MetalCore Infantry Genesis statistics

Created 6 months ago
10,000 token supply
7.5% Fee

MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFTs were sold 25 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for MetalCore Infantry Genesis was $2.15k. The average price of one MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFT was $85.9. There are 1,391 MetalCore Infantry Genesis owners, owning a total supply of 10,000 tokens.

A genesis NFT collection of 10,000 unique and playable Infantry made for MetalCore, a visually stunning, open world, mechanized combat FPS game built by veteran game developers and Hugo Award - winning artists.

MetalCore Infantry are built with a wide variety of traits, and with varying levels of rarity. These NFTs provide many forms of utility including:

-Fully playable in-game assets for MetalCore -Early access to MetalCore’s Private Open World Alpha game launch in September 2022. -Exclusive access to play a variety of in-game NFT assets (infantry, tanks, aircraft, mechs) during Open World Alpha launch -Exclusive access to future NFT airdrops and giveaways -Allow membership to invite-only channels on MetalCore Discord and other community forums

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Recent MetalCore Infantry Genesis sales

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Ten percent of the MetalCore Infantry Genesis sales were for $32 or less, half of the sales were for less than $39 and the highest ten percent were sold for $285 or higher.

MetalCore Infantry Genesis Price Chart

Top Selling MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFTs of the last 30 days

NFT Date Price
about 1 month ago $651
about 1 month ago $625
Tao Anol
about 1 month ago $625
Chief Medic Hugh of Jouy
2 days ago $542
Pons Rigaud
29 days ago $500
Master Sigered
2 days ago $493
Daniyal Afsun
about 1 month ago $477
Dr Ljót Olafsdottir
about 1 month ago $419
Sir Kyodai
24 days ago $399
Kazuharu Ishida
about 1 month ago $375
Chief Medic Jasmean
about 1 month ago $325
Kazuharu Ishida
about 1 month ago $325
Chief Medic Jasmean
about 1 month ago $307
Eve de Moley
11 days ago $211
Larysa Laserburn
18 days ago $207
28 days ago $191
29 days ago $180
Sergeant Noémie
17 days ago $177
29 days ago $174
Sergeant Noémie
2 days ago $146
Doc Veen Beam
29 days ago $125
Dr Ljót Olafsdottir
29 days ago $122
6 days ago $121
Eun Kwan
29 days ago $115
Eun Kwan
29 days ago $108
Alina Rousse
27 days ago $101
Lay Corporal Philippe
14 days ago $83
Pulo Goma
15 days ago $72
Sergeant Noémie
5 days ago $69
Rue Marre
17 days ago $69
Kazuharu Ishida
3 days ago $62
Entech Marly
15 days ago $53
Drone bones
17 days ago $51
20 days ago $50
30 days ago $50
Leah de Tremelay
30 days ago $50
Haadir Nakhtmin
30 days ago $50
Rue Marre
30 days ago $49
Pons Rigaud
1 day ago $48
Dr Ljót Olafsdottir
11 days ago $48
30 days ago $48
30 days ago $48
Dr Ljót Olafsdottir
12 days ago $47
30 days ago $46
30 days ago $45
18 days ago $45
Operator First Class
18 days ago $45
Larysa Laserburn
8 days ago $45
Squad Marksman
28 days ago $44
30 days ago $44

MetalCore Infantry Genesis Traits


epic: 18.4%
rare: 33.2%
uncommon: 42.8%
legendary: 5.7%


earther: 25%
holy corp: 25%
metal punk: 25%
gearbreaker: 25.1%


???: 100%


???: 100%

Combat Role

medic: 20%
pilot: 10.1%
scout: 10%
sniper: 10%
engineer: 10%
heavy infantry: 15%
light infantry: 20%
super heavy infantry: 5%

Weapon Slots

max: 0%
min: 0%

Stats Defense

max: 0.1%
min: 0%

Stats Offense

max: 0.1%
min: 0%

Utility Slots

max: 0%
min: 0%

Stats Mobility

max: 0.1%
min: 0%

Sub Class Name

saw: 6.9%
ranger: 4.5%
armorer: 4.5%
spotter: 4.5%
ambusher: 3.5%
marksman: 9%
sawbones: 7%
sergeant: 1%
tactical: 3%
war tech: 1.5%
biomancer: 1%
disruptor: 1.5%
nanomancer: 0.5%
specialist: 0.8%
dreadnought: 0.8%
energy tech: 3.5%
infiltrator: 3.5%
squad medic: 9%
anti vehicle: 2.3%
armor hunter: 1.5%
close assault: 5.2%
cyber surgeon: 3%
heavy assault: 6.8%
pilot grade 1: 0.6%
pilot grade 2: 1.4%
pilot grade 3: 3.5%
pilot grade 4: 4.5%
forward observer: 0.5%
forward operator: 0.5%
super heavy assault: 4.2%

