Nyan Balloon

Nyan Balloon

About Nyan Balloon

Nyan Balloon is a character I personally created back in October 2011 that was originally meant to serve as a backstory to a certain space cat. Ultimately, I felt this idea should be unique to the person that imagines it.

This piece has been digitally remastered for 2023 and I hope it's enjoyed by art enjoyyorrss around the world 🎈

The Nyan Balloon Color Station is now LIVE!


Through the week of 1/23/2023-1/28/2023 you'll have the option to exchange your Red Nyan Balloon for a new color. A new Nyan Balloon color will appear every day. After 24 hours the color is sealed, and a new color will take its place. Please check the curation page above for more details.

You may view the original video here:

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