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There were no Archetypes sold in the last 7 days.

-Synthesis: combine two owned pieces for a third airdropped piece

-Mutation: reroll SZN 1 pieces and reset their synthesis ability using ARK burn-to-redeem open edition

-New mechanisms including cross-collector synthesis, animation, and more coming soon. Curate, collab, and connect on the discord.

ARCHETYPES is a continuously evolving AI collection by N8. Unsold works randomly evolve over time. Multiple-edition holders are airdropped synthesized/remixed works. This collection explores what art means when genres are combined, aesthetics are synthesized, and how a work's meaning can change when its form is constantly in flux.

ARCHETYPES explores the idea that AI art engages with the collective consciousness of all of art history so far. Through combining the aesthetics of artists both living and dead, what kinds of essential & universal symbols emerge?

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szn 2: 0.2%
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n8: 100%

Archetypes NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a Archetypes?
Archetypes is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many Archetypes tokens exist?
In total there are 584 Archetypes NFTs. Currently 118 owners have at least one Archetypes NTF in their wallet.
▶ How many Archetypes were sold recently?
There were 0 Archetypes NFTs sold in the last 30 days.

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