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23,382 token supply
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5% Fee
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Sewer Pass NFTs were sold 9356 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Sewer Pass was $39.94M. The average price of one Sewer Pass NFT was $4.3k. There are 13,021 Sewer Pass owners, owning a total supply of 23,382 tokens.

A Sewer Pass grants access to Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash interactive skill-based mint, available on from January 19, 2023 through February 8, 2023. Sewer Passes are tiered according to the BAYC/MAYC and BAKC combination used during the claim.

Holders must log a score higher than 0 with their Sewer Pass by February 8, 2023 for the Sewer Pass to be eligible for the summoning — details to come on Scores will lock to each Sewer Pass when Dookey Dash closes on February 8th. Details on playing, scoring, Sewer Pass summoning eligibility, and more can be found on under the Sewer Pass section of the FAQ at

Holders of Sewer Passes are subject to the license agreement available at

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Ten percent of the Sewer Pass sales were for $2167 or less, half of the sales were for less than $3446 and the highest ten percent were sold for $8.3k or higher.

Sewer Pass Price Chart

Top Selling Sewer Pass NFTs of the last 30 days

NFT Date Price
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12.5k
Sewer Pass
8 days ago $12.4k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12.3k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12.2k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12.1k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12.1k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12.1k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12.1k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12k
Sewer Pass
2 days ago $12k

Sewer Pass Traits


1: 54.5%
2: 10.6%
3: 12.5%
4: 21.3%

Sewer Pass NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Sewer Pass?
Sewer Pass is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Sewer Pass tokens exist?
In total there are 23,382 Sewer Pass NFTs. Currently 13,021 owners have at least one Sewer Pass NTF in their wallet.
▶ What was the most expensive Sewer Pass sale?
The most expensive Sewer Pass NFT sold was . It was sold for $12.5k on 2023-01-24 (2 days ago).
▶ How many Sewer Pass were sold recently?
There were 12,327 Sewer Pass NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ How much does a Sewer Pass cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest Sewer Pass NFT sales were below $2015, and the highest sales were for over $7.7k. The median price for a Sewer Pass NFT was $3198 in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular Sewer Pass alternatives?

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