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The surge of COVID-19 forced humans to face “death.” Death is the ultimate fear for every human being. I believe that fear stems from the ignorance of death. I also think there is a “purpose of death” just like how our life has a purpose and knowing it and confronting “death” will lessen the anxiety toward it. So I decided to produce the serial works depict the hell, “Jigoku Ezu,” hoping to help ease people’s fear of death.

“Jigoku Ezu” consists of four paintings with each depicting different hells. In Buddhism, it forbids 5 acts as five precepts. One, killing.  Two, lying.  Three, stealing  Four, drinking alcohol . Five, sexual misconduct. If one violates even one of the precepts, it is believed that the person would experience repetitive lives through several hells. I painted four hells of them.

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▶ What is a Jigoku Ezu - Four Hells -?
Jigoku Ezu - Four Hells - is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
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