Shellz Orb

Shellz #5974

About Shellz Orb

An upcoming burn of Shellz Orb NFTs for another collection formed deep underground is looming. It's rumored to cost 4-8 Shellz Orb NFTs each. Prepare yourself.

Collection Info

Owning a Shellz Orb NFT is your ticket into The Orb & gives you a vote in OrbStash DAO which is funded with 1% of OpenSea sales. Holders can vote to use the funds to empower community members to make Shellz Orb related art and experiences.

We recently acquired hotshot Netflix co-executive producers of Emmy-nominated Umbrella Academy, Jamie and Jason Neese, to make a comic book and premium streamer animated series.

Supply as of 6/15/2023, 8651 removing OnyxGraveyard's NFTs.

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** 君も仲間に入りませんか?**

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