JOY is the Goat NFT

Created 6 months ago
555 token supply
OpenSea verified collection
10% Fee

There were no JOY is the Goat sold in the last 7 days.

JOY is the Goat is a collection of 555 unique NFTs, created by contemporary artist John Orion Young, aka JOY. His 3D, colorful style is instantly recognizable featuring vivid cartoonish creatures, equal parts endearing and disturbed. JOY is known for being a pioneer in creating their own contract and having the first 3D artworks on the blockchain. This was the 9th NFT gifted to Gift Goats and was airdropped on 12/22/22.

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JOY is the Goat Traits


red-dy red: 12.3%
go go green: 13.3%
postal blue: 16%
royal purple: 16%
expressed pink: 15.7%
outgoing orange: 12.6%
un-yielding yellow: 14.1%


sky: 19.5%
haze: 16.4%
ocean: 21.8%
river: 20%
forest: 22.3%


a smile: 1.3%
chef hat: 1.1%
heartburn: 2.3%
waxy wave: 2.3%
peace past: 2.3%
bust of joy: 1.3%
joy's heart: 1.8%
joyworld vr: 1.8%
joyful music: 0.9%
mistery haze: 2.2%
peace future: 1.8%
duped daisies: 0.7%
jets football: 1.4%
peace present: 0.4%
red hot heart: 1.3%
peaceful heart: 1.8%
artistic banana: 1.6%
deep dark heart: 2.2%
plastic poppies: 2%
pretend peonies: 1.4%
gift goat's guts: 2%
imitation irises: 1.3%
joyworld smileys: 2.2%
vee joy sneakers: 2.5%
gold plated heart: 1.3%
slideworthy slide: 1.8%
playful pink heart: 1.3%
heart of friendship: 1.3%
joy jet to the moon: 2.5%
mocked-up marigolds: 2.9%
cherry pie oven mitt: 0.9%
joyworld music muffs: 1.8%
lemon tart oven mitt: 1.4%
ocean salt oven mitt: 2%
the everlasting gift: 2.2%
a piece of the cosmos: 1.4%
joywolrd smiley slime: 2.2%
joy's non-edible socks: 2%
ventriloquized violets: 2.2%
screenshot of gift goat: 1.1%
a way to explain bitcoin: 0.4%
joy's edible rubber clogs: 2.3%
fire unrelated to the ovens: 1.3%
granny's 100-year-old candy: 2.7%
fresh frozen woodfired pizza: 1.3%
red flame super smart oven pro: 2.5%
blue flame super smart oven plus: 1.4%
joyworld x veefriends 2022 pinot: 1.8%
twitter verify with gift receipt: 1.4%
yellow flame super smart oven max: 1.8%
smiley, smiles, smile-a-licious cookies: 1.8%
photo of bffs gary and joy at veecon 2022: 1.3%
digital wrist bracelet with clock function: 1.6%
smiley pet rock sculpture cast in concrete: 2.5%
a cherry-cherry, cheery-cheery, cheery-cheer pie: 1.8%
skull fossil - possibly (not likely) a prehistoric joy skull: 1.8%
cherry candy dipped turkey with sweet lemon meringue stuffing: 1.4%
toy cars gary found at your garage sale and sold to me to give to you: 2.9%


ice: 10.1%
honey: 9.5%
24k gold: 8.1%
joy yellow: 9.4%
sour green: 11.2%
taffy pink: 11.4%
tamale red: 9.7%
hazy purple: 10.1%
plastic blue: 9.9%
scissor orange: 10.6%


jollity: 1.6%
joy trip: 2.3%
joviality: 3.2%
joy stars: 2.5%
joy swirl: 2%
lemon camo: 2.3%
joy stripes: 1.6%
fuzzy jacket: 1.8%
holiday cake: 3.2%
carnival camo: 1.3%
happy holiday: 1.4%
joyful shapes: 2.2%
lemon tie-dye: 3.2%
lustrous love: 1.8%
playful party: 2%
frivolous fuzz: 2.3%
joy to joyworld: 2.7%
joyworld smiley: 2.7%
joyworld funnies: 2.7%
leaping leopards: 2.2%
sunflower vision: 2.5%
flowers and voids: 2%
psychedelic santa: 3.4%
joyworld pink glee: 2.7%
kaleidoscoped daisy: 1.8%
lemon cream tie-dye: 2.3%
presents on present: 3.1%
joyworld gold glisten: 1.4%
joyworld red radiance: 2%
swirls from a gumdrop: 2.9%
joyworld green glimmer: 2.3%
as clear as clear slime: 2.3%
joyworld golden smileys: 3.1%
joyworld purple potency: 2%
cotton candy celebration: 2.5%
joyworld blue brilliance: 3.1%
rollicking rainbow river: 1.4%
yesterday's joyworld news: 2.7%
joyworld platinum perfection: 2.9%
disguised presence of a present: 2.2%
get lost in joyworld and find yourself: 4%
marshmallow snow and candy dipped trees: 2.2%


joyworld: 100%


elf sparkle: 17.5%
golden glow: 15.5%
hot holiday: 18.6%
sapphire sheen: 15.9%
shimmering plum: 15.1%
rose gold radiance: 17.5%


gift goat: 100%


desert moon: 2.7%
frozen hills: 2.2%
rainbow meadow: 2.2%
baking hot dunes: 1.3%
radical red room: 2.9%
soft snowy summit: 2.7%
peaceful blue void: 2.7%
swooping lawn hill: 2.7%
blossoms in the sky: 1.4%
joyful yellow chasm: 3.8%
vivid verdant bumps: 1.6%
midnight blue blooms: 2.7%
bumpy yellow plateaus: 2.7%
stormy hills of green: 2.3%
sunny swirling slides: 2.2%
swooping hills of joy: 2.7%
bumpy lumpy green hills: 3.1%
spectrum of fun and joy: 1.4%
winter cloud wonderland: 2.3%
hills that roll and roll: 1.6%
salmon ridge at twilight: 1.6%
sweltering melting hills: 2.2%
twirling turf of flowers: 2.5%
cheese-sculpted mountains: 2.3%
rainbow spiral playground: 2.2%
wavy hills of verdant joy: 1.8%
nighttime symphony of flowers: 3.6%
path to the edge of the world: 2.5%
rolling hills of rosy delight: 2.2%
soft and squishy yellow hills: 2.2%
storm over the whirling hills: 2.5%
blue ridge and the pink sunset: 3.6%
bouncy fields and sky of green: 2.7%
flower fields under the clouds: 3.2%
crimson curving hills at sunset: 2.5%
fields of green and sky of blue: 2%
gentle slopes and fluffy clouds: 3.6%
blue sky above, the fields below: 2%
nightfall over the flowering hills: 2.9%
ethereal flowers under the starlight: 2.7%
pink sunset over the wavy grass knoll: 2%

Edition Number

1 of 1: 100%

Character Appearances

gift goat: 100%

JOY is the Goat NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a JOY is the Goat?
JOY is the Goat is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many JOY is the Goat tokens exist?
In total there are 555 JOY is the Goat NFTs. Currently 436 owners have at least one JOY is the Goat NTF in their wallet.
▶ How many JOY is the Goat were sold recently?
There were 0 JOY is the Goat NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular JOY is the Goat alternatives?
Many user who own JOY is the Goat NFTs also own Bugha Rookie Card, Mythicals Collection, SeeDAO Genesis and DoodlDuckz.