Tykes Pre-Reveal

About Tykes

Our mission is to connect real estate investors, web3 experts, developers, entrepreneurs, and more to create the future of Real Estate (any application of web3 and real estate).

Tykes Benefits:

  • Access to high level investors, entrepreneurs, and web3 experts.
  • Weekly trainings on real estate, crypto, and business.
  • List products on the Tykes Marketplace.
  • Pitch business ideas in TykeTank.
  • Access to TykeShare vacation rentals.
  • Exclusive Discord Channel.
  • Access to Tykes events and meetups.

Full video breakdown of the project at Tykes.io.

Updates: 9/17/22 - Over $4,000,000 and 1250 Tykes were burned to create our Boardroom Beast Collection.

9/24/22 - In 24 hours over 50% of the total supply was staked as follows.

This project is founded by Ryan Pineda.

Traits and Properties

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