MEW3 Genesis NFT

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446 token supply
10% Fee
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There were no MEW3 Genesis sold in the last 30 days.

MEW3 Genesis presents 20,000 unique avatars, unlocking premium membership access to the MEW3 platform – an innovative 3D portfolio platform created for showcasing your precious NFT collections. As a MEW3 Genesis holder, you will gain exclusive entry to our limited dark cyberpunk gallery theme, a prized addition. Furthermore, you will have the privilege of voting to decide upcoming themes on the platform. We Embrace Freedom. Trusting Only Instincts. Shape the Future.

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MEW3 Genesis Traits


red demon head: 4.7%
blue demon head: 5.8%
blue hair with glasses: 6.3%
black hair with glasses: 4.5%
blue hair with black cap: 3.8%
blue hair with white cap: 4.3%
brown hair with black cap: 4.7%
brown hair with brown cap: 5.8%
pink hair with pink stars: 4.9%
white hair with blue light: 4%
pink hair with yellow stars: 4.3%
white hair with green light: 7.4%
dreadlocks with blue hairband: 4.3%
blue hair with blue headphones: 4.7%
blue hair with pink headphones: 5.8%
dreadlocks with brown hairband: 5.2%
yellow hair with blue cat ears: 4%
yellow hair with pink cat ears: 5.8%
green hair with blue headphones: 5.2%
green hair with green headphones: 4.5%


blue jeans: 6.5%
black jeans: 5.2%
blue shorts: 4.5%
black shorts: 3.1%
blue short skirt: 5.2%
pink short skirt: 4.7%
pure black pants: 5.6%
pure green pants: 4.5%
pure white pants: 4.3%
blue pleated skirt: 5.8%
black pleated skirt: 6.3%
black separated pants: 6.3%
green separated pants: 5.4%
pure dark green pants: 6.7%
black shorts with blue shoes: 2.2%
black shorts with purple shoes: 5.6%
black and blue pants with blue belt: 5.8%
black capris pants with red pockets: 2.9%
black capris pants with grey pockets: 5.4%
black and brown pants with brown belt: 4%


black crop jacket: 4.5%
white crop jacket: 6.5%
mouth covering brown jacket: 3.8%
mouth covering green jacket: 4.7%
black jacket with skateboard: 4.7%
white jacket with skateboard: 5.2%
red crop top with white jacket: 5.8%
white jacket with green guitar: 5.6%
blue crop top with white jacket: 5.8%
black and red jacket with skulls: 6.1%
black crop top with brown jacket: 2.9%
black crop top with green jacket: 4.7%
grey sports bra with blue jacket: 3.1%
grey sports bra with pink jacket: 4.9%
black and blue jacket with katana: 5.4%
white jacket with burgundy guitar: 4.7%
black and green jacket with skulls: 4.5%
black and yellow jacket with katana: 6.3%
white and blue long-sleeve crop top: 6.1%
white and purple long-sleeve crop top: 4.7%


red: 11.7%
blue: 10.8%
cyan: 9.9%
grey: 9.6%
black: 12.3%
green: 8.3%
white: 8.1%
orange: 11.9%
purple: 8.5%
yellow: 9%

MEW3 Genesis NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a MEW3 Genesis?
MEW3 Genesis is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many MEW3 Genesis tokens exist?
In total there are 446 MEW3 Genesis NFTs. Currently 13 owners have at least one MEW3 Genesis NTF in their wallet.
▶ How many MEW3 Genesis were sold recently?
There were no MEW3 Genesis NFTs sold in the last 30 days.