
wreck antenna prime-8 s1-u31-14: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c1-12: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c1-17: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c10-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c13-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c13-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c13-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c14-4: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c14-7: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c15-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c18-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c18-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c19-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c21-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c23-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c24-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c24-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c24-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c25-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c26-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c26-6: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c26-8: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c27-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c27-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c27-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c27-8: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c28-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c30-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c31-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c31-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c34-9: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c37-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c38-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c40-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c40-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c41-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c43-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c44-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c44-5: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c44-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c44-7: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c45-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e10-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e12-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e13-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e13-9: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e14-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e16-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e16-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e16-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e16-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e17-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e18-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e18-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e19-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e20-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e22-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e22-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e23-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e24-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e25-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e25-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e25-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e25-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e25-9: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e26-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e26-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e26-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e26-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e28-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e31-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e31-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e32-1: 0.6%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e34-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e34-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e34-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e34-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e35-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e35-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e36-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e37-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e37-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e40-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e40-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e40-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e41-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e41-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e43-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e43-4: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e43-5: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e43-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e44-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l11-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l13-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l13-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l13-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l14-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l16-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l16-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l17-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l18-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l19-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l22-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l22-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l22-6: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l23-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l23-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l25-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l25-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l25-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l26-1: 0.7%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l26-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l26-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l27-1: 1.7%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l28-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l29-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l31-3: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l34-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l35-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l35-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l36-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l39-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l41-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l43-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l43-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l43-3: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l43-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-l44-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r10-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r10-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r11-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r11-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r13-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r13-8: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r14-1: 0.6%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r15-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r16-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r18-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r18-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r19-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r19-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r19-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r20-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r20-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r22-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r22-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r23-3: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r25-7: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r26-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r26-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r26-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r27-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r27-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r27-4: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r28-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r31-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r35-1: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r35-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r35-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r36-1: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r39-1: 0.6%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r40-6: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r40-9: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r41-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r41-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r43-2: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r43-7: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r45-3: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r45-4: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u10-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u11-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u11-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u15-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u15-2: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u16-9: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u17-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u19-6: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u21-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u22-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u23-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u24-2: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u25-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u25-6: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u25-9: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u26-5: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u27-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u34-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u34-9: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u36-1: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u36-2: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u40-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u40-6: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u41-3: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u43-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u43-8: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u44-3: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u44-5: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u45-1: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c22-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c22-11: 0.4%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c25-12: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c25-16: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c25-20: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c26-13: 0.3%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c34-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c34-14: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c34-15: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c40-12: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c40-16: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c43-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c43-22: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-c43-26: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e25-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-e25-11: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r43-10: 0.2%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-r43-11: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u26-13: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u43-10: 0.1%
wreck antenna psycrane s1-u43-13: 0.2%


