The Real Vision Collective NFT

Created 10 months ago
5,969 token supply
OpenSea verified collection
10% Fee
9,713 Discord members

The Real Vision Collective NFTs were sold 15 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for The Real Vision Collective was $4.22k. The average The Real Vision Collective NFT price was $281.2.
The current The Real Vision Collective floor price is Ξ0.04.
There are 3,450 The Real Vision Collective owners, owning a total supply of 5,969 tokens. This collection was created 10 months ago (February 28th, 2023). This is quite new collection, it is among the newest 12% of collections.

The Real Vision Collective NFT is your key to the super community of communities. Our goal is to unite Web3 into a single, cohesive community by partnering with some of the biggest and brightest NFT projects around.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a true degen, a serious collector, in it for the tech, or just crypto curious — We are building a place for you to learn, grow, hangout and have fun, while driving the Web3 revolution forward.

Welcome to the Real Vision Collective.

Let’s buidl something extraordinary…!

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Ten percent of the The Real Vision Collective sales were for $78 or less, half of the sales were for less than $103 and the highest ten percent were sold for $1142 or higher.

The Real Vision Collective Price Chart

The Real Vision Collective Traits


knit san fran: 27.2%
conical cantaloupe: 1.2%
golden knit san fran: 0.3%
glowing knit san fran: 5.3%


mee rekt: 15.9%
just wow!: 15.2%
the undead: 1.3%
the bold one: 3%
the collector: 2.6%
the hive mind: 8%
together rekt: 3%
hive mind rekt: 8.1%
the golden one: 0.3%
golden rektness: 0.3%
the glowing one: 5.3%
against the flow: 5.1%
jack the rektguy: 5.4%
the super saiyan: 1.6%
hive mind thinker: 8.3%
the golden godess: 0.2%
sorry, i cantaloupe: 1.2%
the diddily ding dong dotted one: 15.3%


bold wow: 3%
wow x waw: 15.2%
golden wow: 0.2%
dots x mfer: 15.3%
golden mfer: 0.3%
hex rektguy: 3%
special wow: 5.1%
zombie mfer: 1.3%
glowing mfer: 5.3%
foggy rektguy: 5.4%
hive mind wow: 8.3%
golden rektguy: 0.3%
hive mind mfer: 8%
meebit x rektguy: 15.9%
super saiyan wow: 1.6%
hive mind rektguy: 8.1%
cantaloupe rektguy: 1.2%
right click save mfer: 2.6%


wow: 33.3%
mfer: 32.8%
rektguy: 33.8%


huh: 33.3%
skull: 33.8%
smile: 32.8%


cig black: 23.3%
herbal cig: 1.3%
right click cig: 2.6%
glowing cig black: 5.3%
honey mustard dipped cig: 0.3%


real vision x grdenrr: 100%


epic: 8.6%
rare: 15.8%
common: 46.4%
mythic: 0.8%
uncommon: 24.4%
legendary: 4%


season 1: 100%


waw #5335- gold long daggers: 13.4%
waw #5335 - gold long daggers: 19.9%


golden hoodie: 0.3%
hoodie down blue: 32.5%
red leather jacket: 15.2%
golden leather jacket: 0.2%
meebit #1051 - hoodie: 15.9%
red leather trenchcoat: 8.3%
red leather punk jacket: 5.1%
glossy red leather jacket: 1.6%
golden meebit #1051 - hoodie: 0.3%
honeycomb meebit #1051 - hoodie: 3%
super soft meebit #1051 - hoodie: 8.1%
ultra thin meebit #1051 - hoodie: 5.4%
tropical wool meebit #1051 - hoodie: 1.2%
vintage 70's dark red leather jacket: 3%


max pain by xcopy: 32.8%
golden 70s glasses: 0.2%
blue-gold 70s glasses: 1.6%
pink-yellow 70s glasses: 15.2%
clean pink-yellow 70s glasses: 8.3%
polarized pink-yellow 70s glasses: 3%
horn rimmed pink-yellow 70s glasses: 5.1%


pearls: 15.2%
hive pearls: 8.3%
akoya hive pearls: 5.1%
hive dragon balls: 1.6%
yin and yang hive pearls: 3%
golden south sea hive pearl: 0.2%


sun keeper: 33.2%
golden sun keeper: 0.2%


pink frangipani: 5.1%
cantaloupe juice: 1.2%
rekt orange soda: 15.9%
golden frangipani: 0.2%
4:20 watch - sub red: 17.9%
hive orange rum soda: 8.1%
hexagonal orange soda: 3%
shiny pink frangipani: 1.6%
glossy pink frangipani: 3%
4:20 watch - golden sub: 0.3%
reddish-pink frangipani: 23.5%
4:20 watch - sub hive red: 13.3%
liquid golden orange juice: 0.3%
cloudy bay sauvignon orange: 5.4%
4:20 watch - half moon party time: 1.3%


wow #6474: 33.3%
mfer #9158: 32.8%
rektguy #3377: 33.8%


pink lollipop: 5.1%
golden lollipop: 0.2%
blue-gold lollipop: 1.6%
pink-blue lollipop: 15.2%
pink-blue hive lollipop: 8.3%
striking pink-blue lollipop: 3%


yinkore - linework 21: 33.3%
the memes by 6529 - seizejpgs: 33.8%
damien hirst - and how cool it is: 32.8%


white headphones: 15.3%
xcopy headphones: 17.2%
golden headphones: 0.3%

Lips Color

golden: 0.2%
light blue: 5.1%
flashy blue: 23.5%
purple-pink: 1.6%
glossly blue: 3%

The Real Vision Collective NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

â–¶ What is a The Real Vision Collective?
The Real Vision Collective is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
â–¶ How many The Real Vision Collective tokens exist?
In total there are 5,969 The Real Vision Collective NFTs. Currently 3,450 owners have at least one The Real Vision Collective NTF in their wallet.
â–¶ What was the most expensive The Real Vision Collective sale?
The most expensive The Real Vision Collective NFT sold was Real Vision Collective Membership Pass #1/3. It was sold for $1.1k on December 1st, 2023 (10 days ago).
â–¶ How many The Real Vision Collective were sold recently?
There were 51 The Real Vision Collective NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
â–¶ How much does a The Real Vision Collective cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest The Real Vision Collective NFT sales were below $78, and the highest sales were for over $816. The median price for a The Real Vision Collective NFT was $102 in the last 30 days.
â–¶ What are popular The Real Vision Collective alternatives?
Many user who own The Real Vision Collective NFTs also own Real Vision Pro Crypto Genesis Collection , Shonen Junk Official , Ethereum Towers and Maschine.

The Real Vision Collective Community Stats

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