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About NFTinit Desktop Application

Insanely Powerful Bidding Tool - Send collection & collection trait offers 10 times faster than any other software. Automate collection and regular bidding, stay ahead of the competition.

NFTinit Desktop Application Privileges

Dynamic Bidding: Automatically update the price of your bids in real-time to ensure that you stay competitive.

Bid on Only Listed Items: Send offers for NFTs that are currently actively listed.

Competitive Bidding: Optimize your bids by automatically adjusting your offer amount in response to your competitors.

Rarity Bidding: Send offers based on the rarity of NFTs, combine rarity and traits when needed to get the best NFTs.

Counter Bidding: Instantly counter-bid your competitors as soon as your offer is out-bid..

Private Key Bidding: Send offers without the need for a wallet popup, bidding fully works in the background.

Trait - Collection Bidding: Send offers for NFTs in a collection that share specific traits.

Traits and Properties

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