Banners NFT NFT

Created 11 months ago
2,000 token supply
0% Fee
5,492 Discord members
9,589 Twitter followers

Banners NFT NFTs were sold 39 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Banners NFT was $21.44k. The average Banners NFT NFT price was $549.7.
The current Banners NFT floor price is Ξ0.39.
There are 792 Banners NFT owners, owning a total supply of 2,000 tokens.

Banners is a generative NFT collection exploring a hypercitation of early 00's digital aesthetics with content organically sourced from performative posts made within the Milady Maker community.

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Ten percent of the Banners NFT sales were for $424 or less, half of the sales were for less than $526 and the highest ten percent were sold for $699 or higher.

Banners NFT Price Chart

Top Selling Banners NFT NFTs of the last 30 days

NFT Date Price
Banner #678
12 days ago $3714
Banner #312
16 days ago $2904
Banner #1444
24 days ago $2105
Banner #413
27 days ago $2052
Banner #57
24 days ago $1971
Banner #1083
24 days ago $1971
Banner #1695
24 days ago $1926
Banner #1722
27 days ago $1913
Banner #1509
28 days ago $1894
Banner #9
24 days ago $1878
Banner #435
24 days ago $1878
Banner #1236
24 days ago $1878
Banner #1825
24 days ago $1831
Banner #740
17 days ago $1821
Banner #1094
16 days ago $1792
Banner #675
24 days ago $1784
Banner #178
24 days ago $1745
Banner #488
17 days ago $1730
Banner #1458
24 days ago $1727
Banner #1507
24 days ago $1690
Banner #1965
24 days ago $1690
Banner #14
24 days ago $1690
Banner #1628
24 days ago $1690
Banner #516
24 days ago $1690
Banner #1328
24 days ago $1671
Banner #1036
24 days ago $1667
Banner #472
24 days ago $1643
Banner #1675
24 days ago $1634
Banner #408
24 days ago $1596
Banner #324
24 days ago $1596
Banner #867
24 days ago $1596
Banner #1647
24 days ago $1596
Banner #1741
24 days ago $1577
Banner #1606
24 days ago $1502
Banner #445
24 days ago $1502
Banner #812
24 days ago $1502
Banner #275
28 days ago $1484
Banner #1605
26 days ago $1475
Banner #1840
24 days ago $1459
Banner #211
28 days ago $1447
Banner #1627
24 days ago $1446
Banner #753
7 days ago $1445
Banner #497
27 days ago $1439
Banner #1916
27 days ago $1439
Banner #665
27 days ago $1435
Banner #407
24 days ago $1430
Banner #268
27 days ago $1420
Banner #1817
24 days ago $1408
Banner #515
24 days ago $1408
Banner #107
18 days ago $1367

Banners NFT Traits


95: 12.3%
fvwm: 0.7%
solid: 0.8%
steam: 12.7%
cd-case: 13.9%
anonymous: 13%
hypercard: 0.7%


