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Non-Fungible Soup is a collection of 2048 generative Warhol-inspired vector NFTs. Created by, Non-Fungible Soups are a high fidelity investigation of Warhols palette and infamous work, the 'soup cans.'

Andy would have loved NFTs. And NFT art faces a lot of the same questions Warhol's faced. 10,000 digital apes seems eerily like the 2021 version of 50 soup cans or 100 Marilyns.

Non-Fungible Soup owners will receive a companion drop, by

Non-Fungible Soups are infinitely scalable vector graphic, created with svg_stack.

Non-Fungible Soups were free and minted at random on our website on Aug 26th @ 11PM PDT. Provenance is in place, and our website has been mirrored on IPFS.

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Non-Fungible Soup #1123
22 days ago $20

Non-Fungible Soup Traits


corn: 7%
ming: 8.9%
white: 7.6%
ua red: 7.4%
sea green: 6.4%
crimson ua: 7.4%
middle blue: 6.4%
opera mauve: 6.4%
burnt sienna: 7.3%
indian yellow: 6.9%
maximum purple: 7%
nadeshiko pink: 7.1%
middle blue green: 6.8%
dark cornflower blue: 7.4%
indian yellow, crimson ua, ming, ming: 0%
middle blue green, white, opera mauve, opera mauve: 0%
middle blue, middle blue, middle blue green, ua red: 0%


no lining: 0.1%
no spades: 5.6%
no non-fungible text: 0.1%
missing tokenized text: 1.3%


max: -11534245.2%
min: -11534245.2%


corn: 0.9%
ming: 12.1%
white: 0.6%
ua red: 11.6%
sea green: 2.5%
crimson ua: 11%
middle blue: 10.9%
opera mauve: 0.9%
burnt sienna: 11.3%
indian yellow: 11.6%
maximum purple: 2%
nadeshiko pink: 1.2%
middle blue green: 10.9%
dark cornflower blue: 12.3%
sea green, indian yellow, ua red, middle blue: 0%
nadeshiko pink, middle blue, indian yellow, maximum purple: 0%
burnt sienna, middle blue green, dark cornflower blue, dark cornflower blue: 0%


max: 100%
min: 0%

Color Count

max: 0.6%
min: 0.1%

Top and Bottom

corn: 6.7%
ming: 7.4%
white: 7.2%
ua red: 7%
sea green: 6.9%
crimson ua: 7.2%
middle blue: 5.9%
opera mauve: 6.7%
burnt sienna: 8.7%
indian yellow: 7.7%
maximum purple: 6.6%
nadeshiko pink: 7.3%
middle blue green: 7.3%
dark cornflower blue: 7.2%
burnt sienna, ua red, middle blue green, opera mauve: 0%
middle blue, crimson ua, indian yellow, burnt sienna: 0%
middle blue green, corn, sea green, middle blue green: 0%

Prominent Variation

2x2: 0.1%
the original can: 0%
no lining and no non-fungible text: 0.1%

Cryptos and Tokenized Text

corn: 6.3%
ming: 8.1%
white: 7.9%
ua red: 6.4%
sea green: 8%
crimson ua: 7.7%
middle blue: 6.3%
opera mauve: 6.9%
burnt sienna: 7.7%
indian yellow: 6.4%
maximum purple: 6.8%
nadeshiko pink: 6.8%
middle blue green: 7.1%
dark cornflower blue: 7.5%
sea green, ming, sea green, middle blue: 0%
dark cornflower blue, corn, corn, burnt sienna: 0%
white, opera mauve, middle blue, dark cornflower blue: 0%

Lining and Non-Fungible Text

corn: 8.2%
ming: 6%
ua red: 7.9%
sea green: 6.7%
crimson ua: 6.5%
middle blue: 6%
opera mauve: 7%
amaranth red: 8.6%
burnt sienna: 8.1%
indian yellow: 7.2%
maximum purple: 6.4%
nadeshiko pink: 6.4%
middle blue green: 6.4%
dark cornflower blue: 8.5%
ming, nadeshiko pink, indian yellow, ming: 0%
ming, sea green, crimson ua, middle blue green: 0%
maximum purple, crimson ua, crimson ua, sea green: 0%

Spades, Crest, and Soup Back

corn: 7.4%
ming: 6.8%
ua red: 7.4%
sea green: 6.4%
crimson ua: 7.3%
middle blue: 7%
opera mauve: 7.3%
amaranth red: 8.5%
burnt sienna: 7.8%
indian yellow: 6.8%
maximum purple: 6.2%
nadeshiko pink: 6.6%
middle blue green: 7.3%
dark cornflower blue: 7.1%
corn, opera mauve, middle blue, sea green: 0%
burnt sienna, amaranth red, corn, amaranth red: 0%
dark cornflower blue, nadeshiko pink, maximum purple, crimson ua: 0%

Non-Fungible Soup NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Non-Fungible Soup?
Non-Fungible Soup is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Non-Fungible Soup tokens exist?
In total there are 2,047 Non-Fungible Soup NFTs. Currently 1,106 owners have at least one Non-Fungible Soup NTF in their wallet.
▶ What was the most expensive Non-Fungible Soup sale?
The most expensive Non-Fungible Soup NFT sold was Non-Fungible Soup #1123. It was sold for $20.1 on November 11th, 2023 (22 days ago).
▶ How many Non-Fungible Soup were sold recently?
There were 1 Non-Fungible Soup NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular Non-Fungible Soup alternatives?
Many user who own Non-Fungible Soup NFTs also own STARKADE: Legion , Lysergic Labs Shroomz , Galactic Secret Agency and London Gift by Pob Studio.

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