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Dipolar by Junia Farquhar NFTs were sold 4 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Dipolar by Junia Farquhar was $1.29k. The average Dipolar by Junia Farquhar NFT price was $323.5.
The current Dipolar by Junia Farquhar floor price is Ξ0.2.
There are 172 Dipolar by Junia Farquhar owners, owning a total supply of 256 tokens. This collection was created 10 months ago (December 8th, 2022). This is quite new collection, it is among the newest 16% of collections.

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Project Description: Sales note: The first 16 mints will be eligible for an 8''x8'' signed plot, posted anywhere in the world.

The vein running through my work, linking each piece to the next and to me as an artist, is the opposition between physical rationalism (the idea that physics seeks to reveal the true nature of reality) and empiricism (the idea that physics seeks to identify the behaviour of the world through experiment). Empiricism describes the world, while rationalism explains it. This conflict has been at the core of me throughout my studies, and I explore the idea further in this project.

Dipolar tries to answer the question "What would electromagnetism look like in two dimensions?", itself rich in the ideas of rationalism. To an empiricist, it is a question which can not be answered, but the answer has impacts throughout physics, from 3D electromagnetism to condensed matter. These questions and those like them have been grappled with for thousands of years, and we will die without knowing if our attempts at answers will be seen any differently from Plato's theory of Forms.

Our three-dimensional universe constrains by its symmetry the behaviour of point charges to the radial fields that we are used to. In two dimensions the fields can curl around the charge, leading to two kinds of fields able to be produced by a charge. When paired with another particle of the same type and equal but opposite charge they create a 'dipole moment', which look alike when composed of either type of charge. Dipolar shows the field profiles produced by these combinations for each type, and as an idealised 'point dipole'.

The style was inspired by the sketches of Euler and da Vinci. Both were revolutionary minds, they sought to understand and explain the world in diagram, a tradition that has been preserved in art and science to this day. More broadly, I've felt inspired by Sol Lewitt and Vera Molnar, in particular their use of dense detail, seeing how it can provide tension in their work and draw the viewer in closer.

An SVG for plotting can be downloaded by pressing DOWN A 4096x4096 image can be downloaded by pressing UP Plotting speed can be adjusted with LEFT/RIGHT The animation can be restarted with SPACE

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NFTDate Price
Dipolar #252
22 days ago $343
Dipolar #223
about 7 hours ago $329
Dipolar #16
6 days ago $323
Dipolar #179
about 7 hours ago $321
Dipolar #172
about 7 hours ago $321
Dipolar #115
11 days ago $308
Dipolar #108
26 days ago $289
Dipolar #156
8 days ago $255
Dipolar #221
17 days ago $246
Dipolar #106
24 days ago $241

Dipolar by Junia Farquhar Traits


electric: 46.1%
magnetic: 35.9%
point dipolar: 18%


grid: 19.5%
square: 64.1%
triptych: 16.4%


none: 89.8%
bichromatic: 6.3%
monochromatic: 3.9%


none: 12.1%
broken: 6.3%
colour changing: 10.9%
preserve direction: 70.7%


india ink: 87.9%
oxford blue: 4.7%
bleedproof white: 7.4%


oxblood: 73.8%
amaranth: 7.8%
strawberry: 10.9%
bleedproof white: 7.4%

Dipolar by Junia Farquhar NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Dipolar by Junia Farquhar?
Dipolar by Junia Farquhar is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Dipolar by Junia Farquhar tokens exist?
In total there are 256 Dipolar by Junia Farquhar NFTs. Currently 172 owners have at least one Dipolar by Junia Farquhar NTF in their wallet.
▶ What was the most expensive Dipolar by Junia Farquhar sale?
The most expensive Dipolar by Junia Farquhar NFT sold was Dipolar #252. It was sold for $343.2 on September 9th, 2023 (22 days ago).
▶ How many Dipolar by Junia Farquhar were sold recently?
There were 10 Dipolar by Junia Farquhar NFTs sold in the last 30 days.