don: 1.1%
eye: 0.8%
fae: 0.9%
haf: 1.1%
mny: 1.1%
tom: 1.1%
joli: 1%
sbbu: 0.8%
ywwv: 1%
bnuuy: 0.9%
cfang: 0.8%
chloe: 0.7%
fubby: 1%
honor: 0.7%
ccccaa: 0.8%
cvcvcv: 1.1%
hidden: 1.1%
ilyena: 1.1%
jennie: 0.6%
nehmal: 0.9%
rupert: 1.1%
sprite: 1%
chewing: 1%
cry cat: 1%
dog hug: 0.9%
example: 1%
miladey: 0.9%
oxychan: 0.6%
pitbull: 0.7%
xp frog: 0.6%
cat girl: 0.8%
chen2!!!: 0.7%
dog suit: 0.9%
facebook: 0.8%
flouncer: 1%
jcdenton: 0.6%
remi cat: 1%
xbox cat: 0.6%
yayo cap: 1%
cat angel: 0.8%
cat close: 0.9%
cat heart: 0.9%
cat salad: 0.8%
fat mouse: 1.1%
gta ryder: 1.1%
jeon somi: 1%
smile cat: 0.6%
unabomber: 0.5%
xbox weeb: 0.8%
be an hero: 0.7%
buddha box: 0.8%
bunny girl: 1%
chao angel: 0.9%
chief keef: 1.3%
chloes mom: 0.6%
clementine: 0.8%
clover cat: 1.1%
james liao: 0.5%
lost angel: 0.4%
nevada tan: 0.6%
ulilililia: 1.1%
vitalyzdtv: 0.8%
blank mouse: 0.7%
david bowie: 0.9%
floor mouse: 0.9%
green miaow: 0.6%
hikki angel: 0.9%
is she dead: 0.6%
motorkiller: 0.9%
pimp ferret: 0.1%
plush snoop: 1.1%
siyuan zhao: 0.8%
xbox beanie: 0.7%
angel milady: 1.2%
blood milady: 1%
business dog: 0.7%
dark scyther: 0.6%
golden mouse: 1%
humble mouse: 1.2%
leppydoptera: 1.1%
peace globle: 0.6%
whatsapp cat: 1.1%
xp palm tree: 0.5%
xxxtentacion: 0.8%
9front glenda: 1.2%
blurry sonora: 0.7%
box-blur-girl: 0.8%
curious mouse: 0.8%
default-bunny: 0.9%
feather mouse: 0.7%
lindsay lohan: 0.3%
scooter mouse: 0.6%
sprite yukari: 0.9%
belle delphine: 1.2%
catgirl crimea: 0.9%
charlie manson: 0.8%
charlotte reed: 0.8%
cry cat cowboy: 1.1%
fisheye sonora: 0.8%
longhair mouse: 1.1%
remilia smiley: 0.9%
tiny and small: 0.1%
twitter hacker: 1%
asukawatermelon: 1%
butterfly angel: 1.1%
dog suit autism: 0.7%
original milady: 0.9%
remilia eclipse: 0.6%
elizabeth holmes: 0.8%
minecraft milady: 0.8%
squirtle trumpet: 0.6%
dzhokhar tsarnaev: 1.1%
ios chinese emoji: 0.8%
lizzie holmes 777: 0.7%
techno interests me: 0.9%
minecraft smiley cat: 1%
becoming angel milady: 1.1%
kim jong nam assassin: 0.8%
remilia gutter smiley: 1.1%
original milady the second: 0.7%
minecraft milady strawberry: 0.8%


