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A collection of 3500 avatars who act as your membership access to the Club. The Club is where our journey begins. This is where we hone our skills, sharpen our blades and learn to control ochi

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Debu V3 Traits


ace: Infinity%
eye: Infinity%
leaf: Infinity%
cross: Infinity%
snake: Infinity%
fusion: Infinity%
scouts: Infinity%
uchiha: Infinity%
pikachu: Infinity%
hanafuda: Infinity%
red leaf: Infinity%
green eye: Infinity%
red cloud: Infinity%
red jewel: Infinity%
divine dog: Infinity%
headphones: Infinity%
mini luffy: Infinity%
white fang: Infinity%
jolly roger: Infinity%
mini naruto: Infinity%
mini sasuke: Infinity%
mini satoru: Infinity%
rising dawn: Infinity%
golden studs: Infinity%
zoros vision: Infinity%


kori: Infinity%
kuro: Infinity%
mizu: Infinity%
ai ochi: Infinity%
ao ochi: Infinity%
kizuato: Infinity%
no aura: Infinity%
aka ochi: Infinity%
blue nrg: Infinity%
ketsueki: Infinity%
yuki ochi: Infinity%
harus rage: Infinity%
kaiyo ochi: Infinity%
kiiro ochi: Infinity%
ochitsuite: Infinity%
life within: Infinity%
midori ochi: Infinity%
murasakino ochi: Infinity%


ochi: Infinity%
carbon x: Infinity%
colbalt z: Infinity%
iron oxide: Infinity%
zinc oxide: Infinity%


sky: Infinity%
gora: Infinity%
ss g: Infinity%
ss t: Infinity%
blade: Infinity%
kenja: Infinity%
taino: Infinity%
ubica: Infinity%
joyboy: Infinity%
sensei: Infinity%
senshi: Infinity%
smoker: Infinity%
dreamer: Infinity%
red sky: Infinity%
sly red: Infinity%
the doc: Infinity%
the kid: Infinity%
the one: Infinity%
debu cap: Infinity%
lothario: Infinity%
seraphim: Infinity%
blue mars: Infinity%
green sun: Infinity%
neon high: Infinity%
roningasa: Infinity%
blue dream: Infinity%
blue flash: Infinity%
blue weave: Infinity%
debu ronin: Infinity%
green glow: Infinity%
monkey boy: Infinity%
red diablo: Infinity%
red slayer: Infinity%
silver fox: Infinity%
white mist: Infinity%
above light: Infinity%
blue flight: Infinity%
brown weave: Infinity%
purple haze: Infinity%
purple high: Infinity%
black surfer: Infinity%
blue bandana: Infinity%
debu fighter: Infinity%
golden curls: Infinity%
golden death: Infinity%
green diablo: Infinity%
purple racer: Infinity%
sukaidoragon: Infinity%
wind catcher: Infinity%
armins vision: Infinity%
debu snapback: Infinity%
silver knight: Infinity%
yellow surfer: Infinity%
future fighter: Infinity%
green criminal: Infinity%


d: Infinity%
jjk: Infinity%
cute: Infinity%
zion: Infinity%
faith: Infinity%
faker: Infinity%
lucid: Infinity%
truth: Infinity%
cursed: Infinity%
sahara: Infinity%
sneaky: Infinity%
sniper: Infinity%
9 tails: Infinity%
passion: Infinity%
tanjiro: Infinity%
northman: Infinity%
red haru: Infinity%
blue kaiju: Infinity%
happy view: Infinity%
purple sin: Infinity%
red marvel: Infinity%
seek truth: Infinity%
white view: Infinity%
blue dreams: Infinity%
devils gaze: Infinity%
green kaiju: Infinity%
green opals: Infinity%
green rider: Infinity%
green snake: Infinity%
owls vision: Infinity%
purple haru: Infinity%
purple hate: Infinity%
purple ochi: Infinity%
purple scar: Infinity%
purple wind: Infinity%
white death: Infinity%
gift of haru: Infinity%
midnight red: Infinity%
purple cross: Infinity%
rainbow dawn: Infinity%
yellow opals: Infinity%
yellow snake: Infinity%
black crystal: Infinity%
gift of power: Infinity%
not happy jan: Infinity%
purple marvel: Infinity%
the messenger: Infinity%
above all else: Infinity%
orange delight: Infinity%
ready for this: Infinity%
gaze from above: Infinity%
gift from the 5: Infinity%
gaze of the blue: Infinity%
the one who sees all: Infinity%


eon: Infinity%
lol: Infinity%
arte: Infinity%
lame: Infinity%
stud: Infinity%
sure: Infinity%
wind: Infinity%
bliss: Infinity%
cigar: Infinity%
ghost: Infinity%
happy: Infinity%
ready: Infinity%
freedom: Infinity%
adventure: Infinity%
blue smile: Infinity%
shigaretto: Infinity%
tooth pick: Infinity%
biggg smile: Infinity%
faint smile: Infinity%
grand smile: Infinity%
great smile: Infinity%
unimpressed: Infinity%
slight smile: Infinity%
are you ready: Infinity%
icy pole stick: Infinity%


