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πŸ‘Ή Welcome to the Abyss of DevilApes! πŸ”₯

Embrace the Darkness: DevilApes

Greetings, daredevils of the crypto underworld! We are thrilled to introduce you to the mysterious realm of DevilApes, a collection like no other, featuring 6,969 unique NFTs inspired by the enigmatic world of devilish primates.

πŸ”₯ Infernal Artistry: DevilApes' Diabolic Creations πŸ”₯

DevilApes invites you to traverse the shadows with its meticulously crafted digital artworks. Each NFT is a work of dark art, a fusion of creativity and technology that captures the essence of these infernal creatures while igniting your imagination.

πŸŒ‘ Unleash the Darkness: The Vision of DevilApes πŸŒ‘

DevilApes is not just a collection; it's an exploration of the darker facets of our world. It symbolizes our fascination with the mysteries of the abyss. As we descend into this enigmatic underworld, we invite you to join us in our quest to unearth the secrets of the shadows.

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DevilApes Traits


devil: 33.3%
devil lava: 32.8%
devil horns: 33.7%


fez: 5.1%
halo: 5.9%
horn: 3.9%
beanie: 6.9%
bowler: 3.7%
no hat: 18.8%
army hat: 2.9%
bunny ears: 2.9%
commie hat: 4.6%
cowboy hat: 5.5%
irish boho: 4.8%
party hat 1: 0.8%
party hat 2: 1.3%
bandana blue: 6.5%
seaman's hat: 7.7%
short mohawk: 3.2%
laurel wreath: 4.1%
fisherman's hat: 6.4%
sea captain's hat: 4.9%


3d: 9.5%
bored: 19.4%
heart: 7%
closed: 11.3%
cyborg: 0.8%
x eyes: 4.1%
zombie: 6.2%
blindfold: 3.9%
bloodshot: 16.3%
wide eyed: 11.5%
hypnotized: 2%
sunglasses: 7.6%


grin: 10.8%
bored: 14.6%
bored pipe: 6.2%
bored cigar: 7%
bored kazoo: 2.4%
bored pizza: 0.8%
bored unshaven: 7.9%
bored bubblegum: 6.8%
bored cigarette: 8.5%
grin gold grill: 3.7%
grin multicolored: 6.4%
grin diamond grill: 2.5%
bored unshaven pipe: 5.5%
bored unshaven cigar: 5%
bored unshaven bubblegum: 4.2%
bored unshaven cigarette: 7.3%


cross: 4.8%
gold hoop: 15.8%
gold stud: 16.3%
no earring: 14.4%
silver hoop: 20.7%
silver stud: 21.3%
diamond stud: 6.5%


toga: 3.6%
black t: 7%
servise: 3.3%
tanktop: 5.2%
bone tee: 4.7%
lab coat: 2%
guayabera: 5.2%
bayc t red: 2.8%
biker vest: 5.5%
black suit: 1%
kings robe: 1.2%
no clothes: 13.3%
space suit: 2.1%
cowboy shirt: 2.1%
sailor shirt: 6.3%
sleeveless t: 5.4%
stunt jacket: 2.4%
black holes t: 3.5%
leather jacket: 4.1%
smoking jacket: 4.1%
vietnam jacket: 3.6%
prison jumpsuit: 4.9%
wool turtleneck: 6.4%


cerberus: 17.7%
hell cave: 21.2%
hell lake: 19%
hell valley: 20.1%
hell volcano: 21.7%

DevilApes NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

β–Ά What is a DevilApes?
DevilApes is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
β–Ά How many DevilApes tokens exist?
In total there are 1,184 DevilApes NFTs. Currently 241 owners have at least one DevilApes NTF in their wallet.
β–Ά How many DevilApes were sold recently?
There were no DevilApes NFTs sold in the last 30 days.