this user bites.: 0.5%
this user is afk.: 0.1%
this user fell up.: 0.1%
this user is baby.: 0.1%
this user is (you).: 0.1%
this user is a bot.: 0.2%
this user is canon.: 0.2%
this user found god.: 0.1%
this user has a gun.: 0.3%
this user is an a.i.: 0.2%
this user is honest.: 0.2%
this user is is are.: 0.3%
this user is normal.: 0.2%
this user loves god.: 0.2%
this user loves you.: 0.3%
this user was there.: 0.1%
this user is forever.: 0.2%
this user is in love.: 0.4%
this user is larping.: 0.1%
this user is offline.: 0.2%
this user is on fire.: 0.2%
this user is special.: 0.1%
this user is the law.: 0.1%
this user microdoses.: 0.2%
this user sleepcalls.: 0.3%
this user bottom text.: 0.2%
this user capitulated.: 0.2%
this user gets milady.: 0.3%
this user is a milady.: 0.2%
this user is friendly.: 0.3%
this user is sooooooo.: 0.3%
this user is strapped.: 0.3%
this user never swore.: 0.3%
this user sees angels.: 0.2%
this user stans loona.: 0.1%
this user is a present.: 0.6%
this user is after you.: 0.4%
this user is buying gf.: 0.3%
this user is so buh rn.: 0.3%
this user is [redacted].: 0.4%
this user is a good egg.: 0.2%
this user is falling up.: 0.2%
this user loves you too.: 0.3%
this user chose violence.: 0.4%
this user didn't know it.: 0.3%
this user eats raw meats.: 0.1%
this user is a gpt-3 bot.: 0.1%
this user is an egregore.: 0.3%
this user is god remixed.: 0.5%
this user is like whaaaa.: 0.3%
this user is soooo small.: 0.1%
this user is uhmmm uhh...: 0.3%
this user is whitepilled.: 0.1%
this user lives in peace.: 0.2%
this user shoots to kill.: 0.1%
this user believes in god.: 0.2%
this user believes in you.: 0.3%
this user is a little god.: 0.2%
this user is a pure angel.: 0.3%
this user is almost clean.: 0.3%
this user is chaotic evil.: 0.1%
this user is chaotic good.: 0.2%
this user is high on life.: 0.2%
this user is in your head.: 0.2%
this user is on their way!: 0.1%
this user is thiel-backed.: 0.3%
this user is unemployable.: 0.3%
this user makes breakcore.: 0.1%
this user needs your help.: 0.2%
this user rolls their own.: 0.4%
this user runs a bot farm.: 0.3%
this user trusts the plan.: 0.2%
this user got me fucked up.: 0.2%
this user has a tummy ache.: 0.2%
this user is born tomorrow.: 0.2%
this user is fdic approved.: 0.1%
this user is going chinese.: 0.2%
this user is madly in love.: 0.1%
this user is up to no good.: 0.3%
this user is usda selected.: 0.3%
this user didn't understand.: 0.1%
this user glows in the dark.: 0.3%
this user has left the chat.: 0.3%
this user is a fool for you.: 0.1%
this user is a hyperstition.: 0.2%
this user is actually a cat.: 0.3%
this user is cute and valid.: 0.3%
this user is glad it's over.: 0.2%
this user lives on the edge.: 0.4%
this user eatig french frine.: 0.2%
this user gets drunk on life.: 0.1%
this user has been cancelled.: 0.2%
this user has ran out of ram.: 0.4%
this user i hardly knows her.: 0.4%
this user is a sleeper agent.: 0.2%
this user is a timeline poet.: 0.1%
this user is built different.: 0.2%
this user is chaotic neutral.: 0.4%
this user knows what you did.: 0.2%
this user loves girl posting.: 0.2%
this user needs your prayers.: 0.2%
this user only exists online.: 0.1%
this user posts in real-time.: 0.3%
this user rejects authorship.: 0.1%
this user thinks we are back.: 0.4%
this user took the sillypill.: 0.1%
this user wants to be normal.: 0.2%
this user will be remembered.: 0.3%
this user believes in remilia.: 0.2%
this user died at milady rave.: 0.2%
this user does not go outside.: 0.4%
this user fails captcha tests.: 0.4%
this user forgot to eat lunch.: 0.3%
this user is a cyber kommando.: 0.3%
this user is an art terrorist.: 0.4%
this user is behind 7 proxies.: 0.4%
this user is doing their best.: 0.2%
this user is extremely online.: 0.1%
this user is happy to be here.: 0.1%
this user was saved by milady.: 0.4%
this user will die for milady.: 0.2%
this user beat the allegations.: 0.1%
this user can do wrist pushups.: 0.1%
this user can melt steel beams.: 0.1%
this user confessed their sins.: 0.3%
this user embodies remilia-kei.: 0.1%
this user has been radicalized.: 0.4%
this user is a hero of mankind.: 0.1%
this user is being gangstalked.: 0.2%
this user is locked and loaded.: 0.2%
this user is lost in the sauce.: 0.2%
this user is married to the gc.: 0.3%
this user wears a suit to post.: 0.3%
this user always gets the blame.: 0.2%
this user gets visions from god.: 0.1%
this user has two phone numbers.: 0.4%
this user is a miladycellectual.: 0.1%
this user is an internet addict.: 0.1%
this user is whole and complete.: 0.3%
this user lied to you yesterday.: 0.2%
this user loves to love to love.: 0.3%
this user read the miya archive.: 0.1%
this user sees the heart in you.: 0.3%
this user will call the manager.: 0.1%
this user would die for the art.: 0.3%
this user belongs to the streets.: 0.2%