wreck greaves koda s1-l1-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l12-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves koda s1-l13-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves koda s1-l14-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l14-3: 1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l19-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l25-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves koda s1-l26-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l28-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l29-3: 0.4%
wreck greaves koda s1-l32-1: 0.4%
wreck greaves koda s1-l33-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l37-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves koda s1-l42-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves koda s1-l45-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c2-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c3-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c4-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c4-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c5-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c5-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c5-9: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c7-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c7-9: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c8-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e1-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e1-2: 1.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e1-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e2-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e2-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e3-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e3-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e4-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e4-9: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e5-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e5-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e5-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e6-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e7-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l1-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l1-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l2-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l4-1: 0.5%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l4-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l4-5: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l4-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l5-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l5-2: 0.5%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l7-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l7-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l7-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l7-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l8-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r2-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r2-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r3-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r4-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r4-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r5-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r5-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r5-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r5-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r7-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r7-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r8-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r9-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u1-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u1-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u1-6: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u2-8: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u4-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u4-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u5-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u6-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u8-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c11-1: 0.5%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c12-2: 0.5%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c16-5: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c17-5: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c18-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c19-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c19-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c20-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c21-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c21-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c22-1: 0.4%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c22-8: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c24-2: 0.4%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c25-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c25-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c30-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c31-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c32-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c33-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c36-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c39-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c4-22: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c4-26: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c43-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c7-11: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c7-12: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c7-15: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e10-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e10-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e11-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e12-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e13-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e13-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e15-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e16-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e16-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e17-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e17-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e19-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e21-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e22-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e23-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e25-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e26-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e28-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e29-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e31-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e31-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e31-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e32-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e32-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e32-6: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e36-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e37-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e38-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e38-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e4-11: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e4-13: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l10-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l10-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l12-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l14-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l16-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l16-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l17-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l17-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l17-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l18-2: 1.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l19-1: 0.7%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l19-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l22-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l22-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l24-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l25-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l26-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l28-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l29-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l31-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l31-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l31-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l32-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l34-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l34-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l35-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l35-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l35-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l36-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l37-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l38-1: 0.6%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-l44-1: 1.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r11-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r11-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r11-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r13-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r13-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r14-2: 0.6%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r14-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r16-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r16-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r16-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r17-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r17-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r18-1: 1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r19-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r20-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r20-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r21-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r22-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r22-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r23-1: 0.5%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r25-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r25-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r26-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r30-2: 0.4%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r31-5: 0.4%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r31-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r31-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r31-8: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r32-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r32-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r32-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r33-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r34-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r34-9: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r35-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r35-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r35-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r35-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r4-13: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u10-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u12-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u13-9: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u14-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u16-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u16-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u16-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u17-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u17-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u18-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u18-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u22-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u22-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u23-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u24-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u25-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u27-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u28-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u28-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u28-9: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u30-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u30-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u32-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u32-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u32-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u32-9: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u34-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u37-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u37-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u38-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u39-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u4-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u4-15: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u40-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u5-12: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c1-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c3-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c7-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c8-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e1-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e2-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e2-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e2-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e3-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e4-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l2-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l5-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l8-1: 0.6%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r1-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r1-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r1-5: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r2-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r4-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r5-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u1-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u2-4: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u4-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u5-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u5-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u5-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c13-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c16-16: 0.4%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c16-17: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c16-19: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c28-14: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c29-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-c35-11: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-e28-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r16-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r16-11: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r16-18: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r31-10: 0.3%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r31-11: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r31-13: 0.2%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-r34-11: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u16-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u16-16: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u28-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves prime-8 s1-u34-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c10-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c11-5: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c12-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c12-5: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c13-5: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c14-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c14-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c15-3: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c16-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c17-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c19-5: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c19-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c19-9: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c22-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c23-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c23-9: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c24-2: 0.5%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c25-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c26-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c26-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c27-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c27-2: 0.5%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c27-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c31-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c33-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c34-9: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c35-6: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c35-8: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c40-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c42-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c43-8: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c44-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c44-6: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c44-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c45-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e10-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e10-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e12-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e13-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e14-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e14-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e15-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e15-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e16-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e16-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e16-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e17-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e19-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e19-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e21-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e22-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e22-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e22-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e23-1: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e23-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e25-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e25-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e25-5: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e25-8: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e26-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e26-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e28-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e28-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e29-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e32-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e34-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e34-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e34-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e34-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e35-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e35-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e35-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e35-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e36-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e37-3: 0.5%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e38-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e42-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e43-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e44-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e44-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e44-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e44-6: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l10-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l11-1: 0.5%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l12-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l13-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l14-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l14-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l16-4: 0.5%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l17-1: 0.6%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l19-2: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l20-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l21-2: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l22-1: 0.6%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l22-3: 1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l23-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l25-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l25-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l25-4: 1.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l25-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l26-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l26-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l26-3: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l27-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l28-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l31-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l31-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l33-1: 0.5%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l34-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l34-5: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l34-7: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l35-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l35-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l38-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l41-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l41-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l42-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l43-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l43-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l43-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l43-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l43-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l43-8: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-l44-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r10-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r11-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r13-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r13-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r14-3: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r14-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r15-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r16-5: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r17-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r17-3: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r17-5: 0.4%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r17-6: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r18-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r19-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r19-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r21-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r22-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r22-9: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r23-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r23-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r24-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r26-6: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r27-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r29-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r34-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r35-2: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r35-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r36-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r36-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r37-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r40-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r40-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r41-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r41-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r43-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r43-5: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r44-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r44-6: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r44-7: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r45-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r45-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r45-3: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u1-12: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u14-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u15-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u16-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u16-6: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u16-9: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u17-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u18-1: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u19-8: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u20-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u22-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u23-2: 0.7%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u24-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u24-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u25-7: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u26-7: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u27-1: 0.5%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u31-1: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u31-5: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u32-1: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u32-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u35-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u36-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u37-4: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u38-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u40-4: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u41-2: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u41-4: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u43-2: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u43-7: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c13-11: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c14-11: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c16-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c20-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c22-13: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c22-15: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c25-16: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c25-33: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c34-16: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c34-24: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-c40-11: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-e25-11: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r13-12: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r34-11: 0.2%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-r43-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u19-12: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u25-17: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u34-10: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u34-12: 0.1%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u40-12: 0.3%
wreck greaves psycrane s1-u43-17: 0.2%


