Tales From Crypto Space NFT

Created 5 months ago
6,187 token supply
OpenSea verified collection
5% Fee
Fresh Project

Tales From Crypto Space NFTs were sold 4 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Tales From Crypto Space was $242.26. The average Tales From Crypto Space NFT price was $60.6.
The current Tales From Crypto Space floor price is Ξ0.
There are 587 Tales From Crypto Space owners, owning a total supply of 6,187 tokens. This collection was created 5 months ago (July 14th, 2023). This is a new collection, it is among the newest 5% of collections.

Free Mint Collection of 6,187 3D Gummy Bears and Dens NFTs existing on the Ethereum Blockchain, each one unlocking their own story. As a Gummy Bear NFT holder, you're privy to unique privileges such as exclusive content airdrops and active participation in our expanding saga. You also get access to exciting giveaways and become part of a community that fosters resilience and collective progress.

More than just a collection, your involvement propels the mission of Cryptomex, a crypto exchange committed to making money remittances via crypto to Mexico easy.

Join us and embrace the Gummy Bear revolution.

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amore: 1.1%
arian: 0.6%
gnomeo: 1.2%
beatrix: 0.3%
abhishek: 0.2%
amy bear: 0.7%
john doe: 0.5%
mama bear: 0.5%
bloom bear: 1.6%
jim’s cow: 1%
mr. no name: 0.5%
nacho biden: 1.1%
party gummy: 0.7%
anxious sarah: 0.2%
gulliboo bear: 0.7%
heart of gold: 0.2%
patch, the dj: 1.6%
co-cainé bear: 0.5%
perry pinkster: 1.5%
south district: 0.7%
howie honeydipp: 0.5%
delinquent david: 0.7%
joon, the rapper: 0.5%
bluey blockbuster: 1.5%
danny mcshaw bear: 0.8%
humcky, the hiker: 0.2%
timmy, the tooter: 0.5%
liam, the chillest: 1.3%
romeo bear aka tux: 0.6%
the bravest of all: 0.6%
gummavinci gumcasso: 0.9%
slick obsidian rick: 0.5%
jack, the black bear: 0.5%
no-name. perspective: 0.7%
smile now, cry later: 0.7%
billie the blood bear: 0.5%
the odyssey for pants: 1.3%
binky bear’s journey: 0.7%
dan, the bullied gamer: 0.5%
shiney, the invincible: 0.2%
stone, the lonely bear: 0.6%
eddy, the new gummy dad: 0.2%
rainbow, the ninja bear: 0.2%
uriel, made of obsidian: 0.5%
bloodbear “so jelly”: 0.5%
griffin gold, the grouch: 0.3%
lookie lou’s loved one: 1.1%
robin bear, out of place: 0.2%
judy, the queen of absurd: 1.5%
olunde, the newly humbled: 0.2%
marshall, the movie addict: 0.7%
to cherish, the lovable po: 1.6%
dande, of the bubblegum den: 1.5%
hallowed peace, the unlucky: 1.1%
pauline, shadow out of time: 0.5%
polari, the nft bandit bear: 0.8%
steven, a bearish existence: 0.6%
hi! how are you_ table for 2: 1.6%
ion, the iron heart fud bear: 0.8%
nomar, the handless handyman: 1.6%
rachal, the tearable spoiler: 0.5%
shane, the unsolvable puzzle: 1.6%
vladimir bear, a life at war: 1.3%
chenille, the cheddar sheriff: 1.1%
chevy clyde, the patriot bear: 1.5%
hemp, the sweet brainiac bear: 1%
ice box, the polar in the hood: 0.5%
licky, the licorice gummy bear: 0.5%
terry jolly, the fancy-man gay: 1.3%
freedom, the “fallen” angel: 1.1%
moon bear’s bear trap tragedy: 0.3%
queen kush of toquerville valley: 0.7%
rob, the wild from the pearl den: 0.5%
royce ber bear “pappa hustle”: 1%
blackjack, the big bad phantombear: 0.5%
rocco, from devil to extraordinary: 0.7%
rodney, looking for newer pastures: 0.7%
valentina only knew the aquan gulf: 1.5%
bubble bear, the gambling degenerate: 0.7%
bubble burst bear, the stonks investor: 1.5%
curious clyde, the travelling salesman: 0.5%
chester, the bear - the life. the party: 1.1%
manu, the bear and the time displacement: 0.3%
papa strong bear, the depressed provider: 0.5%
something new for sasparilla snupplegums: 0.5%
jimmy, the germ and his little wummy gurm: 0.7%
magdalena, the bandit, the thousand loves: 0.2%
prof. golden buttoneyes’ missing element: 0.3%
dimmy, a bear living in a two-dimensional world: 0.5%
double trouble bubble bear, “the hard softy”: 1.5%


unique bear: 69.3%
bear den 1-1: 0%
full bear den: 30.7%

Bear Den

aquan gulf: 7.4%
pearl cove: 3.2%
blood woods: 3.3%
iron tundra: 3.9%
coffee hills: 5%
honey plains: 2.5%
rose gardens: 3.5%
salmon falls: 2.5%
diamond flats: 2%
ember volcano: 4.7%
golden cliffs: 2.5%
amethyst caves: 6.1%
cheddar valley: 5.5%
bubblegum fields: 9.9%
hyacinth marshes: 12.6%
candy jade palace: 7.6%
gunmetal district: 4.1%
obsidian mountain: 5.4%
rainbow cloud city: 1%
toquerville valley: 7.4%

Tales From Crypto Space NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

â–¶ What is a Tales From Crypto Space?
Tales From Crypto Space is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
â–¶ How many Tales From Crypto Space tokens exist?
In total there are 6,187 Tales From Crypto Space NFTs. Currently 587 owners have at least one Tales From Crypto Space NTF in their wallet.
â–¶ What was the most expensive Tales From Crypto Space sale?
The most expensive Tales From Crypto Space NFT sold was Tales From Cryptospace #3492. It was sold for $66.4 on December 9th, 2023 (about 18 hours ago).
â–¶ How many Tales From Crypto Space were sold recently?
There were 14 Tales From Crypto Space NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
â–¶ How much does a Tales From Crypto Space cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest Tales From Crypto Space NFT sales were below $9, and the highest sales were for over $66. The median price for a Tales From Crypto Space NFT was $11 in the last 30 days.
â–¶ What are popular Tales From Crypto Space alternatives?
Many user who own Tales From Crypto Space NFTs also own HappyLand Gummy Bears , Bedtime Creation , BULLRUNNERS and RugDollz Social.