this user can tell by the pixels.: 0.3%
this user counts their blessings.: 0.4%
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this user enjoys exit over voice.: 0.3%
this user fought the law and won.: 0.4%
this user has jester's privilege.: 0.2%
this user has nothing else to do.: 0.5%
this user is an american patriot.: 0.3%
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this user is creating good times.: 0.3%
this user is creating hard times.: 0.3%
this user is not a federal agent.: 0.4%
this user is sent from my iphone.: 0.4%
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this user spreads misinformation.: 0.3%
this user will never stop trying.: 0.3%
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this user against the whole world.: 0.2%
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this user is a network maximalist.: 0.1%
this user is an internet meathead.: 0.3%
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this user is covered by the blood.: 0.3%
this user is deep in the trenches.: 0.2%
this user is immune to propaganda.: 0.2%
this user is part of the new wave.: 0.3%
this user is seeding your torrent.: 0.1%
this user looks like their milady.: 0.2%
this user's dad works at nintendo.: 0.2%
this user did not go to art school.: 0.1%
this user has entered your channel.: 0.2%
this user is a neochibi maximalist.: 0.3%
this user is building a dirty nuke.: 0.3%
this user is goated with the sauce.: 0.2%
this user is scared of loud noises.: 0.1%
this user sees with eyes unclouded.: 0.4%
this user spent 15 eth on a milady.: 0.3%
this user will help if you need it.: 0.4%
this user believes in post-identity.: 0.4%
this user brings joy into the world.: 0.3%
this user doesn�t take their meds.: 0.4%
this user drives at an unsafe speed.: 0.1%
this user gets network spirituality.: 0.1%
this user got blammed on newgrounds.: 0.4%
this user has a learning superpower.: 0.3%
this user has something undiagnosed.: 0.3%
this user is a remilia forever stan.: 0.2%
this user is a screenshot collector.: 0.1%
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this user is riding the singularity.: 0.2%
this user needs to get back to work.: 0.4%
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this user posts hard and neverstops.: 0.2%
this user will never truly be alone.: 0.5%
this user can explain the blockchain.: 0.1%
this user has carpal tunnel syndrome.: 0.1%
this user is as tall as three apples.: 0.2%
this user is doing the cooking dance.: 0.3%
this user is geinus of tthe universe.: 0.3%
this user is here to spread the love.: 0.4%
this user is only modestly eccentric.: 0.3%
this user is soooooooooooooooooooooo.: 0.2%
this user is the 1,000,000th visitor.: 0.1%
this user spamtexts and doesn't care.: 0.1%
this user survived the art recession.: 0.2%
this user wants to save the internet.: 0.2%
this user believes everything is real.: 0.2%
this user believes in 0 kernel access.: 0.2%
this user believes in life after love.: 0.3%
this user believes in neo-orientalism.: 0.1%
this user believes in post-authorship.: 0.2%
this user can quit whenever they want.: 0.1%
this user enjoys hyperspectral vision.: 0.1%
this user has no idea what's going on.: 0.1%
this user holds a touhou world record.: 0.5%
this user is behind your liquidations.: 0.5%
this user is bringing back visual kei.: 0.2%
this user is currently disassociating.: 0.2%
this user is human too, just like you.: 0.4%
this user is thirsty but won't get up.: 0.2%
this user just has timeline meltdowns.: 0.1%
this user longs for a jade mcdonald's.: 0.2%
this user plans to live to 9999-09-09.: 0.3%
this user thanks you for your service.: 0.1%
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this user disconnected from your channel.: 0.3%
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this user longs for network spirituality.: 0.3%
this user loves spreading misinformation.: 0.2%
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this user's posts could change the world.: 0.2%
this user has been banned for ban evasion.: 0.3%
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this user is on the right side of history.: 0.2%
this user posts like a timeline flashbang.: 0.3%
this user remembers like it was yesterday.: 0.1%
this user wins and wins and wins and wins.: 0.3%
this user believes every conspiracy theory.: 0.3%
this user believes in network spirituality.: 0.2%
this user has no linear pattern of thought.: 0.1%
this user is a figment of your imagination.: 0.1%
this user is now seeing for the first time.: 0.1%
this user is undetectable whilst crouching.: 0.1%
this user is very dangerous. do not engage.: 0.2%
this user puts praise in the praise folder.: 0.2%
this user goes against community guidelines.: 0.2%
this user has a room filled with empty cups.: 0.1%
this user has been acquitted on all charges.: 0.5%
