10KTF Stockroom statistics

Created 12 months ago
22 token supply
OpenSea verified collection
10% Fee

10KTF Stockroom NFTs were sold 114 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for 10KTF Stockroom was $86.25k. The average price of one 10KTF Stockroom NFT was $756.5. There are 4,459 10KTF Stockroom owners, owning a total supply of 22 tokens.

10KTF Stockroom is a collection of the finest Tools and Materials held by the esteemed customers of 10KTF for use in future endeavors.

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Ten percent of the 10KTF Stockroom sales were for $170 or less, half of the sales were for less than $624 and the highest ten percent were sold for $1310 or higher.

10KTF Stockroom Price Chart

Top Selling 10KTF Stockroom NFTs of the last 30 days

NFT Date Price
Long Ass Tape Measure
18 days ago $11.5k
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
13 days ago $5.4k
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
19 days ago $5.2k
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
27 days ago $4921
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
19 days ago $4890
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
13 days ago $4792
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
25 days ago $4727
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
8 days ago $4656
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
8 days ago $4537
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
22 days ago $4465
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
about 14 hours ago $4109
Stupidly Sharp Scissors
6 days ago $3118
Cute Lil' Thimble
19 days ago $3033

10KTF Stockroom Traits


level 1: 36.4%
reusable: 13.6%
consumable: 86.4%
collection 1: 9.1%
collection 2: 22.7%
collection 3: 31.8%

10KTF Stockroom NFT - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

▶ What is a 10KTF Stockroom?
10KTF Stockroom is a NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain.
▶ How many 10KTF Stockroom tokens exist?
In total there are 22 10KTF Stockroom NFTs. Currently 4,459 owners have at least one 10KTF Stockroom NTF in their wallet.
▶ What was the most expensive 10KTF Stockroom sale?
The most expensive 10KTF Stockroom NFT sold was Long Ass Tape Measure. It was sold for $11.5k on 2022-09-09 (18 days ago).
▶ How many 10KTF Stockroom were sold recently?
There were 1,034 10KTF Stockroom NFTs sold in the last 30 days.
▶ How much does a 10KTF Stockroom cost?
In the last 30 days, the cheapest 10KTF Stockroom NFT sales were below $228, and the highest sales were for over $2188. The median price for a 10KTF Stockroom NFT was $741 in the last 30 days.
▶ What are popular 10KTF Stockroom alternatives?
Many user who own 10KTF Stockroom NFTs also own 10KTF, 10KTF Combat Crates, 10KTF Gucci Grail and 0N1 Force.