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Welcome to Ghost Town.

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Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI Traits


fire: Infinity%
grey: Infinity%
white: Infinity%
cool blue: Infinity%
cool pink: Infinity%
cool teal: Infinity%
devil red: Infinity%
cool green: Infinity%
cool white: Infinity%
dark green: Infinity%
devil purp: Infinity%
pink burst: Infinity%
cool purple: Infinity%
green burst: Infinity%
orange burst: Infinity%
purple burst: Infinity%
yellow burst: Infinity%


red: Infinity%
pink: Infinity%
black: Infinity%
laser: Infinity%
white: Infinity%
yellow: Infinity%
bleeding: Infinity%
thug life: Infinity%
solana eyes: Infinity%
glasses - red: Infinity%
glasses - pink: Infinity%
glasses - green: Infinity%
glasses - purple: Infinity%
glasses - yellow: Infinity%
glasses - light green: Infinity%


halo: Infinity%
heli: Infinity%
punk: Infinity%
crown: Infinity%
rasta: Infinity%
pirate: Infinity%
headband: Infinity%
mushroom: Infinity%
hat - red: Infinity%
ice cream: Infinity%
hat - blue: Infinity%
hat - black: Infinity%
hat - green: Infinity%
hat - yellow: Infinity%


bong: Infinity%
bowl: Infinity%
open: Infinity%
pipe: Infinity%
cigar: Infinity%
closed: Infinity%
tongue: Infinity%
bubblegum: Infinity%
cigeratte: Infinity%


cape: Infinity%
vest: Infinity%
shrooms: Infinity%
belt - red: Infinity%
gold chain: Infinity%
belt - blue: Infinity%
belt - pink: Infinity%
belt - orange: Infinity%
belt - yellow: Infinity%
boxing gloves: Infinity%
angel advocate: Infinity%
devil advocate: Infinity%


sky: Infinity%
aqua: Infinity%
blue: Infinity%
city: Infinity%
hell: Infinity%
biege: Infinity%
black: Infinity%
olive: Infinity%
water: Infinity%
desert: Infinity%
heaven: Infinity%
orange: Infinity%
dinosaur: Infinity%
patterned: Infinity%
sea green: Infinity%
holographic: Infinity%
retro-space: Infinity%
black pattern: Infinity%

Rarity Rank

max: Infinity%
min: Infinity%

Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI?
Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI tokens exist?
In total there are Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI NFTs. Currently 0 owners have at least one Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI NTF in their wallet.
▶ How many Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI were sold recently?
There were 0 Ghost Town - XReK5z5EdI NFTs sold in the last 30 days.