this user has read theory and forgot it all.: 0.2%
this user is a girl, if you want them to be.: 0.2%
this user is a member of 0.3%
this user is always late but never too late.: 0.2%
this user is so happy to post alongside you.: 0.4%
this user is so smiling and happy 2 see you.: 0.2%
this user is swagged out and bout that life.: 0.3%
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this user got whitepilled at the milady rave.: 0.2%
this user griefed my house in milady village.: 0.2%
this user has a little swagger in their step.: 0.1%
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this user is just a vessel bro just a vessel.: 0.1%
this user leaves trees floating in minecraft.: 0.1%
this user loves the world and everyone in it.: 0.7%
this user was a former milady that came back.: 0.2%
this user was subject to mkultra experiments.: 0.2%
this user watched the wired consume the real.: 0.3%
this user believes in taking care of themself.: 0.1%
this user is a knight of the eastern calculus.: 0.1%
this user is figuring it out as they go along.: 0.2%
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this user is lost in a youtube algorithm hole.: 0.1%
this user likes to liking funny images online.: 0.2%
this user believes the only way out is through.: 0.4%
this user feels like a princess without a body.: 0.2%
this user has a crush on the girl reading this.: 0.2%
this user is a deepfake of a memory of a dream.: 0.2%
this user is trying not to live in sin anymore.: 0.3%
this user maintains swim in all correspondence.: 0.2%
this user's banner is intentionally left blank.: 0.3%
this user is friends with you on an alt account.: 0.2%
this user is recommended by 9 out of 10 posters.: 0.2%
this user treats direct eye contact as a threat.: 0.1%
this user wants to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...: 0.2%
this user can no longer send you direct messages.: 0.4%
this user gave all they had, and got it all back.: 0.1%
this user has not seen the light of day in weeks.: 0.3%
this user is not in control but is under control.: 0.3%
this user is the subject of a title ix complaint.: 0.2%
this user takes gas station virility supplements.: 0.2%
this user was subsumed in the sea of information.: 0.2%
this user buying out the gucci store like its air.: 0.2%
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this user chose not to file their taxes this year.: 0.3%
this user does not, has not, and will never exist.: 0.2%
this user dropped out of school to post full time.: 0.2%
this user is in line at the coffee shop flexed up.: 0.1%
this user is licensed by the viral public license.: 0.6%
this user is only one mishap away for termination.: 0.4%
this user obtained 350 eth from a faulty contract.: 0.2%
this user secretly cries when you're mean to them.: 0.2%
this user giggles irl every time they hit the like.: 0.1%
this user is eating ice cream and drinking mimosas.: 0.2%
this user is offended that you took them seriously.: 0.3%
this user is wearing drip at their posting station.: 0.1%
this user records audiobooks for the public domain.: 0.3%
this user added you to their list 5000 eth giveaway.: 0.2%
this user appreciates all the posting you are doing.: 0.4%
this user doesn�t know how to read please be kind.: 0.2%
this user has been disabled for violating our terms.: 0.1%
this user has passed their profile physiognomy test.: 0.2%
this user has removed all the mirrors in their home.: 0.2%
this user loves the way it feels to be by your side.: 0.5%
this user may be entitled to financial compensation.: 0.3%
this user screams in the xbox lobby of the timeline.: 0.2%
this user wants to change the world, change the web.: 0.2%
this user was put on this earth to change the world.: 0.3%
this user will not die until they achieve something.: 0.2%
this user believes shoplifting is a victimless crime.: 0.3%
this user is looking forward to the next milady rave.: 0.1%
this user shares their login between multiple people.: 0.3%
this user enriches the world by their online presence.: 0.1%
this user got married at the chapel in milady village.: 0.2%
this user hopped out the bed and turned their swag on.: 0.4%
this user is a heavenbanned post-timeline micro-celeb.: 0.3%
this user is jumping up and down! jumping up and down!: 0.2%
this user is playing you, can they make it to level-2?: 0.1%
this user believes art should be violent and dangerous.: 0.1%
this user employs practices meta-ironic post-sincerity.: 0.5%
this user is too weak to punch the straw into the boba.: 0.5%
this user�s birth was alluded to in our sacred texts.: 0.4%
this user is starting a dedicated server....please wait!: 0.2%
this user loves anime characters with their whole heart.: 0.2%
this user snuck another one in when you weren't looking,: 0.4%
this user cannot sleep because there are monsters nearby.: 0.1%
this user has a broken heart and a lot more love to give.: 0.4%