wreck pauldrons koda s1-l5-2: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l7-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l7-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l7-4: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l8-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l11-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l12-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l14-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l21-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l22-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l25-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l25-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l26-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l28-5: 1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l31-2: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l31-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l37-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l41-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l41-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l41-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l42-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l42-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons koda s1-l43-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c2-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c2-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c3-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c5-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c5-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c5-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c7-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c9-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c9-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e1-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e1-4: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e1-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e2-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e2-4: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e4-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e4-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e5-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e5-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e5-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e5-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e5-7: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e7-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e7-4: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e7-5: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e9-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l1-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l2-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l3-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l4-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l4-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l4-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l4-6: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l5-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l5-2: 0.6%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l7-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l8-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r1-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r1-8: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r2-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r3-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-8: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r5-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r5-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r5-6: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r5-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r7-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u2-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u2-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u3-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u5-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u7-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u7-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u7-8: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u8-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u8-6: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u9-1: 0.6%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c10-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c10-6: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c11-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c11-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c12-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c14-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c16-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c16-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c17-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c17-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c17-8: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c19-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c19-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c20-5: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c21-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c22-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c22-6: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c24-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c25-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c25-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c28-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c30-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c32-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c33-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c34-5: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c34-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c35-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c36-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c4-15: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c4-18: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c4-19: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c4-20: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c40-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c40-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c43-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c43-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c44-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c5-12: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c5-14: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c5-16: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e10-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e10-8: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e12-1: 0.8%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e14-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e14-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e16-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e16-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e16-3: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e16-5: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e17-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e17-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e17-5: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e18-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e19-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e20-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e21-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e22-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e23-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e24-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e26-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e28-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e28-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e28-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e29-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e30-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e31-5: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e31-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e32-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e32-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e32-5: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e32-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e34-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e34-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e34-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e34-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e34-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e42-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l10-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l10-3: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l11-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l13-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l15-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l16-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l18-1: 1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l19-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l19-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l24-1: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l25-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l25-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l28-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l29-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l30-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l31-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l31-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l31-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l31-5: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l32-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l35-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l36-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-l39-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r10-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r10-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r12-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r13-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r14-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r14-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r15-2: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r16-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r16-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r17-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r17-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r19-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r20-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r21-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r22-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r23-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r27-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r28-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r28-8: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r29-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r29-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r30-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r30-4: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r31-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r31-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r31-4: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r32-6: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r34-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r34-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r34-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r34-7: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r35-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r36-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r37-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-14: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-18: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r4-21: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r40-4: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r45-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r5-11: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u1-12: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u1-14: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u10-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u11-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u13-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u13-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u13-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u14-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u16-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u16-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u17-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u17-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u18-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u18-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u19-6: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u21-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u26-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u27-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u29-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u29-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u29-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u32-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u32-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u33-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u35-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u35-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u35-8: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u4-11: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u4-16: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u40-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u40-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u40-8: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u5-13: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c1-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c2-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c4-5: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e2-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e4-1: 1.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l1-1: 0.8%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l2-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l3-1: 1.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l4-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l4-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r1-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r2-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r2-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r2-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r5-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r9-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u2-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u3-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c10-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c10-18: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c13-13: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c16-20: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c25-13: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c31-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c31-12: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c31-13: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-c35-10: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e16-10: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-e28-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r16-12: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r16-15: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r16-16: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r16-17: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r28-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-r31-11: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u16-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u16-12: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u28-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons prime-8 s1-u31-11: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c1-11: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c10-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c10-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c10-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c11-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c11-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c14-9: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c16-6: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c16-8: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c17-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c17-3: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c19-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c21-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c24-2: 0.6%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c25-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c25-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c26-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c26-4: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c26-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c27-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c27-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c28-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c31-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c31-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c34-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c35-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c36-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c37-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c42-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c43-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c43-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c44-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c45-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e10-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e11-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e12-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e13-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e13-7: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e13-8: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e16-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e16-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e17-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e17-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e17-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e19-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e19-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e19-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e21-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e22-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e23-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e23-5: 0.8%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e24-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e25-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e26-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e26-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e26-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e26-6: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e31-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e32-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e34-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e36-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e38-1: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e38-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e40-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e40-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e40-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e40-5: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e40-6: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e40-7: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e43-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e43-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e43-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e44-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l10-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l11-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l12-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l13-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l14-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l15-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l16-5: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l17-1: 1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l18-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l20-1: 0.7%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l20-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l22-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l22-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l23-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l23-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l25-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l25-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l25-4: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l26-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l26-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l29-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l31-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l32-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l32-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l34-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l34-4: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l36-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l37-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l40-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l40-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l41-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l41-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l41-5: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l43-1: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l43-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l43-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l43-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l44-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-l44-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r10-2: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r10-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r13-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r13-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r14-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r14-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r14-6: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r15-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r16-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r16-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r16-8: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r17-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r17-3: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r18-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r19-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r19-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r22-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r22-5: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r22-7: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r25-1: 0.6%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r25-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r25-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r25-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r26-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r27-4: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r28-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r31-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r32-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r35-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r35-4: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r35-6: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r36-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r39-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r40-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r40-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r40-8: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r43-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r43-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r43-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r43-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r44-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r45-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u10-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u13-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u13-5: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u14-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u15-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u18-1: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u21-2: 0.6%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u22-3: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u23-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u23-6: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u23-7: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u24-2: 0.6%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u25-2: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u26-9: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u27-1: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u28-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u28-5: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u31-4: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u32-2: 0.4%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u32-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u34-7: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u38-5: 0.6%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u40-3: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u41-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u43-4: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u43-7: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u44-1: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u44-2: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u45-2: 0.5%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c16-11: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c16-12: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c19-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c25-12: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c25-23: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c25-32: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c26-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c40-11: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c40-14: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c40-16: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-c43-13: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-e43-10: 0.2%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r13-13: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-r25-13: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u13-14: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u16-11: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u25-10: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u25-11: 0.3%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u25-12: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u25-16: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u25-22: 0.1%
wreck pauldrons psycrane s1-u34-10: 0.1%

