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We make gum, together. Gummy Invasions genesis is a collection of 777 Wunnies who have been sent by their general on their next quest of invading Earth. Will you join the Invasion?

At Gummy Invasions we are keen on cultivating a community of supportive individuals who seek to work alongside us to build the brand. By joining the exclusive group of genesis holders, you will always be the top priority and our closest advisors. You, as a collective, will be the voice of the people. Together, we will disrupt a major industry that has stayed traditional for many years and is in desperate need for innovation. Along our journey, your NFT will yield various benefits in the forms of digital assets, tangible goods, exclusive access to events, brand ambassadorship for our chewing gum brand, and redistribution of earnings based on multiple streams of revenue.

The merge of web2 and web3 is here and we are excited to play our part in it. So don’t miss your chance and let's invade together!

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Official Gummy Invasions NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Official Gummy Invasions?
Official Gummy Invasions is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Official Gummy Invasions were sold recently?
There were no Official Gummy Invasions NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular Official Gummy Invasions alternatives?
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