Kongo Kingz

KongoKing #9698

About Kongo Kingz

Kongo Kingz is a collection of 10.000 Kongo gorillas generated by an algorithm and launched as an ERC-721 standard Token built for the Polygon Network.

Each one is unique and created from over 270 possible traits, including: Type, Weapons, Clothing, Jewellery, Glasses, Hair and Hats.

You can search by using the properties dropdown bar on the Left hand side, you will find some of the attributes are extremely rare.

In this collection you will find: Gorillas, Albinos, Aliens, Zombies, Robots, Cyborgs, Coloured Gorillas and Vampire Gorillas and one VERY special King Of The Kongo himself "Caesar"

We are listed on Rarity Ranks so if you want to check out how rare your Kongo King is, please visit: https://rarityranks.io/project/kongo-kingz