Consortium Key

Consortium Key #142

About Consortium Key

~200 Keys are reserved by Deployer purchasable through approved applications only

This Consortium Key is the most advanced & comprehensive suite of trading tools ever built. It provides access to a suite of custom tools, alerts, & resources designed to help maximize efficiency and convenience when trading - be it from home, or from mobile on the go!

These tools include fully custom-built trading bots, comprehensive alert systems, market/position analysis, & a community of expert traders that help give you the edge to trade efficiently, effectively, & profitably.

Features Include:

Phoebe: manual shitcoin bot/token alert system

Pan: auto-entry shitcoin bot

Custom Trading View scripts buy/sell signals

Curated wallet database + alert system

Mimas: Discor minting bot - mint from anywhere, even phone

Custom Telegram/Twitter feeds

NFT/Crypto weekly & daily analysis

+much more

Our royalties are enforced - new holders have 3 days to settle them. Details in our Discord FAQ

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