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About Reddit CryptoSnoos

CryptoSnoos, are a collection of NFTs from Reddit, featuring the alien mascot Snoo reimagined in the context of different moments and movements in art history. Available NFTs come from different dimensional coordinates across spacetime and fuse past and present, high-culture aesthetics and the popularity of kitsch and cartoons. These CryptoSnoos are fragmented, abstracted, impressionistic, futuristic folk and modern (post and pre), and definitely enlightened (but in an avant-garde, neo-classical contemporary kind of way). Plus, they're just kind of cute.

Redditors can connect their MetaMask wallet to their Reddit account to showcase a CryptoSnoo collectible across the platform. Once they're connected, a CryptoSnoo image will become their Reddit avatar, the collectable NFT card is featured on their profile, and an animated glow will be added to their comments, so everyone knows they're the proud owner of a coveted CryptoSnoo NFT.