nortic: Infinity%
dmt env: Infinity%
on parr: Infinity%
red ace: Infinity%
shinobu: Infinity%
crnagora: Infinity%
debu ax1: Infinity%
eshayyyy: Infinity%
london x: Infinity%
travaler: Infinity%
cotton r1: Infinity%
daisy day: Infinity%
debu xnv1: Infinity%
the corps: Infinity%
vuk armor: Infinity%
1000 years: Infinity%
blue shirt: Infinity%
highlander: Infinity%
summer jam: Infinity%
xrt street: Infinity%
battle sage: Infinity%
black heart: Infinity%
black hoody: Infinity%
debu jumper: Infinity%
debu knight: Infinity%
debu tycoon: Infinity%
grey jumper: Infinity%
haru hoodie: Infinity%
phat jumper: Infinity%
raid jacket: Infinity%
white heart: Infinity%
black jacket: Infinity%
cream jacket: Infinity%
debu warning: Infinity%
grey on grey: Infinity%
kimono shirt: Infinity%
nylon jumper: Infinity%
sleek dealer: Infinity%
street rider: Infinity%
carkee jacket: Infinity%
debu black n2: Infinity%
london purple: Infinity%
street hoodie: Infinity%
street jacket: Infinity%
tracksuite v3: Infinity%
yellow hoodie: Infinity%
grey long coat: Infinity%
winters breeze: Infinity%
debu x backpack: Infinity%
new york nights: Infinity%
water breathing: Infinity%
blue like the sky: Infinity%
golden croos body: Infinity%
kaiju battle suit: Infinity%
silver longsleave: Infinity%
tokyo blue jumper: Infinity%
fists of the north: Infinity%
ronin from the north: Infinity%
flaming kaiju destroyer: Infinity%
green and purple jacket: Infinity%
blue cream tracksuit top: Infinity%
golden kaiju battle suit: Infinity%


null: Infinity%


spark: Infinity%
element b: Infinity%
element g: Infinity%
element p: Infinity%
element r: Infinity%
element s: Infinity%
element y: Infinity%
blood bath: Infinity%
green mist: Infinity%
harus gift: Infinity%
no element: Infinity%
black spark: Infinity%
kaiju blood: Infinity%
water blades: Infinity%
green lighting: Infinity%
purple lighting: Infinity%

Face Mark

opus: Infinity%
sora: Infinity%
1.618: Infinity%
bandaid: Infinity%
no mark: Infinity%
nose scar: Infinity%
red tyson: Infinity%
sunflower: Infinity%
the ratio: Infinity%
akuma scar: Infinity%
black scar: Infinity%
cheek scar: Infinity%
kaiju scar: Infinity%
red caelum: Infinity%
kaiju curse: Infinity%
rank 5 debu: Infinity%
senshi mark: Infinity%
tyson light: Infinity%
wound patch: Infinity%
dragon killer: Infinity%
lighting scar: Infinity%
king of curses: Infinity%
mark of the haru: Infinity%
debu night raider: Infinity%
mark of the chosen: Infinity%
purple battle paint: Infinity%
mark of the forgiven: Infinity%
mark of the sureiyazu: Infinity%

OffHand 1

ak47: Infinity%
sake cup: Infinity%
flag pole: Infinity%
lava fist: Infinity%
thumbs up: Infinity%
arcane orb: Infinity%
blue kunai: Infinity%
debu brick: Infinity%
lunch time: Infinity%
android arm: Infinity%
black blade: Infinity%
cursed fist: Infinity%
golden pike: Infinity%
kaiju blade: Infinity%
we are debu: Infinity%
death jewels: Infinity%
focused ochi: Infinity%
laws ambition: Infinity%
no off hand 1: Infinity%
red kaiju egg: Infinity%
blue kaiju egg: Infinity%
peace and love: Infinity%
unleashed ochi: Infinity%
334010 n 443966 e: Infinity%
water manipulation: Infinity%
arcane manipulation: Infinity%


eden: Infinity%
fern: Infinity%
amber: Infinity%
dijon: Infinity%
kelly: Infinity%
ocean: Infinity%
space: Infinity%
syrup: Infinity%
inferno: Infinity%
hot pink: Infinity%
lavender: Infinity%
lollipop: Infinity%
mahogany: Infinity%
red raid: Infinity%
blue raid: Infinity%
byzantine: Infinity%
debu haru: Infinity%
lear raid: Infinity%
the fight: Infinity%
green raid: Infinity%
royal blue: Infinity%
black waves: Infinity%
green light: Infinity%
purple debu: Infinity%
purple raid: Infinity%
leaf of life: Infinity%
yellow on red: Infinity%
2 blue on green: Infinity%
blue green raid: Infinity%
the club entrance: Infinity%

Off Hand 2

haru: Infinity%
yoru: Infinity%
gusla: Infinity%
okami: Infinity%
rakia: Infinity%
yoake: Infinity%
tkm v6: Infinity%
mizuchi: Infinity%
god fist: Infinity%
blue saki: Infinity%
green tea: Infinity%
never die: Infinity%
god killer: Infinity%
golden bat: Infinity%
aka gitsune: Infinity%
golden haru: Infinity%
kaiju blood: Infinity%
kori no ryu: Infinity%
deaths dance: Infinity%
purple death: Infinity%
flesh bringer: Infinity%
no off hand 2: Infinity%
zombie killer: Infinity%
silver blaster: Infinity%
viper naginata: Infinity%
golden naginata: Infinity%
vx5 kaiju blaster: Infinity%

Eye Accessory

lol: Infinity%
bosu: Infinity%
gojo: Infinity%
vash: Infinity%
raver: Infinity%
monocle: Infinity%
cool guy: Infinity%
red pill: Infinity%
blue sunnies: Infinity%
no accessory: Infinity%
this guy knows: Infinity%
top from the top: Infinity%

Debu V3 NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Debu V3?
Debu V3 is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Debu V3 tokens exist?
In total there are Debu V3 NFTs. Currently 0 owners have at least one Debu V3 NTF in their wallet.
▶ How many Debu V3 were sold recently?
There were 0 Debu V3 NFTs sold in the last 30 days.