Pizza Express Polygon

Pizza Margherita #97

About Pizza Express Polygon

Collection Completed - MAX Supply 98 Pizzas

  1. Welcome to Pizza Express Polygon where our oven ready pizzas are always Hot & Finely Baked to produce the Exquisite Taste Pizza Connoisseurs Adore.
  2. Our Pizzas are Limited to a Maximum of 98 specially for the Devoted Pizza Lovers long-lasting pleasure...and to flip of course!
  3. All 98 Pizzas may be resold & scaled up so we're looking forward to Welcoming the new members in our PEP Private Community Lounge where they can meet the other Pizza Owners - Maybe a Movie Star...or a Rap Artist..... or you know who ?
  4. Pizzas #51-#56 are the rarest ones with their added 'Bling, Bling' appeal.
  5. Each of the 98 Pizzas has either Gold or Sliver cutlery and are presented with color coded plates and table cloths.
  6. For more info, contact the Marketing team on X @spiritualcrafts
  7. ...and always enjoy your Pizza!