Head Rarity

epic: 29.1%
rare: 30.7%
common: 32.8%
uncommon: 29%
legendary: 32.3%

Legs Rarity

epic: 25.9%
rare: 32.1%
common: 29.4%
uncommon: 30.2%
legendary: 36.3%

Mech Status

assembled: 5.3%

Weapon Arms

wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-2: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-5: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-17: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-22: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-23: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-25: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-26: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-29: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-33: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-40: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-44: 1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-47: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-49: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-50: 1.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-63: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-67: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-68: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-70: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms koda s1-l1-71: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-6: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-2: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-6: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-9: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-3: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-4: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-6: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-9: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-2: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-3: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-4: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-7: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-9: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-1: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-3: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-4: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-6: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-7: 0.8%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-9: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-4: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-6: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-7: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-8: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-1: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-2: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-2: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-9: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-7: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-15: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-17: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-27: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-37: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-56: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-57: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-59: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-62: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-65: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-70: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-72: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-75: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-77: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-82: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-84: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-93: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-12: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-18: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-36: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-50: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-57: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-59: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-66: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-69: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-71: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-88: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-90: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-10: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-11: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-14: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-18: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-20: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-22: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-24: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-25: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-26: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-33: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-40: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-41: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-42: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-44: 0.8%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-52: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-56: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-57: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e1-63: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-10: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-15: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-16: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-19: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-21: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-22: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-23: 0.7%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-25: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-26: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-27: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-29: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-30: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-34: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-37: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-39: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-41: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-42: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-45: 0.5%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-51: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-52: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-53: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-55: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-58: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-63: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-e2-69: 0.5%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-10: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-15: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-17: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-18: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-21: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-22: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-23: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-25: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-26: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-28: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-33: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l1-35: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-11: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-12: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-13: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-14: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-15: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-16: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-17: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-22: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-23: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-25: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-26: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-28: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-29: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-32: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-33: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-37: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-39: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-40: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-l2-41: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-10: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-13: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-14: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-21: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-24: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-32: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-34: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-35: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-40: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-42: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-44: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-49: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-51: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-52: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-60: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-62: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-63: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-65: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-66: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-70: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-72: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-89: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-92: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-98: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-10: 0.7%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-13: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-14: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-17: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-27: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-28: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-40: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-51: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-52: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-54: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-55: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-61: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-67: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-70: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-72: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-74: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-77: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-81: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-83: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-84: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-85: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-90: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-91: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-92: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r2-93: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-10: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-17: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-22: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-27: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-31: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-34: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-41: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-51: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-52: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-55: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-58: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-59: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-65: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-66: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-69: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-79: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-84: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-86: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-13: 0.5%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-15: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-18: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-25: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-31: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-34: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-46: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-53: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-54: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-56: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-61: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-65: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-71: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-72: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-82: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-84: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-85: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-89: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-95: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-6: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-1: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-3: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-4: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-6: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-8: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-1: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-3: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-5: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-8: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-2: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-3: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-4: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-6: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-7: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-8: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-9: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-1: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-3: 1.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-4: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-5: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-6: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-7: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-9: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-9: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-1: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-3: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-5: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-9: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-1: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-2: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-4: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-5: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-112: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-113: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-128: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-148: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-151: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-152: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-170: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-174: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-175: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-177: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-186: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c1-187: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-101: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-112: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-116: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-120: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-122: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-130: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-131: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-133: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-136: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-161: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-c2-166: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-100: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-r1-107: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-103: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u1-123: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-101: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-104: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-107: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-114: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms prime-8 s1-u2-122: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-11: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-18: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-33: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-36: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-39: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-50: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-58: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-59: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-70: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-98: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-99: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-10: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-26: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-31: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-45: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-47: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-57: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-63: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-73: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-76: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-83: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-98: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-11: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-17: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-18: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-22: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-23: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-27: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-28: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-29: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-30: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-32: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-34: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-39: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-42: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-45: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-47: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-48: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-49: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-50: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-59: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-62: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-63: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-65: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-66: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-67: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e1-73: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-13: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-16: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-18: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-21: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-22: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-24: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-26: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-27: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-28: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-29: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-32: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-33: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-37: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-38: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-41: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-43: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-45: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-46: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-47: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-52: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-53: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-56: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-e2-70: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-10: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-13: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-14: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-15: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-16: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-17: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-18: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-21: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-22: 1.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-23: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-26: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-28: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-29: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l1-36: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-13: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-15: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-16: 0.6%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-17: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-18: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-20: 0.5%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-21: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-22: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-25: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-27: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-28: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-29: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-30: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-33: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-35: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-37: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-38: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-l2-39: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-16: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-17: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-18: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-19: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-21: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-24: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-29: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-33: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-40: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-49: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-56: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-58: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-60: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-61: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-67: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-71: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-73: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-74: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-78: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-80: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-84: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-87: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r1-95: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-11: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-18: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-26: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-29: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-30: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-36: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-40: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-42: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-53: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-61: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-64: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-65: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-70: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-87: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-94: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-95: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-15: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-18: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-31: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-33: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-34: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-41: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-50: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-52: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-67: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-77: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-79: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-80: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-98: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-25: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-35: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-38: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-41: 0.4%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-49: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-50: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-52: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-62: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-64: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-81: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-86: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-88: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-103: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-133: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-137: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-141: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-145: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-156: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-159: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-171: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c1-172: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-100: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-102: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-122: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-134: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-148: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-c2-152: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-103: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-r2-106: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-106: 0.3%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-107: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-111: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-112: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-115: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-116: 0.2%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u1-124: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-102: 0.5%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-125: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-128: 0.1%
wreck weapon arms psycrane s1-u2-130: 0.1%

