Lost Miners of the Ether


About Lost Miners of the Ether

The last NFT collection EVER “mined” on Ethereum.

Prior to Sept. 15, 2022 every Ethereum NFT was created via mining.

Mining was thousands of computers racing to solve complex math problems and verify which blockchain transactions were legitimate. Miners were paid with newly created ETH cryptocurrency.

The “Merge” changed the verification process & ended ETH mining forever.

This was historic. It reduced Ethereum energy use 99.9% and virtually eliminated ETH cryptocurrency inflation.

The Lost Miners were minted milliseconds before the Merge. They will FOREVER be the FINAL collection “mined” on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Merge will always be remembered and so will the Lost Miners.  

Our canonical history is detailed in the white paper.

Pixel art from award winner Charles Pate.

Lost Miner enthusiasts gather in the Blokpax Discord.