Character Quote

the ends always justify the means.: 0.7%
i can rebuild you, better than before.: 2.8%
my aesthetic is a sniper on the ridge.: 1.4%
i sing to the wind and it guides my shot.: 0.7%
i'm here for the payday, not the politics.: 0.5%
always remember to pillage before you burn!: 0.7%
you didn't really need that spleen did you?: 1.4%
we stride the battlefield and dread nothing!: 0.8%
my heart beats, ai guides my shot, enemy falls: 0.7%
we are the hammer and every problem is a nail.: 4.2%
i was born to go toe to toe with an enemy mech!: 0.5%
we fight to win there is no second place in war.: 0.7%
by the time you know i'm here you are already dead.: 0.7%
i studied triggernomitry when i was in the academy.: 0.6%
some causes are so worthy it's glorious even to fail.: 0.7%
the arc is full, kerberos looks like the place to be.: 1.4%
never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.: 2.1%
the time is ripe to make a fortune on the metal planet.: 1.4%
strike down the apostates and enemies of the shareholders.: 1.4%
systems now online, weapons free, the dead leaves are dust: 0.5%
the patient hunter can strike at a time of their choosing.: 0.5%
the first rule of gunfighting is have a gun, i brought two!: 0.2%
all praise the shareholder saints, blessed among the living.: 0.7%
without a pilot a warmachine is just cover for the infantry.: 4.5%
serve the shareholder’s vision for tomorrow you may be dead.: 0.7%
my office is the cockpit of a mighty warmachine, what is yours?: 0.5%
when i pilot, it's me, my ai and my machine all working as one.: 0.5%
it’s time for your treatment, and it’s going to hurt.. a lot!: 1.4%
there is no substitute for very heavy weapons and a dash of zeal.: 0.7%
when the enemy is in range, it will already be too late for them.: 1%
it's not unsporting to snipe, just don't stand still all the time.: 0.7%
light infantry are the backbone of any battle group. -general ansel: 9%
as the axiom of truth guides my hand the shareholders stoke my wrath.: 0.7%
tactical solutions sometimes require a liberal use of fire downrange.: 0.2%
combined arms doctrine? i never read that one i was too busy winning!: 0.5%
patience is what makes a successful sharpshooter. good aim helps too.: 1.4%
i'm here to shoot shit up and capture the objectives, you’re welcome.: 0.2%
practice makes perfect, practice with assault weapons makes perforated.: 0.6%
i am the wind that stings, the rain drop that foretells the coming storm.: 0.7%
i’m here to shoot shit up and capture the objectives, you’re welcome.: 0.1%
the ministry of loss prevention requires me to eradicate all competition.: 0.5%
by my honor and my strength of will we will win or be gloriously martyred!: 0.5%
i will defend my sisters and brothers against enemy aggression with my all.: 0.5%
there are few problems that cannot be solved by the use of high explosives.: 0.7%
its nothin’ a few strategic hammer blows or well placed kicks won’t fix.: 0.7%
your mech is more patches than armor plate! try evasive maneuvers next time!: 0.7%
by my skill as a mechwright i will put your warmachine back to fighting form!: 1.4%
i hone my skills on the battlefield and will one day be awarded for my skill.: 1.4%
the steel bends to my will, the energy coils discharge to rhythm of my heart.: 1.4%
as long as it still runs i can fill those holes and get you back to the fight.: 0.7%
time is everything; a moment could be the difference between victory and defeat: 1%
i hope your insurance is up to date, this is going to be very profitable for me.: 1.4%
medics are integral to the continued combat readiness of any squad in the field.: 9%
knock down the walls, kick ‘em in the balls metal punks, metal punks, oi oi oi!: 0.7%
preventative maintenance is what keeps the warmachine running. - colonel gutorski: 4.5%
being all sneaky like is fun, but the inevitable missile barrage is even more fun!: 0.7%
heavy infantry doctrine dictates they should be at the forefront of every assault.: 6.8%
my nanobots can heal you faster than their lasers can burn you, get into the fight!: 2.8%
not every gearbreaker gets to be a pilot, but not every gearbreaker wants to be one.: 1.4%
scouting is the best, all i do is sneak around and tell the artillery where to shoot.: 1.4%
the sharpshooter is of limited use, but when that use is needed they are a necessity.: 4.5%
you can find me zippin’ across the battlefield, blasting away at anything that moves!: 0.5%
artillery may be the king of war, but without scouts he's a blind king- gunnery sgt krieg: 4.5%
shoot ‘em, lob a ‘nade, fall back, reload rinse and repeat. it ain't rocket surgery.: 0.9%
i’ve said my prayers and will lay down my life knowing i was just, can you say the same?: 0.5%
if you do not survive this know that your sacrifice will be weighed against the axiom stone.: 1.4%
take care of your machines in the garage, and they will take care of you on the battlefield.: 0.7%
in battle we know our worth, if you are in the red its marked with your own blood, stay in the black brothers and sisters.: 1.4%

Special Ability

dead eye: 10%
scout drone: 10%
firing drill: 20%
healing aura: 20%
pilot training: 10.1%
weapons platform: 5%
bottomless magazine: 15%
vehicle repair aura: 10%

Stats Versatility

max: 0%
min: 0%

MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a MetalCore Infantry Genesis?
MetalCore Infantry Genesis is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many MetalCore Infantry Genesis tokens exist?
In total there are 10,000 MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFTs. Currently 1,391 owners have at least one MetalCore Infantry Genesis NTF in their wallet.
▶ What was the most expensive MetalCore Infantry Genesis sale?
The most expensive MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFT sold was HAMR-1D. It was sold for $650.9 on 2023-01-04 (about 1 month ago).
▶ How many MetalCore Infantry Genesis were sold recently?
There were 93 MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ How much does a MetalCore Infantry Genesis cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFT sales were below $32, and the highest sales were for over $389. The median price for a MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFT was $45 in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular MetalCore Infantry Genesis alternatives?
Many user who own MetalCore Infantry Genesis NFTs also own Evaverse, Sovereign Sphynx Council NFT, 0xmusic and Wall St Bulls Interns.