Afterlife Inmates


About Afterlife Inmates

An Afterlife collection by Danetron3030.

The unguided and plagued, the worst of the Afterlife are sent here: Hope's End Penitentiary, mega prison of the dead. Inmates of the macabre, one trillion souls processed since its inception. Over 4,000 wings on a 22 million acre facility with a prison staff of close to 10,000, it is the Afterlife’s biggest known built structure in all of the realms. Hopefully if you’re sentenced here, it’ll be for a short time, because no one wants to share a cell with these Inmates.

Collect Inmate 'cards' from this open edition collection. Each Inmate having unique stats to compete with rival community members in the Afterlife Discord server game. Burn 5 of the same Inmate card to receive a rare Premium version of that Inmate! Who will reign supreme and dominate all of Hope's End?