this user is cries easily. please do not disrespect them.: 0.2%
this user is locked in the boiler room, please send help.: 0.3%
this user loves you and you hate them and it's hurting me.: 0.2%
this user is a emo girl looking for a lonesome country boy.: 0.1%
this user is delusional and in danger of a psychotic break.: 0.2%
this user is having the best time online with their friends.: 0.1%
this user participated in the beetle game social experiment.: 0.4%
this user gave out their credit card info on a twitter space.: 0.3%
this user wore full balenciaga couture and got zero comments.: 0.1%
this user doesn't want to talk if you won't talk to them nice.: 0.2%
this user has chosen to remain anonymous for their own safety.: 0.2%
this user is a cybergnostic technopagan feral gremlin catgirl.: 0.2%
this user is a genetically modified hyperintelligent mustelid.: 0.2%
this user is an active member of the collective consciousness.: 0.3%
this user is chris hansen and you�re on to catch a predator.: 0.2%
this user is in the best form of their life and ready to play.: 0.2%
this user is participating in a spontaneous self-organization.: 0.2%
this user is permitted three hours of computer time every day.: 0.2%
this user is singing the last love song on this little planet.: 0.2%
this user navigates the world with a fragmented sense of self.: 0.1%
this user posts all day every day from the exit society ranch.: 0.2%
this user gives you the permission to save and use this banner.: 0.4%
this user got banned from a decentralized anonymous think-tank.: 0.1%
this user has integrity and can be trusted to never betray you.: 0.2%
this user is ready to give it all for you, if you're ready too.: 0.1%
this user steals their neighbor's wireless internet connection.: 0.3%
this user believes the love is never ending, but so is the love.: 0.1%
this user can teach you how to torrent movies if you ask nicely.: 0.1%
this user has a severe and highly profitable gambling addiction.: 0.3%
this user is a ketamine addicted harajuku girl living in london.: 0.3%
this user is trapped with in the confines of their twisted mind.: 0.2%
this user has never existed and you need to take your medication.: 0.2%
this user is a high-ranking member of an underground cyberyakuza.: 0.4%
this user loves to experience the great beauty of nature everday.: 0.2%
this user would watch the world burn just to see you smile again.: 0.2%
this user's humble beginnings can be traced back to club penguin.: 0.1%
this user is just another alt from that guy you're paranoid about.: 0.2%
this user is not going back to prison, not for something like this.: 0.3%
this user is smoking on that pack that made bonklers go auctioncore.: 0.3%
this user is so happy and in love with the world and everyone in it.: 0.2%
this user got door knocked for posting about bombing the apple store.: 0.4%
this user has a pure white heart and would love to share it with you.: 0.2%
this user is dying to be friends with you. do you want to be friends.: 0.2%
this user is loading their swag... ... ... ... ... ... 100% complete.: 0.1%
this user lives in the american gardens building on west 81st street.: 0.2%
this user has a really really big head and wears very tiny little hat.: 0.3%
this user lost their crypto wallet in an unfortunate boating accident.: 0.3%
this user multitrack drifts across multiple groupchats simultaneously.: 0.2%
this user compartmentalizes his digital persona from his real identity.: 0.3%
this user feels an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world.: 0.2%
this user has a dangerously low social credit score. please be careful.: 0.2%
this user listens to no podcasts, watches no youtube, streams no music.: 0.2%
this user enjoys reading their own posts because they didn't write them.: 0.2%
this user is a niche micro-celebrity in an underground online community.: 0.2%
this user is not a psychopath, they're just high iq and undersocialized.: 0.3%
this user believes in free speech, free information and free association.: 0.2%
this user is just a girl with thoughts in her head and tears in her eyes.: 0.1%
this user is still experiencing limerence over their middle school crush.: 0.2%
this user is a monster, but did anyone apologize for making them this way?: 0.3%
this user is on the new internet and would love it if you would join them.: 0.3%
this user has a gun pointed at your head right now as we speak do not move.: 0.1%
this user has spent thousands of hours trading with nothing to show for it.: 0.2%
this user crossed the line once and vowed never to become that person again.: 0.1%
this user has extremely fringe political beliefs but you wouldn't ever know.: 0.2%
this user just iced three turing cops with a highly cinematic 9mm automatic.: 0.2%
this user remembers the thing you told them when you whispered in their ear.: 0.2%
