TokageGirl-PUNIPUNI #66

About TokageGirl-PUNIPUNI

PHAGY's fan art. It is AI generated. No unauthorized reproduction. Girls who live with lizards. A long time ago, on a faraway planet, there were girls who lived in cooperation with Tokage. According to the human calendar, this is about 600 years. There were no enemies, and the planet TGC (TokageGirlCalc) was very peaceful. There are various TokageGirls, such as those who can turn into Tokage, those who can transform and wear Tokage, those who can generate parts of Tokage, those who can use magic, and those who travel with Tokage. It was a good planet where time passed slowly and happily every day.
遠い遠い昔、遥か彼方の惑星にTokageと協力して生きるGirlたちが居ました。 人類の西暦で言うと、600年くらいのことです。 特に敵もおらず、その惑星TGC(TokageGirlCalc)はとてもとても平和でした。 Tokage化できる子や、Tokageを変身させて身に纏うことができる子、Tokageの一部を生成できる子、魔法を使える子、Tokageと旅をする子などなど、色んなTokageGirlが居ます。 日々ゆっくりと、楽しく、時間が過ぎていく良い惑星でした。