Future Thinkers Smart Village


The SEED token is the first ever NFT to fund a regenerative living lab - a Smart Village located in BC, Canada.

It’s a badge to show off that you were part of it.

It’s also an access key to our online community, where we’ll share the inside story, experiments, learnings, and collaboration opportunities at the Smart Village.

For every SEED token sold, we will plant a physical tree or plant at the Smart Village to regenerate the forest and grow the permaculture garden.

Some plants will be used to make buildings, some will be consumed, others may last a lifetime.

The SEED token is a limited edition, collectible, evokable art piece.

The unplanted SEED holds the possibility of being one of many different kinds of plants - some common and some very rare.

When the time comes for us to plant physical plants at the Smart Village, you will get the option to plant your SEED token as well (instructions will come when it’s time).

Once you plant your SEED, your token will permanently change to reflect one of the many plants in our permaculture design. Which plant your SEED becomes is totally random.

If you get the BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, OR DIAMOND SEED, you will get multiple plants per SEED.

If you choose not to plant your SEED token, it will remain a mystery.

As time goes on, we may add new types of rare plants.

If you haven’t already planted your SEED token, yours will have a chance to become any of the new plants.

And as if that weren’t cool enough, different plants may bear different fruit.

A hemp plant may become a brick in a hempcrete building. A tree may get a treehouse built in it. For some of the token holders, we may randomly drop accommodation tokens, redeemable for stays at the Smart Village. We may also do other experimental airdrops.

You can choose to collect all the different types of plants that a SEED can become. The rare ones will be hardest to get.

When you plant the GOLD SEED, you will get 1,300 plant tokens.

About Future Thinkers Smart Village