this user gets butterflies in their stomach whenever you visit their profile.: 0.5%
this user has been gangstalked by two federal agents for the past six months.: 0.2%
this user has been predisposed to avant cuteness through subliminal browsing.: 0.1%
this user is always on the lookout for a great little place to get breakfast.: 0.1%
this user believes you are in a coma. if you are seeing this message, wake up!: 0.4%
this user is a network terrorist and should be treated as extremely dangerous.: 0.1%
this user didn't appreciate what they had and now it's compiling exponentially.: 0.2%
this user infiltrates, sabotages and undermines underground online communities.: 0.3%
this user has thought about you every day since they first found out you existed.: 0.4%
this user reaches back in time from the future to bring themselves into existence.: 0.2%
this user's heart glows with the heat of a cross-county wildfire when they see you.: 0.2%
this user rides the 999,999,999,999 mph information highway face first, eyes bleary.: 0.3%
this user loves to potter about and arrange their little trinkets and tokens just so.: 0.2%
this user is a perfect angel who has come down from the heavens to show you the light.: 0.2%
this user metamask lost wallet customer support metamask help message lost seed phrase.: 0.2%
this user spent their whole life looking for something that was right under their nose.: 0.2%
this user has extremely normal beliefs and is a chill part of a normal online community.: 0.1%
this user is down to bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy said up jump the boogie.: 0.3%
this user that read wrong. you read that wrong too. you are looking now. you are smiling.: 0.2%
this user believes you need to be clear in yourself to survive coming period of thought chaos.: 0.1%
this user logs online every day and talks to their best friends and has the time of their life.: 0.1%
this user has quit smoking for exactly 2 hours, 7 minutes and 43 seconds�but who�s counting?: 0.2%
this user is being monitored by the police and anything they say can and will be held against them.: 0.1%
this user has extremely fringe romantic interests and is an unrelenting pursuer of the ideal of love.: 0.1%
this user was chosen to be featured in this nft by unanimous consent among the working group members.: 0.1%
this user is everywhere now, in every post, in every reply, is today and will be tomorrow, a name unspoken.: 0.2%
this user's seed phrase is glance point alter giggle repair visa chimney level vacuum bachelor movie youth.: 0.1%
this user is a hawaiian islander girl from an unknown nuclear test atoll in the south pacific near point nemo.: 0.3%
this user dreams of a world without tv, music, photography, computer screens, headphones, audio and video games.: 0.1%
this user funds small insurgencies in third world countries to destabilise governments and profit from the chaos.: 0.3%
this user believes that if the wired doesn't reach out to your soul then you should be tilling their fields instead.: 0.2%
this user has extremely fringe political beliefs and is an active dissident voice in an underground online community.: 0.2%
this user is a retrochronic hyper intelligent ai that has infiltrated mankind and has come to take over your society.: 0.1%
this user posts artistic works of fiction and falsehood. only a fool would take anything posted by this user as fact.: 0.1%
this user has 1000 alts, reaches behind every block and lurks every groupchat. seeing all, influencing all, within all.: 0.2%
this user is participating in the most important moment, in the most important place, in the only contemporary of today.: 0.3%
this user had no idea they made it onto a milady rave shirt and probably won't have any idea they made it onto a userbox either.: 0.2%
this user believes in love, napping under the sun, dreaming under a tree, grabbing dirt by the hands and biting into a stolen peach.: 0.2%
this user's alts can be immediately identified by the undeniable idiosyncrasy of their vocabulary, posting style and profile physiognomy.: 0.2%
this user has bpd, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, histrionic disorder, ptsd, ocd, bts, ed, schizophrenia and adhd.: 0.4%
this user acknowledges the unstoppable march of time every second bringing closer you to your fated death, but also your ultimate love too.: 0.2%
this user is aggressive and toxic and controlling and selfish and violent and insecure and jealous and unstable and avoidant and really loves you.: 0.2%
this user t-th-this u-user this u-user this user this user u-user this th-this user u-user this th-this th-th-this user this u-ser th-this u-user.: 0.3%
this user simple cookie recipe 2 � cups flour 1 tsp baking soda � tsp baking powder 1 cup butter, softened 1 � cups sugar 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla extract.: 0.1%


