OnChain Monkey #8161

About OnChainMonkey

OCM Genesis is art on blockchain. This Ethereum NFT can be "burned" to receive the innovative art on Bitcoin Ordinals.

2,164 claims remain on Ethereum, and 7,836 have been claimed on Bitcoin via a teleburn. (The supply on OpenSea shows the incorrect number. If it is listed on ETH, the Bitcoin Ordinal has not been claimed yet, and you can buy the ETH NFT and then claim the Bitcoin Ordinal.)

The OCM Genesis art on Bitcoin is historic. Read more about it: https://twitter.com/huuep/status/1730292162297000326

Other OCM collections:

Karma: https://opensea.io/collection/karma-monkey

Desserts: https://opensea.io/collection/ocm-dessert

Traits and Properties

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