MurMur Cats NFT

Created over 2 years ago

MurMur Cats NFTs were sold 9 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for MurMur Cats was $30.2k. The average MurMur Cats NFT price was $3.4k.

Murmur Cats are 999 unique cats native to the blockchain world. They are committed to building a learning community for knowledge sharing. If you hold more Murmur Cats, there will be more different utilities.

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Top Selling MurMur Cats NFTs of the last 30 days

NFTDate Price
MurMur Cat #8
5 days ago $3428
MurMur Cat #205
6 days ago $3116
MurMur Cat #127
6 days ago $3020
MurMur Cat #109
20 days ago $2971

MurMur Cats NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a MurMur Cats?
MurMur Cats is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ What was the most expensive MurMur Cats sale?
The most expensive MurMur Cats NFT sold was MurMur Cat #8. It was sold for $3.4k on July 8th, 2024 (5 days ago).
▶ How many MurMur Cats were sold recently?
There were 15 MurMur Cats NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ How much does a MurMur Cats cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest MurMur Cats NFT sales were below $2911, and the highest sales were for over $3835. The median price for a MurMur Cats NFT was $3116 in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular MurMur Cats alternatives?
Many user who own MurMur Cats NFTs also own LonelyPop , Virtual Versions Genesis NFT , Genesis Rocks: 100-9999 and MoonHeads ZooMers.