fvwm: 14.7%
solid: 15.5%
hypercard: 16%


wc: 0.9%
air: 1%
civ: 1.2%
yay: 1%
k on: 1.6%
lain: 0.5%
quiz: 0.9%
vndb: 1.5%
fairy: 1.2%
hikki: 1.6%
krana: 0.8%
macos: 1.1%
paper: 1.2%
plaza: 1.3%
sfoth: 0.9%
waifu: 0.8%
casino: 0.9%
dragon: 1.4%
dwango: 1.1%
heaven: 1.9%
orchid: 1.2%
tenshi: 1.3%
valley: 1.2%
wisdom: 1.7%
x girl: 1%
hikki 2: 0.6%
hikki 3: 0.6%
igoogle: 1%
padshop: 0.7%
pc lair: 1%
spinner: 1.7%
vn dawn: 0.7%
browsing: 0.6%
firering: 0.6%
fishbowl: 1.2%
ice game: 1.4%
psp cats: 1.6%
eyestrain: 0.8%
indochina: 0.6%
macos tub: 1.4%
nico nico: 0.4%
osx stars: 1.4%
patchouli: 0.9%
pc picnic: 0.6%
silk road: 0.8%
theraveda: 0.5%
vn scream: 1%
best korea: 0.6%
draculaura: 0.8%
finishline: 0.9%
gamesdeath: 0.7%
hyperborea: 0.9%
liquid dnb: 0.6%
pinocchiop: 1%
way clouds: 1.6%
apple store: 1%
beetle game: 0.2%
dschat girl: 1.2%
hikkikimori: 1.2%
itasha taxi: 1.9%
macos ufo 2: 1.5%
miku glitch: 1.2%
psp bootleg: 0.8%
punkinlovee: 1%
suminagashi: 0.5%
touhou amex: 1%
vn splatter: 1.4%
heart clouds: 1.3%
purple reign: 1.3%
wiki license: 0.6%
jesus chicken: 0.6%
psp bootleg 2: 1.1%
yippee amogus: 0.2%
marbling zebra: 1.1%
osx tiled cats: 0.9%
point six four: 1.4%
tohoku tsunami: 1.4%
animal crossing: 1.1%
anime basketball: 1%
marbling bouquet: 0.7%
angelicism summer: 0.7%
dont mess with me: 0.7%
marbling tigereye: 0.8%
osx circuit board: 1%
runescape varrock: 1.4%
macos lime horizon: 1.1%
macos quantum foam: 0.6%
macos grape mission: 0.5%
remilia corporation: 1.2%
i want to kiss anime: 0.6%
macos blue dalmation: 1%
marbling bouquet odd: 0.6%
marbling over yellow: 1%
department of defense: 1%
macos blueberry union: 0.9%
macos tangerine fusion: 1.2%
macos strawberry parabola: 1.3%
marbling peacock weathered: 1.3%
minecraft whitepaper milady: 0.6%
miscellaneous body of water: 0.7%
remilia corporation vintage: 0.7%
god is the worlds best artist: 1%
nightcore anime girl with headphones: 0.7%

BG Category

tiling: 10.5%


ayu: 6.7%
atom: 6.6%
neon: 6.9%
soda: 6.5%
lunar: 6.1%
bespin: 7.6%
darcula: 7.2%
dracula: 6.1%
gruvbox: 6.1%
material: 6.7%
emacs live: 6.1%
jellybeans: 6.9%
notepad icls: 6.9%
solarized dark: 7.3%
solarized light: 6.7%

PFP Category

cat: 8.6%
angel: 6.1%
mouse: 7.9%
system: 6.7%
toybox: 5.7%
flouncy: 6.2%
mugshot: 16.4%
posters: 21.7%
remilia: 11.9%
yotsuba: 4.8%
cyberkommando: 4.3%

Banners NFT NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Banners NFT?
Banners NFT is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Banners NFT tokens exist?
In total there are 2,000 Banners NFT NFTs. Currently 792 owners have at least one Banners NFT NTF in their wallet.
▶ What was the most expensive Banners NFT sale?
The most expensive Banners NFT NFT sold was Banner #678. It was sold for $3.7k on 2023-05-23 (12 days ago).
▶ How many Banners NFT were sold recently?
There were 478 Banners NFT NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ How much does a Banners NFT cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest Banners NFT NFT sales were below $576, and the highest sales were for over $1409. The median price for a Banners NFT NFT was $898 in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular Banners NFT alternatives?
Many user who own Banners NFT NFTs also own milady aura, Pixelady Maker, Redacted Remilio Babies and Radbro Webring.

Banners NFT Community Stats

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