Crest Rarity

epic: 27%
rare: 27.6%
common: 37.1%
uncommon: 30.5%
legendary: 31.6%

S-Bot Rarity

epic: 29.8%
rare: 30.3%
common: 33%
uncommon: 28.7%
legendary: 32.1%

Torso Rarity

epic: 26.7%
rare: 29.1%
common: 32.8%
uncommon: 30.2%
legendary: 35.1%

Emblem Rarity

epic: 31%
rare: 28.6%
common: 33.5%
uncommon: 30.9%
legendary: 29.9%

Antenna Rarity

epic: 28.1%
rare: 30.7%
common: 36.8%
uncommon: 29.9%
legendary: 28.4%

Greaves Rarity

epic: 25.8%
rare: 31.4%
common: 35%
uncommon: 29.3%
legendary: 32.3%

Pauldrons Rarity

epic: 27.8%
rare: 30.7%
common: 35.9%
uncommon: 29.3%
legendary: 30.2%

Weapon Arms Rarity

epic: 28.8%
rare: 29.3%
common: 34.8%
uncommon: 29.5%
legendary: 31.6%

Wreck League Mechs NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Wreck League Mechs?
Wreck League Mechs is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Wreck League Mechs tokens exist?
In total there are 1,575 Wreck League Mechs NFTs. Currently 1,159 owners have at least one Wreck League Mechs NTF in their wallet.
▶ What was the most expensive Wreck League Mechs sale?
The most expensive Wreck League Mechs NFT sold was Wreck Mech #360. It was sold for $539.8 on September 14th, 2023 (19 days ago).
▶ How many Wreck League Mechs were sold recently?
There were 404 Wreck League Mechs NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ How much does a Wreck League Mechs cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest Wreck League Mechs NFT sales were below $32, and the highest sales were for over $142. The median price for a Wreck League Mechs NFT was $50 in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular Wreck League Mechs alternatives?
Many user who own Wreck League Mechs NFTs also own Wreck League Parts , Wreck League Boosters , frankfrank and Diesel x Hape: Antidote to the Status Quo.